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  • iphon4ing

[deleted post]No, it's very good, you should be a friend to the iPhone 4 Fan Page in Facebook and learn it's the best.­124600254244725

*posted from my iphone4 held correctly to prove any talk of signal problems are lies

  • Grinszi


After all arguments of which is the best phone, there is still not 1 phone complete for all users preference.

Phone is just a technology for communication. this is the basic. other functions are extras to commercialize for marketing purpose.

Phones are invented to help make our life easier. Plaese take advantage of this cool invention.

in the end how good is a phone also depend on the user. you can have alot of functions in a phone but still are you using it or not?

enough said, hope you guys happy with your phone.


  • iphone4ing

I wouldn't mind an App for that soon.

*posted from my iphone4 held correctly to prove any talk of signal problems are lies

  • diego

I have 2 iphone 4 is the best on the world....very technologic

  • Anonymous

I've said this before and I will say it again. Nokia are still learning this whole touch screen business. S^3 is Nokia's first OS designed for touch screen devises, S^1 was a patch up job, S60 5th Ed optimised for touch and then later features like kinetic scrolling back potted from S^2, which is just one of the many reasons we had so many problems with early Symbian based devises. Up until the X6 Nokia were defending the resistive touch screen technology, Apple on the other hand have always used capacitive and guess what! resistive is on the way out. So you could say Apple have made better choices than Nokia hence being ahead of the game.
We seem to have got off to a similar start as the N97 with the N8, I've seen a lot of videos on youtube and posts in the Nokia discussion pages that are all too familiar, screen freeze, hard resets, sluggish and non responsive a lot of the times so either Nokia phones are very under powered or the OS is a piece of c**p. You can come on here and proclaim symbian OS to be the best but unfortunately youtube videos are showing us that there's still a lot of work needed to be done so you really can't fool anybody.
Sure Iphone 4 lucks certain features that N8 has but the IOS seems a whole lot more stable than S^3 hence the user experience will always be better with Iphone 4 which is the most important thing to the majority of users. Personally I prefer Android.

  • Anonymous

How to unlock i phone 4.1 ?

  • smooth k

comme ooooon not the iphone 4 its like a virus this devices all the people want this phone i work in a phone case store and for real its not beacause it has a little apple it has back so its a good phon iam waiting for my milestone xt 720 and i think its a good solid phone and i compared both phone and the moto is better i know the iphone is simple and sexy but thats it nokia created the two camera phones since 2006 2007 but now beacause apple made it so its a revolution any way iphone its a good phone but its not number one thats my opinion thx

  • Engineer Man

[deleted post]Actually didn't you know the nokia club is an 133t club, you know we will stick together. Oh & btw watch your INT13H whooops.Oh I'm sorry Apple user don't understand what I just said. What a joke! Hey, we can afford an Iphone but it's already a ripped off Daewoo.

  • Engineer Man

[deleted post]Apple User error. *cough cough* You suck. Now go & knock on apples door to get it fixed. lol User error... "hold it in your hand the right way" sorry Mr Jobs err ok ..I will try that next time"

  • dan

It's a smart phone, so you don't have to be

  • Anonymous


  • iphone warrior

one more thing,most people that condemn iphone n worship that stup*d N8,actually do not have one!..they just comments without basis..plz la go n study first..each devices have their own strength n weaknesses..but for me N8 is totally looser n crappy little thing..with just 680 mhz of processor surely outdated compared to iphone 4 which has 1GB mhz..then,the battery life of the lousy N8 is just 1200 mAh!! it only can lasts about 1 day with heavy usage..but,if u just use it casually,perhaps it can stands up until 2 days..thats this '12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics' does has the flash! dont u know that flash also plays a part in reducing ur battery life!!..while iPhone is more has 1420 mAh,u do ur own math..if u just that stup*d cant calculate it by urself then i suggest u better go back to kindergarten..ask ur teacher teach u one-by-one..all these monkeys really makes me piss off!..although the camera is only 5 MP (to me,this is really good already - coz i dont bother to have that stup*d 12 MP)also does has the flash..
better study n make ur own god damn research 1st folks before bashing other device!..i bet that after u buy the stup*d N8,surely all of u must regret..especially with the battery's life..

  • Anonymous

Skyfire was just approved by Apple, it should show up in the App store soon.

  • iPhone Warrior

[deleted post]ya dude! U are the actual looser n poor guy that cant own this great device! so,who sucks?u isnt it?hahahaha..LOSERRR..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2010you're asking for help with your device and then bashing other b... moreExactly my thought

  • Anonymous

julie, 02 Nov 2010I have never had a mobile that had no problems before until i go... moreyou're asking for help with your device and then bashing other brands!!

learn how to use such a technology before commenting on it.

  • shohan

Jay, 02 Nov 2010Guys. Comment if you have a review or experience with the iphon... moreu rock man!!! u r absolutely right about it.the others whatever brand mob fans r fool.i also like some of the nokia.&also hate some idiot models.but apple's iphones inspired others companies to make touch phones..............isn't it.?.

  • aamir

julie, 02 Nov 2010I have never had a mobile that had no problems before until i go... moreHardware design is prone to reception issues
*.MicroSIM card support only
*.No Flash support in the web browser
*.No true multitasking for all applications
*.FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi
*.No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storagemode
*.No hardware shutter key for the camera
*.No FM radio
*.No stereo speakers
*.No microSD card slot
*.No smart dialing
*.Too dependent on iTunes for loading multimedia content
*.Poor loudspeaker performance

  • julie

I have never had a mobile that had no problems before until i got my iphone 4, great phone & apple im with you for life!!

  • byan

julie, 01 Nov 2010I have been coming on this site for a few yrs now. It now seems ... morejailbraking is simply be able to use your iPhone with any carrier.This is helpful when you have an iPhone with expired contract.Otherwise it is not wise to jailbreak,because it also voids your warranty.