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  • Anonymous

Bad apple, 22 Jul 2010for some of the fans who are still living in coco land of Steve ... moreBut Galaxy S has no flash for its camera! Lol, I guess iPhone isn't the only one without Flash now hehehe.

  • Alui

Alui, 22 Jul 2010" iPhone 4 is simply the Best phone out there presently&quo... moreP.S.:Just compare and then decide who's the best:­75&idPhone2=3115

  • Anonymous

cruise, 22 Jul 2010Yep I think Steve knew about the flaws in this product and pushe... moreNot so sure if you would enjoy people stealing your things either.

I wonder if Nokia will now face karma as they are doing something which is virtually identical to Apple:­kia_turns_to_russian_police_to_recover_lost_prot­otype_smartphone/

HTC also taking legal action:­/htc-sends-cease-desist-letter

Just companies exercising their legal rights guys, is it really a big deal? Or is karma now going to hit Nokia and HTC?

  • Bad apple

for some of the fans who are still living in coco land of Steve Jobs portraite of Iphone 4, all you need to do to see it with your own eyes is to TYPE iphone 4 antena problem into UTUBE, then you will get thousands of clips about this big problem right infront of your eyes, I hope then it would sink in for you that iphone 4 has a serious antena problem, not all these thousands of people (including independent expert) can be wrong!, even put beside the antena issue iphone 4 has not much to offer compare to 3gs, i DON'T GET IT, what is so special about this phone , 3gs is good, but coming up with new product which is more or less is the same and claiming this is somthing special is a joke, beside you have a drop calls very often, the most basic function of the mobile and that is to make a phone call can't be done on this proper! what a embaressment and what joke! It has already been a report of mass return for this phone. get in touch with reality there are many many phones out there like Galaxy s which easly out perform iphone at fraction of cost.

  • Anonymous

I dunno, Steve Jobs seems really passionate about his company, and when you compare to some other CEO's I don't know if he is that bad.

Ed Zander former CEO of Motorola many believed worked the Chief Marketing Executive to death (literally, he died in 2005) and didn't care about the company, and then exited with a great payout.­ider-how-stupid-execs-ran-moto-into-the-ground

Samsung Chairman was cause of a huge scandal, for huge accounting fraud. They didn't even jail him, cos it would be "disruptive" to the company. He admitted no guilt, but after a second enquiry, admitted guilt. Not just that, earlier this year, he announced his return as chairman of Samsung Group.

Far worse in my opinion, no? Only problem is Apple is successful, and is a more fun target to bash as it is more in the spotlight.

  • Alui

Alman, 22 Jul 2010You are terrible on this website. In a minutes, you will say nic... more" iPhone 4 is simply the Best phone out there presently"
I have a Galaxy S and i say it is the BEST phone because:
-has a 4 inch screen (SuperAmoled on top of that) on 9:16 resolution (native for movies).
-it's very fast
-runs Flash
-has memory slot and usb port
-runs any video format (DivX, MPeg4, avi)
-Android marked has all the USEFUL apps iTunes has and maybe more
-has Swipe
-does not really need camera flash (has great gamma correction for dark photos)
-battery holds a lot, and is replaceble
-its very light (118g) and slim 9.9 mm.
-great camera
-no bugs, crashes.

iPhone 4 is OK but not the best phone for sure.

  • cruise

[deleted post]Yep I think Steve knew about the flaws in this product and pushed it on the market for people to buy it. I think he's acting naive and when it was found out, he pointed out the faults of other phone companies and their phones. Remember he also issued a warrant to confiscate PCs and other I.T equipment from the guy who found the prototype Iphone 4. The guy was going to give the phone back too. Well what goes around comes around Steve.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010As time progresses, the truth will eventually be known anyway. i... moreits not because, steve is the one who makes the media to start again. Every phone has its flaw, but never a ceo compare or find fault w other phone. If steve had just focus on how to solve the problem. There will no media. I hate the way he did to other brands as a ceo. There is nothing to compare, just take care of your product. Kids way of pushing responsibility.

  • Anonymous

can u buy a toyota?

  • Anonymous

steve n0b, 22 Jul 2010I am not a big fan for these two companies Whats the different ... moreI do hope that you are not aware that Steve Jobs was a vistim of cancer. This is the reason he lost a lot of weight. Cos if you were aware, then I would take your description of him to be in a very mean-spirited manner.

How would you like someone to call your family member names, if they were hit by a very serious disease?

Please, bash Apple, iPhone even Steve Jobs if you want to. But try not to overstep the limits. This is not just to you, but to all of us here, and even as a reminder to myself.

  • John

This is really not fair for what Mr jobs has done by handling the major flaw in the IPhone 4 in an unprofessional way.

He is seriously making a FOOL out of himself.

Alright so let's face it, if Mr Jobs is trying to demonstrate the death grip on the Nokia N97 Mini, then he should be made aware, that the network bars did not drop completely to ZERO, which means your calls would not get dropped, secondly, the death grip is placed at the bottom of the phone, a place where your fingers would normally/ never touch, who touches their microphones of their phones while on the call.

Now you freaking IFans, dont ever even dream of pointing your fingers at NNokia, b'coz the above descrption describes how amazing the N 97 Mini is.

And there were other IFans who would claim that apple is such an amazing phone that it is being compared with other touchscreen smart phone always, now check it out for your selves, Steve is begging to compare other phones, like Nokia N97 Mini with the flawed IPhone 4.

Last but not the least, the profit result is out, I agree, but that yet does not determine the profits from the Iphone 4. Based on IPhone4s release date, itz financial profit/ loss result would only show up on the 3rd quarter. The profit that you see are from the freaking IPHone 3gs/ IPad & IMac, so just chill.

Let the Nokia N8 come out and then you watch what's going to happen.

Dump the freaking IPhone 4, and get the Nokia N8, or else in case your interested in Android, then get the HTC Wildfire or Desire.


  • Anonymous

China made Phone better that this in terms of reception.

China Phone 1 Iphone4 0

Stop peeking your noose on other about reception. Just concentrate on rectifying the faults.

..............Apple is overconfident. This is what happens when you think you are too smart but you getting too moron also. Its time for APPLE to prove its intergrity and not pulled along other brands.

We just wait and see what games they played again to overshadow their stupid flaws........

  • steve n0b

I am not a big fan for these two companies
Whats the different between Microsoft & Apple? .... Professionalism

XBOX RROD (Red Ring) : Microsoft extended warranty and offered free repair or replacement.... not once they b!tch about other companies. they even admit the fault and tried to rectify it... hence cooler cpu, different heatsink etc..... did bill gate ask you not to play games for a long duration? (you need to give the machine a break every 30mins) or did you angle the xbox the right way? NO.... even though i dislike the guy... he aint no unprofessional arrogant skinny old f4rt who love to dictate part of your leisure life.

iPhone4 (Antenna) : B!TCH B!TCH B!TCH!! and a free case ... WTF? free case for all 5heeps who wants to keep the FLAWED design fault device. apple designed the slimmest smart phone* but they want you to use a case to make it fat and ugly? what if you dont want to use a case? Any suggestion of a recall?? any suggestion of we will look into it and fix the problem?? NO!.... they just B!TCH B!TCH B!TCH!! this is how you hold it... you need a case for it.... F**k u steve jobs, stop telling everyone what to do.

Happy days xxx

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]i'm guessing you've probably never used one then as there is virtually no plastic involved in this phone!

  • Anonymous

phone seller, 22 Jul 2010Apple had 3 years to work on only 1 phone and they still couldn'... moreWhilst you're right that Apple have had more time to work on 1 phone than Nokia have had on Numerous others, you are completely deluded/misinformed if you believed that they have done a better job on their phones than Apple have.

Pretty much all of Nokia's 'Smartphones' don't work properly!
I sell and repair phones for a living - N97 was disgraceful for the amount of faults it has and we STILL get these back for repair daily. N97 mini is not as bad, but still away for repair all the time.
X6 comes back regularly, 5800 is a joke for its faults. N900 we barely sold as it wasnt very good(and was hideous), N96 back regularly still etc..

Sony Ericsson are probably worse - Satio, C905, C902, Vivaz etc.. and even their basic phones(W205, W715, w595 etc..) still have many faults.

Blackberry....Storm, Storm 2?? break regularly. 8900, 8520, 9000 and 9700 all back often.

Iphone 3G - I dont think i EVER recall seeing one of these being sent away for repair other than for accidental/liquid damage

3GS - sent one back for things other than out of warranty repairs(and that may have come back liquid/physical once repair looked at it although i dont know)

Iphone 4 - obviously still early, but we've sold probably 100 of these now and how many complaints have I had from actual users??........ZERO

Two of my colleagues have iP4s and love them, about 10 have the problems!

As for limited features most people dont use the features of a Nokia 1661 nevermind a Nexus one, but of those that do the vast majority still wouldnt enjoy the benefits of the extra freedom from Android, plus iOS is so much easier to use/smoother/user friendly.

The phones that do rival the Iphone for reliability and just for general use are probably the latest HTCs, although the stock levels on things like the Desire are worse than the iPhone at the moment.

Saumsung's Wave and Galaxy S probably also deserve a mention, although again its early days.

The hate for Apple and the iPhone 4 is stupidly overblown.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Dear iphone4fan,

Seriously, the voting is not much of an issue. Apple themselves said that they can't make enough iPhones to meet the demand. In my opinion the only people who should worry about this is GSMArena, as distorted voting will cause people to rely less on the user feedback section.

  • Anonymous

Foley, 22 Jul 2010iPhone 4 real "killer"? (Antenna gate part II) Due t... moreDear Foley, I wonder if you know that the Motorola Droid is in the Top 20 list of highest SAR ratings:­ag=rb_content;contentNav

Just want to help your cause, as you seem to be very concerned about gsmarena readers' health.

Can we expect you to give the appropriate warning to the Motorola Droid users in their comment section soon? Keep up the good work!

  • iphonefan

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010Don't be silly. Is that little black strip really that hard to ... moreProblem is i think about it too much now.

Even when i'm taking photos with it, I'm aware i shouldn't touch that part, even though that's for calls only.

  • Anonymous

iphonefan, 22 Jul 2010Just Alcohol wipes and correct holding works for my iphone4 Y... moreDon't be silly. Is that little black strip really that hard to avoid? And it does not even drop the call even when the signal bars go down. Don't make a big deal out of something small. Don't sweat over it, or, simply return it :)

  • iphonefan

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010The antenna works as its supposed to. The more appropriate an... moreJust Alcohol wipes and correct holding works for my iphone4

Your sort of right.
I'm wondering about a few things Steve said i admit.