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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

because left one is not a speaker.

  • xxx

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011The left "speaker" is actually a microphone. The iPhon... moreit' s not even a speaker, because that dose not support stereo sounds.

  • luispng

Any how to backup SMS from iPhone?


  • Anonymous

The One, 07 Jan 2011Amazing speed , bright as crystal , uncompitational lcd and buil... moreexcpet the first home pc WASNT apple it was an 8080 by intel. Loooooooong time before apple!

  • Anonymous

As a sales rep and a MAC user, I know a lil about this phone and its more fashion than function, in reality there is nothing new here. Its not a new phone its more of a update of the first model... its like the computing analagy of RISC vs CISC. They really need to make a new phone not just upgrade on the older ones. This phone leaves in my opinon much to be deisired and the fact that the phone is esscially useless without itunes is rediculas. The only phone in the world that needs a pc to work properly... if you want a real phone that is cost effective look else where...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ? Because the left side is not a speaker it`s a microphone.

  • Anonymous

Rick, 08 Jan 2011No file transfer via bluetooth Cannot use songs as ringtones ... moreThese things ARE NOT important for tens of million of people that bought the Iphone, use your time wisely rather than writing a sequence of useless features.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?The left "speaker" is actually a microphone. The iPhone has only one speaker. It is an excellent phone overall though...

  • Rick

No file transfer via bluetooth

Cannot use songs as ringtones

No 12 MP camera

No physical shutter on camera

No FM transmitter

No FM radio

Cannot connect to computer without itunes

No direct access to memory

No USB on the go (cannot access external drives connected to it)

No offline maps (unless u pay $40 for garmin)

Poor loudspeaker (and mono btw)

Ridiculously expensive phone and boring without the app store

App store makes phone even more expensive but less boring

No memory expansion via micro sd

Fake multitasking

No XVID/DIVX playback

No HDMI output

High resolution screen but still LCD so poor contrast not like Amoled

No flash with browser

Limited video calling features (unless you use skype)

Not very good if you try to use it as a phone to make and recieve calls

Remember Big Brother Jobs is watching you

If none of the above is important to you then the iphone is the best phone. It will absolutely blow you away. For those of you who prefer a phone to be more functional than decorative try something else.

  • Anonymous

Person X, 07 Jan 2011sorry but where is the price ???On the price list, retail price.

  • Anonymous

Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?

  • Anonymous

All ya Anti- apple writers,try to give apple a little thumb up on this design,user friendly....

  • Randy

Can someone tell me how I can transfer all my contacts from my Sony Ericsson X1 to iPhone 4? I have more than 800 contacts and the sim transfer is not possible. How can I do it using Outlook? Please advise. Thanks

  • xxx

Cambodia SGS, 07 Jan 2011Sure but doesn't mean 10 millions buys.. lolziphone4 didn't sell 10 million?

  • Nisar Abro

I simply love this phone.... it has adoreable look, excellent camera with hd movie recording, very sharp screen... so simply no match of this phone has yet arrived in the market... apple rocks. and i think one who cant afford this phone, they're talking bad about this phone.

  • bas

xxx , 06 Jan 2011NOKIA N8 have over ten million hits that's the most of any smart... moredisplay pixels are nice but a rather juse my imac 27 inch for real picture so no talking about more pixels on a nokia you don't need that gr bas

  • Anonymous

world crapest phone

  • Anonymous

Ellen, 07 Jan 2011Hi Anon Thanks for your to the point comment, I'm torn betwee... moreMy partner chose the HTC Desire HD because we went to a recent event where everyone was taking pictures on their phone and 90% of people had the Iphone and the HTC is a bit different. That in my opinion is the only problem i have had with the iphone, no glitches, no signal issue, apple shops are everywhere so easy to get advice if needed. Even though it is a very popular phone i would only change if the next HTC's screen is as good quality as the Iphone.

  • Person X

sorry but where is the price ???

  • Ellen

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011My partner has HTC Desire HD and i have Iphone 4, Whilst HTC has... moreHi Anon

Thanks for your to the point comment, I'm torn between the Iphone 4 and the HTC Desire to get as a new phone is long overdue so I think you may have just swayed me to the Iphone 4, thanks