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Apple iPhone 4

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  • lg87

Van, 23 Mar 2011i have a iphone 3gs and i've tried using a ip4...on my observati... moreThanks for your feedback fren...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]HD2 = one of the worst phones i've ever used...

  • NIB

i gonna buy a iphone 4 i wnna knw hw s tht sure freind! let le knw dears then i can concentrate to that mobile.

  • Van

lg87, 22 Mar 2011dear Iphone4 users.. currently im using 3gs, it was a great ... morei have a iphone 3gs and i've tried using a ip4...on my observation..battery life of ip4 is a little better than the 3gs,ip4 has a higher mAh than 3gs,,.but its still comparable to 3gs and not a big leap for battery issues on iphone

  • Jack

Hope of High End Iphone 5:
~Dual core apple A5 chip 1ghz
~12MP camera
~safari browser support adobe flash
~new stylish body design
~iOS 4.3.1

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]So what if he can't afford it, the phone is overated for it's price. Pay 1200 outright and what do you get? Good phone for an interface, friendly calling and text, good music media player. This phone has the most terrible downfalls. Nice let's have our iphone drop out on a certain side while talking, yippeee. Internet drops out randomly, the screen is problematic ready to scratch. This phone probably gonna cost you more in the long run with just fixing the screen, not to mention after a while like all touch screen phones they lose their sensitivity. Oh one another thing you gotta jailbreak if you wanna be "poor" to download free apps. Now let's compare this to a Normal andriod market much easiar to download, not all apps are trials like the itunes store. Apple was never meant for making computers, but they're great at meeting customer satisifaction I admit, but stuffed up badly. This phone is way overated.

  • jeremiah beetleworth

Very good phone. Internet is great. Only two negative points are battery life which is one day at maximum and apps are very limited compared to android. Otherwise it is enjoyable to use and very simple, which explains why so many people use it as their first entry into the smartphone range.

  • Kookoo

such a pity I don't have enough money to buy iphone4.

  • Bob

ipohn, 22 Mar 2011no slot card no radio no java no 1080p no 8 mpix no amoled no fr... moreYou say these things, but Im sure you have never actually used an iPhone.

This "little" 5mp camera will kill most 8mp phones. Video and still images.
No Java: There are plenty of apps that have support.
No card slot, agreed, but I have installed over 60 apps and games and had tons of music and videos with space left over.
Radio... who cares??? Plenty of streaming radio if thats what you want.
And no freedom??? Have you not heard of jailbreaking?

  • Ron

It is the best fone i have used till date i would always use iphones and all other phone Companies
need to learn from IPHONE to make good phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4426, 23 Mar 2011Guys is it safe to cut mini sd card to micro by ourselves or sho... moreYes

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You probably have a sexual disorder as you do not get excited

  • Anonymous

I am lovin'n it..!!
this is the best phone I have ever seen a better phone than this one..!!

  • pooper

best phone! lots of people say batterie sucks but i never had that problem. full charge lasts 2 days of somewhat regular use. 1 day if used alot.

  • AnonD-4426

Guys is it safe to cut mini sd card to micro by ourselves or should be done by the carrier?...thnx in advance.

  • marcos

does iphone can be unlocked and jailbreak???

  • lg87

dear Iphone4 users..

currently im using 3gs,
it was a great phone,
nw planing 2 change 2 iphone4..
plz advice on iphone 4 battery life time is it better then 3gs???

  • Anonymous

rocky, 22 Mar 2011im planning to get one.. ny advice ??yeah get it

  • rocky

im planning to get one.. ny advice ??