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how about the bluetooth?
isn't can send files to other phone without using i-tune?

  • Saud

Does it support microSIM only?

  • amitabh

i have iphone 4 last 4 years its a very poor battery baaaaad fon

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2010Oh my gosh. I knew there was something fishy with those reporte... moreWhat is even crazier is the fact that there can NEVER be ANYTHING wrong with an Apple product in the eyes of zealous Apple fanatics.

Take a read through these threads & THEN tell me it isn't an issue:­585­26-uh-oh...iPhone-4-Loses-Reception-When-You-Hol­d-It-By-The-Antenna-Band

Here is a direct quote from someone using the phone...not just doing an unboxing video. Open your myopic eyes dude.

quote from an iPhone4 user:

"The reception on this thing sucks bad. I can't tell if it's because of holding it or not but where I would normally get 3, 4 or even 5 bars in my house I get 1, none, and searching. It's so bad that I may have to return it and go back to my 3GS. Even the wifi is horrible on this. I get just a bit better wifi on this then the 3GS and my wifi is 'n'. The 3GS with the 3.x OS got way better then what I get on wifi with Iphone 4. All in all, it's a phone and not being able to use it as a phone is just not worth it to me, along with not so great wifi and other issues. Maybe it's just my phone or maybe it needs a 4.x update to fix things but if I wait it out then I may be stuck with it.

Does anyone know how long the return period is on this?"

  • Anonymous

Oh my gosh. I knew there was something fishy with those reported issues with the iphone (the yellow spots and the declining signal bars when the iphone is held).

It is CRAZY how far haters will go just to ruin the iphone. Or who knows, it could be the rivals.

There were several videos on YouTube demonstrating how the signal strength went from 4 to 0. It had 4 bars when laid flat on a surface, but when the user held the phone, the bars disappeared one by one. It was scary. Then there was another reported issue, on the web only, about yellow or brown spots on the iphone4's display (photos only). I really had strong doubts about these issues knowing how tight Apple's quality control is. Add to that, all PROFESSIONAL reviews that I've seen about the iphone4 were all impressive. The iphone's display was consistently hailed as the best in the market. Call quality and signal strength were also mentioned to have significantly improved. So I knew something fishy is going on with those so called "reported issues".

If you look at a lot of unboxing videos of the iphone4 from REAL users. They never come across those issues. MacRumors also posted another YouTube video this time from another REAL user showing that there's no effect at all with the signal bars whether you lay the device flat on a surface or when you held it in your hands. He even said, "look like it's a bunch of trolls". The user imitated how the other guy from the other youtube video held the iphone, and even held it in different ways. The signal didn't drop a bar.

As for those photos of the iphone4 with yellow spots. How come it's only photos and no videos? And wanna learn something interesting? The surface where the iphone4 was placed in the youtube video is the same surface that was in the photo of the iphone4 with the yellow spot. What a coincidence?!

WOW, I can't believe how far iphone haters would go just to ruin the iphone's reputation. Crazy people, gosh.


check out and follow this link from gizmodo and do it yoursel if you have the device already!! ANTENNA SIGNAL PROBLEM.

  • Anonymous

Well, it seems that the iPhone is imperviable to design flaws after all. We all know that the metal casing on the back of the iPhone 2 was dropped because of signal issues, so that 'genius' Jobs goes ahead & makes a mobile that has an antenna on the outside of the phone, where...wait for it.......YOU HOLD THE PHONE..LOL.

How he ever though that enveloping the mobile's antenna with you hand wouldn't case signal degradation really says something about Apple. He thought he had done something so ground-breaking, so ingenious, so revolutionary, but all he did was make a big mess. The iPhone has been plagued with signal aberrations ever since its inception, so I am not the least bit surprised to see that the iPhone 4 is still just all fluff & filler.

Hey Apple fans...have fun with your $1000.00 MP3 player


  • Foley

[deleted post]Hate to be first to tell you but...
Check Google for mobile phone computer or something like that. iPhone is not among first 200 answers, not even close.
All iPhones is only application players and even so primary for games. For something more serious you have to take HTC or N900 or.. whatever but not this toy.

  • 19 years old boy

apple said that iphone 4 display using IPS LED tech but why the spec said it use TFT display..
sorry for my poor grammar. CHEERS!!!

  • Reception Issues

Reception issues on IPHONE 4


  • John

Lol funny stuff about Apple product marketing, but very true.

Apple is so smart by renaming a feature like video calling and fooling people about it, so that people would think, wow a new feature, lets get the phone.

Like that Apple was about to term Bluetooth as 'File Transfer Over The Air', so that Apple could fool people who would have thought WOW!! File Transfer Over The Air, what's that, let's get it.

But then the manufacturer thought by insulting the people, they are insulting themselves as they are Americans themselves, so that File Transfer Over The Air term was dropped last minute. Probably that is why Apple have less sales than Nokia.


  • fahad

shit ! I book an "iphone 4" last day and i hope that i can pot the normal size sim card !!

  • Hun

I love this phone very much but it's expensive
why this phone doesn't has radio?

  • Deep space bar

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2010oh my god, still you asking about any Nokia or some junks?...Re ... morethe n900 is a small computer iphone is just a phone with alot of apps

  • Anonymous

Foley, 24 Jun 2010Don't worry, Steve Jobs will AGAIN accuse AT&T for weak sign... moreJust got mine, works perfect no signal drop no spots, never seen anything like it, Nokia is stone age equipment in comparison,first time Apple user, why did I wait so long to. switch ?

  • Ricky

iPhone4= FAIL

Retina display is faulty and back glass is getting scratched up easily. Steves Jobs is the biggest liar!

Here's the proof:­rs-reporting-discoloration-on-retina-display-scr­atches-on-the-glass-back.html

  • Eric

Billy the dancer boy, 23 Jun 2010I'm After the max size the MicroSD card slot the I-phone4 handle... moreMmm, bad news guy, there is no microSD or any memory card slot on this or any iPhone... Its a MicroSim card for AT&T's use..

  • Anonymous

Foley, 24 Jun 2010Don't worry, Steve Jobs will AGAIN accuse AT&T for weak sign... moreMy iPhone has always worked fine on Vodafone Australia with no dropped calls.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I don't understand, what's about?

  • Ricky

hahaha, iPhone4 sucks, retina display is faulty and back glass already scratched.

Here's the proof.­rs-reporting-discoloration-on-retina-display-scr­atches-on-the-glass-back.html

Good luck iSheeps who are camping outside a week early.