Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • Dion Nicolaou

Outrageous! Never believe rumours or pictures until Steve Jobs from Apple
does his own presentation. If one does turn up then, and only then will we know what it looks like and what specs it has.

  • ozzy

soooo want that

  • Anonymous

no amoled = no buy

  • hani

it use the micro sim how people around the world going use it with their normal sim if it only support micro sim :s

  • Not an apple fan

I bet that the distinction price-quality is going to be high so I do not support this phone.Apple products are to expencive for what u get.


wow..perfect iphone....i like that....

  • keith

uhmmmmmmmmm,,, whats abt max uoload speed?

  • WOW

Wow! I need this phone...the screen resolution is awesome and the memory is tooo...anyway it will be a verry expensive phone...

  • bender

great. this will be my next iphone! :))