Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • bob

tes , thats it.
millions of sales again.
wait and you will see
no any company will get this success .
bravooo apple

  • Mobilemaster

love iphone, 19 Apr 201080gb storage? Impossible. There's no room for 2 memory chips.No, you can make even 80 Gb of internal memory phone, with flash ofcourse, I am NOT talking about HDD. Look at to the small internal memory smartphones, the C6 from Nokia has 200MB of internal memory if I know right. SO here we can't talk about storage doubled things(16, 32, 64...) If we talk about Ram(the X10 has 384 Ram, and after 256(Satio) it should have 512MB Ram, but NOT!!)

  • Daniel

How on earth do you guys know this is going to support LTE?? Is this "4G" an official name?

  • love iphone

80gb storage? Impossible. There's no room for 2 memory chips.

  • hani

Brandon, 19 Apr 2010Really a HUGE downer that its TFT AND AND AND MicroSI... moremicro sim not available in any country yet just will be available over att with the launch of ipad 3g .

  • Dani

I don't like this design. I prefer the 2G/3GS still

  • Anonymous

huge disappointment

  • Anonymous

nokia n 8 again sorry mac im not impressed with your device

  • vlado

hi, everybody

I have new IPhone, the prototype, all which you have heard are true.

This is new IPhone and is really good.

All specifications are true.

IPhone will be released in 09-10.

  • ramin

we should wait until apple announce this officially
if apple launch 4g with these features only some apple fanboys will buy this not SE&SAMSUNG&HTC&NOKIA fanboys
because it has only 3 things better than 3gs wants a 5mp camera in 2010 in such expensive device?
2.internal memory:which cpu can process 80 gb smoothly?(this is like n97 with 32 GB internal memory and 400 mhz cpu!)
3.resolution:this is a very good move by apple

  • Brandon

Really a HUGE downer that its TFT


MicroSIM not available in South Africa...OMG so unfair tink im ganna cry now dAMMMMMMMM

  • Wrong

none of these specs are confirmed!

  • crocochen

Sorry Guys ..
No Offense but this phone looks like a marble ..I will prefer x6 32 gb instead of this .X6 is not multi touch but for me its better than this heavy face champion.. :P

  • Me

I can not believe that you (GSMARENA) are building the phone´s specs up from others than the manufacturers info. And this gets worse as they come from a phone that has benn found in a bar ¿?¿?¿?

where are the N8 and E7 and X9 in the nokia section???

You even have published sneaks of them.

Really unbelievable...

  • Anonymous

untill they post CPU/memory (and unless they are amazing as is over 1GHz and over 250mb) this looks like a fail

  • Wow

An iPhone and a Nokia walk into a bar...

  • es

Thats incredible with 80GB storage, 5 megapixel with flash video calling etc...unbeatible, amazing!!!

  • john

Be careful, memory can only be a power of 2, which means 32/64GB. 80GB don't make sense. However, it could be 64GB internal memory + 16GB memory card = 80GB total memory. So I'm guessing you should change the "Card Slot" and the "Internal" fields. Also, the battery is known to be 5.25 "something" in comparison to 4.51 "something" of the previous iphone.

  • garcsman

I can't wait long enough to have this phone...

  • Anonymous

no offense to anyone but this new iphone 4g crap looks like a basic phone with a small outdated hard drive. kinda remind me of the passport portable hard drive. and with the same old os, even if i were a fan boy i will still have to say good bye to this junk. IT IS JUST NOT APPEALING