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  • Anonymous

Foley, 24 Jun 2010Don't worry, Steve Jobs will AGAIN accuse AT&T for weak sign... moreMy iPhone has always worked fine on Vodafone Australia with no dropped calls.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I don't understand, what's about?

  • Ricky

hahaha, iPhone4 sucks, retina display is faulty and back glass already scratched.

Here's the proof.­rs-reporting-discoloration-on-retina-display-scr­atches-on-the-glass-back.html

Good luck iSheeps who are camping outside a week early.

  • Foley

4g, 24 Jun 2010 oopsie by steve.... moreDon't worry, Steve Jobs will AGAIN accuse AT&T for weak signal. Flawless iPhone cannot be the reason for that. Though, millions and millions broken calls on iPhone 2&3 with any network provider give us quite different answer.
Anyway.. iPhone4 is just a fancy toy for big kids. and status symbol of course.
Who care about signal?

  • AlexNY

People on these boards just need to stop complaining about the IPhone, I myself never owned one and never will but I still acknowledge that the IPhone is still a good piece of tech.
Just pisses me off that some of these iSheep keep proclaiming the iPhone as the "best" phone ever without a clue about any other phones or tech.
What makes the iPhone top the charts right now is not hardware but simply the software but not the software from the actual Apple devs, oh no, it s the software from the huge apple fanbase. The people made this phone good by jailbreaking and creating apps just for this rig.
Apple IMO is too restrictive, no changable wallpapers or multitasking until 4 years in?
Also, the microSIM approach is really sneaky and underhanded. Now iPhones which are only going to be availiable on AT&T are physically locked to AT&T and AT&T know this. Which is why they got rid of the unlimited data plans and started to charge $35 for 200MBs!
Everyone is just trying to rake as much money out of you as possible.
And why the hell is AT&T advertising "free wifi on phones" on their site as if that is an amazing thing.
It's a given yet they are advertising it like that to draw in less tech savvy people.

  • kedar s

Billy the dancer boy, 23 Jun 2010I'm After the max size the MicroSD card slot the I-phone4 handle... moredude...iphones don't take memory have to deal with the memory you get when you buy external microSd has no place's best you mail it to me :-)...

  • raz

great phone ;D

  • D-Day

Greg Joswiak, Vice President, iPhone Product Marketing; "...and we're bringing video calling to the world. We call it 'face-time'. Itís going to change the way we communicate forever." I had a phone dating back 3 years ago (p900), which allowed me to make "video-calling" without the need of ďwifiĒ. It was one of the main reasons the 3G network came about. To call it "face-time" is insulting to anyone with half a brain; it's like rebranding the orange (fruit) to amber and then claims itís something new.

"Look, the new fruit 'amber', I never tried it. Letís get some! I hope we don't forget to pick up some oranges as well."

Are people that stupid to buy into this sh*t??! Please tell me NO!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2010apple have tried their hardest to market the so called retina di... moreYou said "with many" iphone4 deliveries with yellow spots? Let's do the math here for a second. There are over 600,000 preordered iphone4's. There were I think 27 reported cases of iphone4 with yellow tint spots. That is less than 0.00005% of 600,000. Yet you make it seem like all iphone4's have that problem. So let's just disregard the other 99.9999% of iphones with perfect working screen and call it a failure. Nice one there buddy.

  • Anonymous

oh my god, still you asking about any Nokia or some junks?...Re member, the best phone is IPHONE..All apple stores, att stores, best buys are already out of stock...So thats mean, Iphone is Great phone and not only phone, SMALL COMPUTER...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2010According to that you tube video you gave a link for , it seems ... moreit seems so,the antenna is built in the metal cases all around the sides of the phone,the exacts sides you need to cover in order to hold the phone

  • Anonymous

apple have tried their hardest to market the so called retina display as the best after strangely not using amoled/super amoled and now its seems the iphone 4 screens are infact defective with many of the recent iphone 4 deliveries are showing faulty yellow spots on the screen....way to punish the fanboys even further after they've stupidly emptied their pockets!

  • Anonymous

4g, 24 Jun 2010 oopsie by steve.... moreAccording to that you tube video you gave a link for , it seems when you hold the iphone4 the reception drops to one bar or nothing but when its back on the table reception comes back.I think the antenna is built into the sides of the phone.That could be a major problem.

  • Me

Does anyone know if this new Iphone will be as good as my N95. I am due an upgrade but looking at the spec I think the N95 still blows this tooter out the water.

  • Anonymous

it can make video calls on 3g???

  • Anonymous

4g, 24 Jun 2010 oopsie by steve.... moreSteve jobs could not be reached for comment due to the fact he was holding his iphone 4.

  • Not so Perfect!

Yellow screen spots and scratchable glass... Guess "they Failed"...

  • lucky

wat does this micro sim means..?and can i transfer songs,picture,etc. through blutooth?

  • eyefone4life

i just jizzed all over my new iphone 4 but im afraid to take it in. does any ome know or had this happen? how to clean?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Why do you keep getting the iphone when you obviously do not like it?