Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

iOS 5 announced. It will make your iPhone 4 brand new.

  • Skybart

Iphone is good but i prefer my ipod with wifi and 3g because i use my nokia smartphone to be a receptor.

  • nick

theyve completely stolen the notification system from android!!!

  • ehsaan

dont buy this phone its bettry back up is verry poor.

  • Ravi

just look at samsung galaxy man u will split on i phone its no way comparing a windows with linux in a operating system buddy............

  • andi

i phone 5, 06 Jun 2011guys , can someone tells me whan ihpone 5 comes, and what major ... moreNo official announcement yet from Apple. It was rumored that instead of iPhone 5 this year, it will be iPhone 4S which is said to be launched September (again, still a rumors). iPhone 5 (said) that it will be available next year (fall) and said to be with an overall new look. Try to Google iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and you will get a lot of information. Note that WWDC is being held at the moment in the US, so keep an eye through this site because I'm sure gsmarena will update us what's happening at WWDC.

  • shikhar bhatnagar

is it comes in EMI ???
ny 1 tell

  • Rams

I bought this phone 32GB version in India one week ago. UI is awesome. Screen responses perfectly. But when I compare with Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S tops the show. If you have good amount of money go for IPHONE otherwise stick with Samsung/HTC phones.

  • nihal

i phone 5, 06 Jun 2011guys , can someone tells me whan ihpone 5 comes, and what major ... more1)it would just look like i phone 4
2) dual core processor
3) screen size will be increased between 3.7 to 4 inches
5)and of course the new ios 5

  • i phone 5

guys , can someone tells me whan ihpone 5 comes, and what major difference would have to i4?
would it be bigger?
there are now lots of phone out there which eats i4 life, so question is what big step new iphone would have to stay competative?
any views please?

  • abu

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2011hello i like this mobile please how to buy reply mejust go to apple centre..

  • AnonD-10236

hello gsmarena.i have an idea of ios 5.its realy good in terms of multitasking with same homscreen.what i should whom i should show my concept?

  • Anonymous

Mind blowing apps, top class photo and video quality, slick operating system, fast processor ... makes all other phones seem way behind. BUT! Massive irritation not begin able to bluetooth ANY file to ANYthing but Apple, and even THAT is anything but straight forward. Why do we have to struggle with technology that's been around for 7/8 years?? Struggled for 6 months to get my US bought phone unlocked (I'm from South Africa). So if you buy on contract and you're not too concerned about Apple telling YOU what you can and cannot do, awesome phone.

  • jack

there is no phone to be compared with apple iphones.
iphone 4 is the best till date..
some ppl don't like because of some restrictions like Bluetooth etc.
but, bet me once u have this phone in your hand you will not like any other smartphone ever..
the apps are the beauty of this phone,ask for any apps it will be already available..
lets wait for iPhone 4S or iPhone 5..

  • Anonymous

walid, 04 Jun 2011hello every body .. iwould like to ask you about some thing ,, m... moreBe careful walid ! Dont buy or trust any persone like that by telling you that he have low price or cheap , because they are fraud ,remmeber again Dont drust,especialy who ask you to ransfer money, and make search for the website you are trying to buy from it.
You know that the i phone have an international price and you must know the rang if it,other wise you will get an not original iphone (Copy).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4426, 05 Jun 2011Hey guys need help ...I've downloaded IPA file from safari n tri... morehello i like this mobile please how to buy reply me

  • AnonD-10204

AnonD-4426, 05 Jun 2011Hey guys need help ...I've downloaded IPA file from safari n tri... moreThe reason why your IPA gets deleted is because you didn't install Appsync 4.0 on you iPhone, go to Cydia and enter this at the source column ( And look for Appsync 4.0. Before you install the crack IPA's

  • zaib

KANNAN, 05 Jun 2011everything is fine but is this possible video calling through si... moreits availabel on 3g aswell u just download skype from app store, pretty good on it...

  • Geebo

Hello guys
can any one help me because i want to buy a phone and i am confuse between IPhone 4 and SE xperia ARC
Pls help

  • AnonD-10176

i could use 3g n wifi on skype video. that is the only reason why i bought a i4 white