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  • Anonymous

Susan, 19 Apr 2010Yet another isheep which will again lure blind Apple fanboys to ... moreXperia X10 was one of the biggest heaps ever, and definitely the worst Android phone ever, being released with an obsolete firmware version, loads of hardware problems and sony ericsson couldnt even figure out if it had a multi touch screen or not, and they couldnt even be bothered to put a flash on it and put a stupid "photo light" on it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011Moto Atrix 4G is going to be cool. Dual core processor!!!!!!!!"Moto Atrix 4G is going to be cool. Dual core processor!!!!!!!!"

I kinda think people look at phones differently
Some prioritise the spec Cpu's Gpu, others prioritise features GPS,NFC while others prioritise design and there those who seek out a balance, it's gotta have a good CPU, Gpu and able to carry out certain functions on top of the traditional phone function and has to be a good design.
So a dual core processor in a phone might mean a great deal to some but might not to others besides do the current Operating Systems have the capability to handle dual core processors??

  • Anonymous

Rick, 08 Jan 2011No file transfer via bluetooth Cannot use songs as ringtones ... moreRick, the FACT that even with these 'not haves', the iPhone 4 is still everywhere and sought after suggests to me that it is not about function. I don't know what it is but people are not buying this thing for it's being perfect or otherwise. Apple has realized what sells phones, while rest of the world is still not thinking out of the box, maybe?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Christian, you might want to read my assessment in the Nokia C7 section.

  • nino the pharoh

best device till 2day the high sales show that..

  • j

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?Because one is a microphone...

  • xxx

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011Here is some honesty about the Iphone: Verizon is expected t... moreAnd Thirty Million of AT&T iphone users will swap their AT&T iphone for a verizon iphone.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nice list but the problem being it never translates into sales you all can vote all you want but the Iphone4 still ships more units and when the white version appears it will sale even more. So go on cast your votes.

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Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?Lol there is no left speaker on in iPhone that is da mic of iPhone. The only speaker is held in the right. I think that would help you

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[deleted post]Moto Atrix 4G is going to be cool. Dual core processor!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?For the person who asked "why is the right speaker louder than the left"....The iphone only has one speaker on the right. The left is the microphone.

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Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011As a sales rep and a MAC user, I know a lil about this phone and... moreAs a sales Rep you of all people should understand that straying too much from a concept that works could lead to disastrous outcomes.
Iphone 4 be it Fashion or Function works the way it is. It does what other Smartphones can do and in most cases is able to it better and even does more.
I don't understand what you all expect but I don't see a smartphone on the market that functions better. They all do the same thing but do it differently that's all , it all depends on what you find more appealing and easier to use.

  • Ali

I m planing to buy this phone pls tell me retina or super amoled which one is better reply me.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Jezz, people still knocking the iphone4, haven't accessed GSM for a while now thought by now people would have moved on. Get over it folks this phone has been around for a while now so there's bound to be better spec'd phones out there but I doubt they'll beat iphone sales.
Call us isheep or what ever but we'll also call you backward fools who just can't seem to grasp the fact that Apple and Iphone lead the way when it comes to smartphones. Nokia are the world's largest but not the best plus they make some really crappy phones now. N8 sales figures are totally dwarfed by Iphone 4 sales figures and the N8 is supposed to be the best phone "tisk tisk tisk" people you need to grow the hell up and stop acting like little spoiled kids that are not getting things their own way.
Sure the Iphone is a closed unit but we don't mind it. We don't mind paying for apps and music coz we want developers and artists to keep doing what they are doing, you know "ENCOURAGEMENT" "SUPPORT" it's not only for our own benefit but for future generations too.
Something that most competitors can only wish for while others could manage but no longer can.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Here is some honesty about the Iphone:

Verizon is expected to announce the Verizon iPhone next week.
So how many are people going to buy?

At least 10 million iPhones in the first year, we estimate, generating $6 billion or more of incremental revenue for Apple.
That's big growth -- more than we think many people are expecting

Read more:­-sell-at-least-10-million-verizon-iphones-this-y­ear-2011-1#ixzz1ARKkJiUJ

  • Anonymous

can someone answer my questions, please?
1. i'm planning to buy a phone this coming June, they say they will release the newest iphone in the market but i'm confused because i have reviewed the specs of htc hd2 and i must say, that htc is really a good phone, which is better especially when it comes to a business class phone, iphone or htc?

2.facebook recognizes your phone whenever you post a status there like via iphone, via blackberry or via samsung, does facebook also can recognize an htc phone??

3. how much does this iphone 4 cost in the market compared to htc hd2 or the mozart(btw, i find that phone amazing)
hope someone will answer this, thanks...

  • Jason Meredith

iPhone 4 is easy to use, the applications run much better than the android equivilents and music playback cannot be beaten.

If you want to personalise phone then Android is the way to go for you, if you want a phone that just seems to work, no messing about, iphone is for you.

  • Hitesh

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2011Why is right speaker louder than the left speaker in iphone 4 ?Because there is only one speaker in iphone, the other one is a microphone.

  • Anonymous

Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G ...view images n video on

  • Alex

With Nokia E52, I can do everything iphone can, that I would possibly want to do.
And for the price of iphone, I can buy 4 pieces of E52..
Besides all, It has antenna problem., Don't go for this!! Too expensive, Save your hard earned money for something worthy.