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Apple iPhone 4

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  • belfast...

What does the iphone 4 have that the other iphones dont???

  • Anonymous

Why the hell is it microsim..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2010why pay a high price just to get a phone? Nokia old e71 is al... moreI saw someone today whose memory card in an E71 wiped itself, two years of photo's gone, all the maps, everything GONE.

She was crying when it couldn't be fixed.

She never made backups, she should have never trusted Nokia.

Have you seen when the menu key stops working?

You press it and nothing happens?

Why are you promoting such a buggy phone with such a horrible web browser, tiny lines and a stupid tiny mouse pointer that is FRUSTRATING and IRRITATING to use.

  • Anonymous

Here this video explains accelerometers and gyroscopes and why having them built into the iPhone is such a BIG STEP FORWARD past older tech in other phones.

I wonder why all the Nokia sheep ignore this NEW feature NEVER seen on a phone before.

  • Anonymous

why pay a high price just to get a phone?

Nokia old e71 is already good enough for normal users out there

  • ivngreat

some here are bitter because they have bought iphone3gs just yesterday... hhahahahaha

  • Anonymous

James, 17 Jun 2010Why apple doesnt mention the clock speed of its A4 chip used in ... more1GHz

  • Anonymous

Immortal, 17 Jun 2010Again The foolish fruit company has produced a hi-priced superdu... moreWhy?

Who wants LOW RESOLUTION screens, slow old processors (Nokia) no NEW features like a GYROSCOPE and old, outdated software.

The N8 you can't even buy and will probably be delayed like the N96 and N97 running the MOST BORING SOFTWARE ever.

Symbian had it's place, that place was 2001 on SonyEricsson phones, Symbian is dying it's only good for CHEAP phones made of CHEAP plastic with most of the features taken out to make them CHEAP.

No thanks, pal.

  • James

Seriously this phone is not worth every penny in terms of features... Not impressed at all...

  • Immortal

Again The foolish fruit company has produced a hi-priced superdumb phone,oh its not a phone,its an 'iphone',money eater.People,go for 'phones' of Nokia or Samsung or SE instead...

  • James

Why apple doesnt mention the clock speed of its A4 chip used in iphone 4?

  • bitu

anas, 16 Jun 2010can i per-order one from UK and it's all ready unlocked ? by how... moreya u can order the fone 4m uk but tell me how much u r getting the unlock iphone4 for. on that basis i'll be able to comment whether u should buy or not.

  • satya brata behera

when the apple launch i phone in this world , i am the 1st person to get the 2g model in india. after from trhat ,im eagerly waiting waiting for another model when it will be launch in USA. when the apple launch new model in USA ,after some weeks i have it in india through grai market in india. im always purchase from delhi. i have i phone 2g,3g and 3gs. now im trying to get that i phone 4 as quick as possible. after this i phone made in this world ,i never seen back to any mobile company, bcoz i know that very well no one can do like apple. all were tring to do like apple ,but io know trhat they will try but i think they will succeed 20 to 30 percewnt ,but not like apple 200%. really apple is geneious in this world ,bcoz apple company is best in this world i can say very proudly . Not i phone only u see laptop , see alkso desktop anything thats always much much different advanced technology from others. At last i thanks to every and each members of the apple company they are doing a great job in this competition world. ALL THE BEST TO ALL THE STAFF OF APPLE COMPANY.

  • mandy

krazy, 17 Jun 2010once you've owned an iphone there's no turning back it's like m... moreI agree!!! I love the iphone!!

  • Mandy

Seriously the iphone 4 is awesome!!! Your right once you go for the iphone you never go back. I have used every phone under the sun including Andriod operating system. What were samsung thinking with Bada??? and it's about time nokia caught up with the touch screen technology with the N8. Apple are way ahead and you all know it!!

  • hk

krazy, 17 Jun 2010once you've owned an iphone there's no turning back it's like m... morewould u mind sharing which broadband is good and better

  • hk

i owned 1 iphone 3gs, and never get tired of it. i know the price is crazy for iphone, but once u start using it, you will know its worth it, unlike the nokia's price, its crazy, i owned before nokia n97, n95, e71, e52, 6700c but never get satisfied with the performance, its slow, and just automatic shut off... poor thing... i'm a nokia crazy before, now apple crazy.. its really good, apple's application and function are the best.

  • nick

Craig, 17 Jun 2010its great that you can buy them direct from Apple unlocked. they... moreyeah i agree, im surprised apple didnt do that from the beginning. people dont want to be tied down into contracts, plus i reckon it'll stop people jailbreaking (not that im saying that's a good thing)

  • krazy

once you've owned an iphone there's no turning back
it's like moving from broadband back to dial up

  • hk

iphone application is always the best, nokia cannot beat the iphone 4. it has more and great function.