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  • cruise

Antenna, 22 Jul 2010More on the antenna problems : AT&T today announced its fin... moreYour facts are true and the majority of people purchasing the iphone 4 were ones who didn't have a clue or either jumped on the hipe that this was the best phone ever. So they took out 2 year new contracts and was sucked in with the problems that recently arose.

  • Wave Rocks

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please advice me what memory card i should get for wave, I am confused with options out there, what is memory card called? please specify the exact name which fits this phone. thanks very much

  • Vassilios

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010Whilst you're right that Apple have had more time to work on 1 p... moreI completely agree.

Apple aren't perfect, and this should humble them a bit. But compared to Nokia phones, this phone is far better. There is NO comparison. Really.

Im a developer on both iPhone and Android, and I can tell you that it is the difference between night and day between running my app (or any app) on an Android OS and the same app on an iPhone.

The antenna is important, but you just have to avoid causing interference by pressing on the black separater in the antenna.

If you want a smartphone, it is POINTLESS in getting a Nokia or even an Android - they do not work fast at all. Has anyone here compared an iPhone to a Nexus?? The nexus is SO slow and faulty. VERY SLUGGISH.

Despite the flaw on the iPhone, it is still a far more usable product than any other smartphone out there.

  • Alui

iphone @@ iphones , 22 Jul 2010U r mistsken my frnd. Galaxy s doesnt run flash. Also i own a ga... moreTo use flash:
When in browser, press left button go to settings and select allow plugins.

  • Antenna

More on the antenna problems :
AT&T today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2010, noting activations of 3.2 million iPhones during the quarter, a new company record. The strong iPhone 4 release at the very end of the quarter, however, skewed sales toward existing AT&T customers upgrading their handsets rather than customers new to the carrier, with only 27% of this quarter's iPhone purchasers being new to AT&T, down from "more than one-third" in the previous quarter and a steady 40% number in even earlier quarters.
On June 24, AT&T began offering iPhone 4, the most powerful iPhone yet. Preorder sales of iPhone 4 were 10 times higher than the first day of preordering for iPhone 3GS a year earlier. For the full second quarter, AT&T iPhone activations totaled 3.2 million, the most quarterly iPhone activations ever. Approximately 27 percent of those activations were for customers who were new to AT&T.

  • Anonymous

This is real problems, not Iphone4 antenna:
July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Nokia Oyjs second-quarter profit plunged on competition from Apple Inc.s iPhone.

  • Alman

WAVE ROCKS, 22 Jul 2010could someone tell me what is the best reliable site to download... moreGo to; to download the Basic on your computer and search for Movies, Videos and Music. I have downloaded and converted many Movies, Music Videos and Music on my iPhone through this download.

  • cruise

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010Not so sure if you would enjoy people stealing your things eithe... moreNope I wouldn't like it if it was stolen. But the question is was it stolen or was the prototype taken from the premises and deliberately handed over for a price. Normally I would believe Apple to have a tight security on these things. But so much things has happened before the making of the Iphone 4. Example, a worker from China Foxcon(in links with Apple) committing suicide when they thought they he had stolen the protype. The incident with Jason Chen and now this. Is someone telling us not to buy the Iphone 4?


could someone tell me what is the best reliable site to download movies specially HD and high quality one?

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  • iphone @@ iphones

Alui, 22 Jul 2010" iPhone 4 is simply the Best phone out there presently&quo... moreU r mistsken my frnd. Galaxy s doesnt run flash. Also i own a galaxy S and i simply crashes two times in month. It has problems, but its quality covers all. A good phone :-P

  • Alui

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010If you notice, I try to be reasonable in my responses. However, ... moreWell,
I know very well what you mean. People look for features but the final decision is based on feelings. It was the same with me when I was looking for a car. On paper Mercedes E-Class was the best car, but I bought a Jag S-Type anyway:).
I hope your iPhone makes you happy:).

  • Anonymous

Alui, 22 Jul 2010So that's the main feature a phone MUST have?!!! Wow, then how a... moreIf you notice, I try to be reasonable in my responses. However, when replying, I tailor it a bit to suit the comment. For example, in your post regarding Galaxy S, even though I prefer iPhone, I respect your opinion as all you did was to highlight the strengths of the Galaxy S, which I have no problem with.

My comment regarding the flash was more as a reaction to Bad Apple who is intent on insulting anyone who uses Apple.

Your opinions are more well formed, and this is what adds to a lively debate. I would prefer a hard core Android user to debate with me, as at least it will either strengthen my conviction, or maybe even convince me to consider Android or another alternative.

If someone just tells me to wake up from a dream, and talk about Steve Jobs this, and Steve Jobs that, I will either ignore him, or reply in manner that suits his level.

My personal opinion? I like Apple and Android phones, they are great. No phones are perfect. I myself prefer iPhone, due to personal preference with regards to design, and sync with my Mac. I do not hate Android, and I think it is a great platform, because even as an Apple user, and mobile phone consumer, I do not want one single company to dominate the field.

  • Alui

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010But Galaxy S has no flash for its camera! Lol, I guess iPhone is... moreSo that's the main feature a phone MUST have?!!! Wow, then how about all those poor iPhone 1 to 3GS users?

Check below an earlier post of mine. Galaxy S does good pictures in the dark without the camera flash, I promise:).

  • Anonymous

Alui, 22 Jul 2010P.S.:Just compare and then decide who's the best: moreSeriously Alui, whether you are an Apple fan or not, I vote your post as the most intelligent I have seen so far. This is what every person should do. Compare, find out what suits their needs best, and go with that.

  • Anonymous

Bad apple, 22 Jul 2010for some of the fans who are still living in coco land of Steve ... moreBut Galaxy S has no flash for its camera! Lol, I guess iPhone isn't the only one without Flash now hehehe.

  • Alui

Alui, 22 Jul 2010" iPhone 4 is simply the Best phone out there presently&quo... moreP.S.:Just compare and then decide who's the best:­75&idPhone2=3115

  • Anonymous

cruise, 22 Jul 2010Yep I think Steve knew about the flaws in this product and pushe... moreNot so sure if you would enjoy people stealing your things either.

I wonder if Nokia will now face karma as they are doing something which is virtually identical to Apple:­kia_turns_to_russian_police_to_recover_lost_prot­otype_smartphone/

HTC also taking legal action:­/htc-sends-cease-desist-letter

Just companies exercising their legal rights guys, is it really a big deal? Or is karma now going to hit Nokia and HTC?

  • Bad apple

for some of the fans who are still living in coco land of Steve Jobs portraite of Iphone 4, all you need to do to see it with your own eyes is to TYPE iphone 4 antena problem into UTUBE, then you will get thousands of clips about this big problem right infront of your eyes, I hope then it would sink in for you that iphone 4 has a serious antena problem, not all these thousands of people (including independent expert) can be wrong!, even put beside the antena issue iphone 4 has not much to offer compare to 3gs, i DON'T GET IT, what is so special about this phone , 3gs is good, but coming up with new product which is more or less is the same and claiming this is somthing special is a joke, beside you have a drop calls very often, the most basic function of the mobile and that is to make a phone call can't be done on this proper! what a embaressment and what joke! It has already been a report of mass return for this phone. get in touch with reality there are many many phones out there like Galaxy s which easly out perform iphone at fraction of cost.

  • Anonymous

I dunno, Steve Jobs seems really passionate about his company, and when you compare to some other CEO's I don't know if he is that bad.

Ed Zander former CEO of Motorola many believed worked the Chief Marketing Executive to death (literally, he died in 2005) and didn't care about the company, and then exited with a great payout.­ider-how-stupid-execs-ran-moto-into-the-ground

Samsung Chairman was cause of a huge scandal, for huge accounting fraud. They didn't even jail him, cos it would be "disruptive" to the company. He admitted no guilt, but after a second enquiry, admitted guilt. Not just that, earlier this year, he announced his return as chairman of Samsung Group.

Far worse in my opinion, no? Only problem is Apple is successful, and is a more fun target to bash as it is more in the spotlight.

  • Alui

Alman, 22 Jul 2010You are terrible on this website. In a minutes, you will say nic... more" iPhone 4 is simply the Best phone out there presently"
I have a Galaxy S and i say it is the BEST phone because:
-has a 4 inch screen (SuperAmoled on top of that) on 9:16 resolution (native for movies).
-it's very fast
-runs Flash
-has memory slot and usb port
-runs any video format (DivX, MPeg4, avi)
-Android marked has all the USEFUL apps iTunes has and maybe more
-has Swipe
-does not really need camera flash (has great gamma correction for dark photos)
-battery holds a lot, and is replaceble
-its very light (118g) and slim 9.9 mm.
-great camera
-no bugs, crashes.

iPhone 4 is OK but not the best phone for sure.