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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2010I was just reading about those bumper cases.It said be warned it... morenow they cant dock? Serves them right.

  • Anonymous

apple screwed up and those bumper cases should be free.I really dont understand how iphone users can put up with stuff like this.

  • Anonymous

I was just reading about those bumper cases.It said be warned it will not work in the iphone4 dock.

  • M.R.C

guyz can yew tell me that there is bluetooth on i phone 4 or not if u r using it....and can we share thing phone to phone via bluetooth.....bcoz my friend told me its not possible....plzzzzz tell me who have this iphone 4

  • Anonymous

This is my 3rd iphone, and I can say that this is the best one. I will be getting a bumper for my iphone and that signal drop issue would be completely gone.

The display of this new iphone is just awesome. Texts are vividly clear it's unbelievable. Signal has also improved, as long as you avoid gripping that lower left corner steel frame. I really can't complain. It's faster, more beautiful, thinner, sleeker, etc. Despite the continuous bickering of that part of the antenna, I have no regrets getting this piece of art. Awesome.

  • gaz

sorry to say but when these first came out and then 4 about a year these was amazing but now other mobile companies have matched or took over this look obsolete

  • Noam

Why iphone?
its bring now whats other phones bring 6 monthes ago!

  • Ricardo-Mexico

And I was thinking this is the first iPhone that worth It!!

  • Anonymous

the nokia n8 is the best there is out there dumb apple dump apple the apple dont fall far from the tree

  • Dark

J VO, 25 Jun 2010I think that gsmarena has made an error because in the specs the... moreLMAO :D:D
you r hilarious dude,i thought that you have learned that 1 X 2 = 2 X 1 :D:D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010face time i think it's time to face the failSorry trolls it is not a problem, from the NYT :
Even Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editorial director, saw an upside to the iPhone 4, antenna problems and all. “We are paying attention to the antenna issue because it could be a big deal,” he said.

But Mr. Lam said that for years, he had not been able to use older iPhones to make calls from his home. That changed on Thursday, after he bought an iPhone 4. “I have made three hours of calls today,” he said.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I think we call them Bogans here

  • Troy

[deleted post]There on here because the people who can afford the iphone or have the iphone makes them feel humiliated and upset :-)

Even though there's a anthenna problem with the iphone still makes the iphone the best h/set ever.

N8 Brick phone is boring

  • Anonymous

Hey check what the gyroscope does

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I think 1.5 million sales in one day is impressive

  • ihate

iPhone i4's iwords, 25 Jun 2010iHi iPeople. iI'm ithe iBest iSelling iBest iDesigned iBest iFea... moreLol ,i cant stop laughing seeing your message.You made up my mood dude thanks.

Stev Jobs come down with restrictions and price ,else we will make you to do in next few months.

  • Ifyoudontlikeitdosum

If you really are that unhappy with the phone vote with your feet take it back and get your money back simply. A phone primary use is for making and receiving calls.

They will have to do something if enough of you take it back. Personally I would have given everyone a bumper they only cost what 20p to make.

  • sm

he guys can ne1 pls teme which one f da 1phone 3gs and da 4 is better??

  • J VO

I think that gsmarena has made an error because in the specs the resolution says 640x960, while the video with steve jobs says 960x640, which means that the screen res is still behind other phones like the Samsung Galaxy or Sony Ericson X10.

  • Anonymous

face time
i think it's time to face the fail