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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

Apple iOS = Apple is Overpricing Smartphone

  • jk2096

i don't know why we are fighting for all these smart phone maker company.even these company can not lose profit for any thing they made smart phone for just making money and nothing else so grow up guys.and purchase those smart phone who offer good spec in cheap price either they are samsung iphone nokia htc etcc..


why mobile's price is in IRAN over 600 dollars?

  • NOOR

Hey guys, hope u doing fine. I would say that there is nothing just iPhone. I used some brands from starting I had LG then Nokia then Samsung actually I used many times Nokia but I was quite nervous with that mobiles. I was thinking about new models to buy and I was spending money foolishly on that new models handsets, that was quite wasting the money. Then I thought to buy iPhone and but I did it and bought one iPhone 4, 16GB Black that is awesome and I feel cool and I think I will never ever change it or I will never buy other mobile phone except iPhone that's very good than any brand. You know there are many brands like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, BlackBerry and others but these all are nothing to iPhone, the only thing is iPhone I love it I wish that Apple company will make some more model iPhone like that made iPhone 5 hope they will do more in that. NOOR from Afghanistan, Kandahar +93700838345. Good time to every one.

  • stooart1974

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  • AnonD-69357

iOS dont have to worry about the Galaxy S3, No they have to worry about there new iPhone 5 which is dissapointing in comparison to even the mid-level android devices. One in particular to par with the iPhone 5


but wait, Android Jelly-Bean which is a slight upgrade from the Ice Cream Sandwiche really does eliminate ALL lag from the Android interface !

I forgot to mention a codename every single Apple user should be scared off "MAJEL"

MAJEL is the more updated, faster, smarter version of siri. But made completely by Google :)

While Apple are out there rivaling with Samsung there losing all focus and it doesn't help losing Steve Jobs.

Im sorry iOS lovers. (PS, The first touchscreen phone was made by HTC, named XDA back in those days)

  • tarun

Till now i used many companies phone but this my next phone i think i will be a late entry for this but infront of iphone i o ssamsung or sony doesnt stand infront of it

  • AnonD-17985

AnonD-67893, 23 Aug 2012Hey people.. keep calm... keep calm.. why wasting your valua... moreFinally, I found somebody as you who thinks the same way as I do. Really, there is no peace in materialistic things but people are so greedy for money, crazy for materials and wild for sexual pleasures. It's making them cheaters, liars and selfish. And it includes both genders, men and women !

  • hero

AnonD-67893, 23 Aug 2012Hey people.. keep calm... keep calm.. why wasting your valua... moreGood saying

  • Anonymous

The iPhone 4 is good but the IPhone 4s is better

  • Jbonao

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2012Stop daydream, nothing in iphone4 better than xperia s No ne... moreYour So W

iPhone Can swallow xperia s

IOS can swallow ANDROID

Apple Product is the Best Ever

noting can replace it.

and its value is not lowering down even its old other phones just lower the value so fast.

  • AnonD-57377

tsetses, 26 Aug 2012which one shd i buy i phone 4 or motorola atrixThe Atrix is buggy. If you want stability and updatability you would be better with the iPhone. IMO

  • tsetses

which one shd i buy i phone 4 or motorola atrix

  • Anonymous

is it for £150 in shops

  • Izharckers

This is best phone ever...exactly...

  • green

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2012Stop daydream, nothing in iphone4 better than xperia s No ne... morehahhah xperia is better hhahahahha......go nd have some lemonade kid

  • Xombie

AnonD-67362, 18 Aug 2012Can we really use siriUes we can i have this and i have downloaded siri from cydia
As siri for iphone is only from cydia so you need a jailbroken iPhone for that

  • Xombie

neil, 23 Aug 2012y iphone is more importat than others mobile compering..Apple have much more Apps then other smartphone

  • rahul sharma

heyy im planing to buy a phone....plz tell me i shud buy iphone 4 or not......plz share advantages and diasadvantages

  • AnonD-68271

How to Take GOOGLE EARTH on iPhone 4 ????
I have tried a lot but always Failed.
Its not available in Indian App Store of I-Tunes. its only in US Store, if Changed Store Login Fails & so On ... the Problem continues.
If any one has Succceded in Getting App GOOGLE EARTH On this Phone ?? if yes Plz Guide me.