Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

Xie, 11 Dec 2010how old old desire is n where do u live, ready to exchange my ip... moreIts 3mnths old, m in Singapore, please contact if interested, thanks..

  • Anonymous

it's the best phone i ever seen :D

  • Xie

[deleted post]how old old desire is n where do u live, ready to exchange my iphn4 with you.

  • Frankie

just sold my iphone 4 and got the htc google nexus oh man everybody told me i look so happy of course i'm much more happier then before coz i got android phone
iphone nice design but s...................

  • mrs bean

when u buy iphone is more like doing charity to apple. very proud of apple company bcos is a 300billion company. ifan always talk like their own the company, maybe, bcos they r the main CONTRIBUTOR to the profit. outdated hardware sell like high end product with very good marketing strategy n some brainwash >>> SOLD. simple file transfer using bluetooth also cannot. 5mp camera talk like 50mp camera. 300k app buy mostly must pay. NO FLASH. maybe ifan live in a fantasy world they dont need real high spec phone just simple imagination will do. REALLY STUPID I FAN.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2010Did your Nokia have Infinity Blade? That is a game running on th... moreking of mobile phone gaming but cant do simple functions such as making a call without some ugly bumper rit??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2010yeah everything is OLD... look at the design???everything is EX... moreDid your Nokia have Infinity Blade? That is a game running on the Unreal Engine, on a mobile phone! Wow one thing I think most will agree on, the iPhone is the king of mobile phone gaming,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2010everything is OLD?try to mention some of it?can u? r u buy a fa... moreyeah everything is OLD...
look at the design???everything is EXPIRED!!!
retina vs super amoled???
no bluetooth normal use???same as my OLD nokia 3310.
no slot?like my sony k330.
what else???TOO MANY TO WROTE!.u know that.he..
tired n boring.just like i am bored to comment this OLD features mobile.
another smartphone vs iphone??
no need to fight.another smartphone its already won it.LOL
n another smartphone is made for SMARTPERSON.not ugly person :))
try WAVE.GALAXY S.n u wont speak too much anymore...

  • JC

iphonehata, 10 Dec 2010No card slot for real??? Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee.You stupid iphones never had a card slot . And what is the difference there 16gb just like a Sd card .

  • Anonymous

4.2.1 iOS sucks people...... Any body agree as it made mi iPhone 4 very slow and unstable..... Any body agree?

  • Anonymous

iphonehata, 10 Dec 2010No card slot for real??? Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee.If you can't afford or buy then don't blame iphone, it is one of finest phone ever made

  • hayato

I will consider buying this if i can afford it, and if it's not made of glass because i'm not careful enough, i often drop my phone.

But i'm buying an ipod touch 4 32gb this christmas for sure. Apart from phone functionality, IPS panel, and bigger RAM, its basically the same!

Cool apple gave us, who only want iphone as a media player an alternative.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2010NOKIA N8 8 Million hits on this site the highest of any smartphone.Success is measured in $$$$$ NOT hits, Apple $300 BILLION company

  • Anonymous

I work as a phone dealer and have an iphone myself. i get to demo lots of handsets but if i had my time again id probably go android. i just dont like the limits. Still im happy with the fact that the quality of this product is still great. I just wish we actually made some money out of selling them, steve jobs is a crafty man.

  • Anonymous

NOKIA N8 8 Million hits on this site the highest of any smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Hey ... im gonna buy a buy a new phone but i really like 2 Blackbeerry Torch and iPhone 4 , i cant decide which one to buy Help! please!

  • Cinthya

RAKEB, 10 Dec 2010waw really great phone>>>>>>>>also samsu... morei have the samsung galaxy s and i have to admit that it truly sucks! hangs up every call with my face cause the touch screen is so sensitive!

  • dude

TRUE, 10 Dec 2010I accept that I'm poor/middle class guy from India. I poor that'... moredude i make $1800 dollar per month. so i pay only truck bill $340. thats it.


waw really great phone>>>>>>>>also samsung galaxy s and sony ericsson vivaz

  • Kevin Marsh

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2010Or maybe because this? This article appeared in December 2010 ... moreHmm...Yah though that article is tru I would like to mention that that was for Apple Iphone 4G Version 4.0 ... But the Version 4.1 is cool and on air.. But as usual youll have to charge your battery twice a day if you gonna use many applications and music...