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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010iPhone 4 will be sold in Saudi by Mobily and STC, and appar... moreiphone is certainly delayed by Telkomsel of Indonesia.

because in indonesia there were no law of return of bad product. so, iphone in indonesia will be launched after the antenna gate were solved.

i quote from official Telkomsel CEO Sarwoto:
"We were on schedule to release the iphone4 on the end of september because iphone4 problem is only software, not hardware. We will assure you by that time iphone4 would be perfect. If there were still any problem we won't hesitate to delay the iphone"

So, it said the phone have no problem (lie lie lie), but they're gonna make sure the phone will be release without any problem.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010A simple link would have been sufficient, plus some highlig... morei'm sorry about that.
some the link in GSMarena were a link to unknown site (bad site). and the one i post is just 10% highlight of the whole article/blog by Tomi Ahonen.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]iPhone 4 will be sold in Saudi by Mobily and STC, and apparently in the second week of August.

  • Anonymous

can android install on iphone 4?
iphone 4 or sony x10 which is better?
please help me
thnk you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010Seeing the number of voting on this iphone4 compared to the... moreA simple link would have been sufficient, plus some highlights to certain points you thought were pertinent.

  • Anonymous

Seeing the number of voting on this iphone4 compared to the generation before it, I really think that some of apple fans have been gone forever.

Anyway, for those who still iphone4 is the best phone ever, need to see this:

You can flame that author if you don't like, but I really think that that's the hard fact...

I quote (part of his blog, be sure to read the full blog at the link above):

Apple said 0.55 % of iPhone 4 users have called to complain about the antenna problems. Across 3 million sold iPhones, that is 16,500 people who have called Apple to complain. So my first immediate screaming observation is that this is perceived as a connection problem - the network connection was dropped, a call was dropped. Who do you call to complain about it? The first point of complaint will be the mobile operator (AT&T etc)

But yeah, 16,500 people have called Apple to complain. Is that a big number or small? Remember a car maker called Toyota? They had this nasty problem earlier this year, called 'unintended acceleration' which seemed to trouble several Toyota and Lexus models. It was really big in the news, as 52 people were killed in accidents involving those vehicles. How many total complaints have there been about Toyota and Lexus venicles in America in the full duration of that problem, from January to June? According to the US highways safety board, the NHTSA - the total number of complaints about Toyota and Lexus vehicles was 1,500. Thats it. Over six months, its an average of 8 per day.

Now fast forward to July of 2010. Apple says that in 22 days, they have received 16,500 complaints about iPhone Death Grip! Thats 750 per day! This is nearly 100 times more complaints daily, than the most famous consumer product failure in recent memory! Is Apple's problem 'real' or is it 'imagined'? Is it trivially small, or is it enormous? Obviously it is one of the biggest consumer product failures in recent memory. And by a mile, the worst phone launch. These 16,500 complaints were generated in the first 22 days, where it will easily take many days for a consumer to notice the problem - then to observe it is a 'pattern' rather than a one-time random event - and then to go call AT&T first, and then after those moments to turn to Apple and call. The real problem is FAR bigger than this what Apple now kindly reports to us.

How does that compare with the industry. HTC has provided its complaints level of the smartphone Apple mentioned in its press conference, the HTC Desire/Legend/Nexus One. How many complaints? Try 0.016%. Or one complaint per 6,250 phones.

Meanwhile Apple who tries to say everybody has the same problem, also told us that 20% of iPhone 4 buyers had a case or band. These won't be able to experience the problem. How bad is Apple's problem. The 0.55% is not from 100 phones, you have to remove the 20% who have the case. So its from 80 phones. So Apple has one complaint call per 145 iPhone 4 models sold!

Is this a fair comparison? As HTC says, Apple has 35 times more complaints than HTC. And HTC's product has been on the market for 9 months, so there is plenty of time for buyers to examine the product and find out all possible problems - still only one complaint per 6,250 smartphones. If we assume HTC has sold 3 million of those devices (to keep the math the same as the iPhone, probably HTC has sold less than this number) - that would be 480 complaints in total over 9 months, or 2 complaints per day.

In just 3 weeks of use, Apple owners have already found so much of a problem, 1 in 145 will call Apple to complain. And yeah, it is 750 complaints per day!. Apple problem is nearly 400 times worse than that of HTC's smartphones."

  • Troy

Iphone4 is selling millions and millions, everytime you get iphone4 in the stores within hours they are sold out so it just shows when you get a hater on here there getting ignored completely.

Iphone4 is the way to go and jealousy doesn't get you anywhere for those haters out there who can't afford the h/set.

I've said from day one the iphone will sell millions and its only been over a month what an excellent year.

Not even the antenna problem is stopping customers from getting the iphone4.

Guys once you go iphone you don't go back.

People seem to forget iphone has been in the mobile phone industry for 4 years and Nokia about 100 years.

Iphone4 is excellent if Iphone was cheap all the haters would be quing for this wonderful h/set but as it stands it's got a nice price tag on it and it's worth the pennys.

Apple rules fact :-)

  • Troy

[deleted post]Next year

  • Nayan Bhagat

I got my refund of US$ 31.57 from apple for Iphone 4 Bumper. Thanks Apple, Even my phone's bars are not going down I got refund for the Bumper.

  • getadesire

Troy, 24 Jul 2010Guys The Iphone4 is awesome trust me, If you get the chang... moreiphone 4 is worsed than my nokia
my nokia has wifis that is faster than iphone 3g so dont buy this handset

  • Troy

Guys The Iphone4 is awesome trust me, If you get the change to even touch one you will love it.

Has to be the gadget of the year easily, Crystal clear screen, thinnest smartphone ever there's nothing out there that can touch it.

Nokia N8 and it's wonderful symbiam software (NOT) the future is android and Apples os4 because developers prefer it and symbian have about 3 developers wow amazing ain't it.

Nokia shares are plunging and going down as we speak google it and there getting humiliated by ihone wight now.

Nokia bring about 100 h/sets out a year and Iphone bring out 1 h/set a year, nokias 100 handsets they bring out doesnt even come close to the any iphone.

All the other h/sets out there need to beat the 3gs before even comparing with the awesome Iphone4.

Good look for the future, Tup haters are going to say antenna problem, I don't have that problem it's not effecting all iphones even with that problem it's impossible to beat the iphone it's undefeated and will remain like that for years.

  • Anonymous

N.O.V.A using the gyroscope in iPhone 4. Quite cool:

  • xxxxxx

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010Why do people keep pointing at iPhones and saying they are ... moreso how come my iphone 3gs don't drop bars like my iphone 4?

it's the true that all other phones drop bars also except for the nokia n900.

whenever you have a product like the iphone with it's popularity you should experience this kind of press hunger for information!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xxxxxx

iphone 4, 24 Jul 2010Battery is the best: 100% all day if not touch at all 80%... more80% of calls? you mean 0% of callls?

  • lol

Alman, 23 Jul 2010Cruise, buy the iPhone 4 with a case like the Otterbox Defe... moregood to heatr that.....what about nokia 3315

  • Anonymous

Hahaha~! This phone is really a joke. First time saw a phone which will help you to end your call. How 'convenient'. Man, apple should release more of this phone. Really 'revolutionary'. It will help you to hang up when you are about to go into important issues. That's apple for ya. Always full of pleasant surprises. Well, not going to buy this piece of trash anyway. =="

Oh ya, why didn't jobs applied to be a elementary teacher? The main topic for the class. "How to hold your phone so that the phone won't make you see red"

  • Anonymous

the stock issue with this phone is rediculous i sell phones for a living with Telstra in Australia and despite we have large numbers of people wanting this phone we are recieving 4.

what the hell?

apple how about before you release the damn phone make enough stock to supply. stupid. very stupid

  • Anonymous

Here in US, AT&T gives lessons for free at its stores to educate people how to keep the iPhone 4 in hand. Antenna is not an issue as long as you are educated.

  • iphone4

Just wait until 4.1 update, 4.01 was very nice.

Note if you have clean hands or don't have capacitive skin type and
hold correctly the signal issues are lies.

  • limo

can anyone tell, when it will be available the iphone 4 in saudi arabia jeddah thanks in advance plz answer