Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • jay

hi just wanna as an opinion from you,im using iphone 3gs and not having any problems or cons, im planning to buy iphone 4, is it worth to buy??
what are the disadvantages of iphone over 3gs??

  • Anonymous

Anny, 23 Aug 2012Awsome phone. I can't described that i bought Samsung Glaxy note... moreU had been disqualify in telling story , how come a worshipper doesn't know his phone's name, iPhone 4G, waaaaaaahahaha, 4G???????

  • Anonymous

Phone, 16 Aug 2012Best phone ever!Yes, best phone in daydream, n become best JUNK phone when u awake!!!

  • Kiru

Hey AmarR how u ended up in this post? maybe u r looking for some new mobiles, gotcha:-P
now pls u keep calm

  • neil

y iphone is more importat than others mobile compering..

  • Anny

Awsome phone. I can't described that i bought Samsung Glaxy note. But i phone 4G is always be a king. About feature and entertainment is not finish with Iphone. You can use and enjoy thousand of game/Application. My i phone having 373 games and speed is so superpab.

  • AnonD-67893

Hey people.. keep calm... keep calm..

why wasting your valuable time and money on phones.. laptops.. and other materialistic things... its really hard to earn and very-2 easy to spend.. you can keep a simple phone with you and it will do what you need.. please left a phone just a phone..

I see people is betting each other that my phone is best, your phone is crap.. apple is best android is not. android is best apple ios is not..

Why...??? why wasting.......

Keep calm... hey people... keep calm..

There is no satisfaction in these things..

Tomorrow.. iphone 5 will come.. and then 6 and 7 and so on will come.. but where is peace of mind.. its not in these things.. just listen to me... there is no peace..

Keep calm.. hey people... keep calm..

I know people will comment on my opinion.. Some will reply rudely.. where's some will find real peace.. who are regretting to spend their money that they earned in months or in years and that took real hardwork to earn.. But it was a quick decision that took their money in wrong side.. You can take good things with this money.. You can put this money in banks and forget for a while.. And it may be double in that while.. And you can spend that money on important circumstances.. that will occur in coming life.. And it will really help..

I hope.. Some people will agree with me..

So, I can only say again. And I will try to put this opinion again and again.. even I know someone can reply with offensive language.. dirty language.. But I don't care.. Just want to say.....

Keep calm.. hey people.. keep calm..

  • iSJ5

AnonD-67362, 18 Aug 2012Can we really use siricourse yes! its build in! but i dont know if this same smarter than the 4s!

  • Badboy

I use this phone for 2 years already, and try to change it twice with galaxy note and one x. But I dunno why, i never let go my iphone for more than 2 weeks. Lucky i never sell my iphone. Even though this phone already feel a bit slow compare to note and one x, but i feel realy comfortable and more easy to use my iphone compare to 2 others.

  • AnonD-67362

Can we really use siri

  • roomy

realy gud product in this iphone 4 with apple

  • Phone

Best phone ever!

  • Anonymous

weapon, 15 Aug 2012reason up son....iphone's r for prople wit class....Waaaaaahahahahaha..............class?

What make it class? diamond or gold plated?


Best joke of the day

How about if u lend your ijunk to a roadside beggar, then he or she will look more CLASS ???

I realy feel sorry for u dude.......hmmmmmmm

  • weapon

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2012Stop daydream, nothing in iphone4 better than xperia s No ne... morereason up son....iphone's r for prople wit class....

  • Robbie

rock, 10 Aug 2012i am using this phone from last few months and i got more than t... moreBro how to download app without signing in to apple I'd ??????

  • clyte

i cant surf anytime if there's no wifi there anything i can set on the settings so i can surf or use unlimited fb without wifi?..pls help me

  • clyt-clyt

i cant surf anytime if there's no wifi there anything i can set on the settings so i can surf or use unlimited fb without wifi?..pls help me

  • Anonymous

iSJ5, 14 Aug 2012apple iphone 4g!Stop daydream, nothing in iphone4 better than xperia s

No need to compare iphone4 with xperia s, the arc s is more than enough to swallow iphone4

Xperia s not only better than iphone4, far better than iphone4S

  • iSJ5

karthick, 14 Aug 2012hi, which is the best one either Apple 4g or Sony Xperia s ... moreapple iphone 4g!

  • dinz

dal, 13 Aug 2012how would you know if iphone is original..can u guys provide me ... moresimple: check setting=>general=>about
if its original iphone you will find all the detail there, if its similar to iphone, you can check the serial number at , you can check whether your iphone is legit or not