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Apple iPhone 4

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  • Anonymous

Bet this phone gets lots of coverage in the uk when the gadget show returns.
Think apple are sponsoring the bloody show.
Bet my ibollocks they dont compare this to n8 without tilting the playing field in apples favour
Apple ibollocks this apple iturd that

  • Anonymous

NJS, 16 Jun 2010It should have been having at least a 3.8inch AMOLED display....... moreYeah, Apple let us down again, that is why it already sold out on its first shipment :)

  • nick

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010I think current 3g and 3gs users are upgrading to iphone4 not ju... moreretina display? why do people listen to propaganda like that. it's just a 960x640 display, and no fancy words will change that fact

furthermore, it's LCD which wont compete with amoled screens, and samsung's super amoled definitely wins in this department, without a doubt.

  • Anonymous

Con fiper, 16 Jun 2010I will wait and buy Nokia N8, less money but I have more.that's what i want to read :)

  • Anonymous

sephiroth, 16 Jun 2010more fool you as you will also have to deal with the fnatasticly... morenot anymore with Symbian^3...

  • milestone boy

This phone is good but my milestone is great.Well thats just my opinion.Even though i loved 3g, it didn't stayed for too long with me. Waiting to get my hands on this.

  • Anonymous

Once again Aplle is bringing something already sees in other company... Just upgrade the old one and you have it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010Also video conference is only through wifi and only to an anothe... moreFacetime is a new video call platform. It's developed by Apple and offered to everyone as an open platform. So how can you say that it's lame and outdated when it's a new video call platform?

Some people are just so hateful that they just blurt out anything just to badmouth a device, tsk tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010i have just known that 4g is just its name,this phone DOESN'T su... moreBefore you insult others in saying that we are not thinking right. You may want to look at yourself first. This is iphone4, not 4g. So don't say that 4g is just a name for the iphone4 but doesn't actually support it, because the iphone4 was never regarded by Apple as a 4g phone.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The iphone's success is not just because of its commercials. It is a capable smartphone. It offers a lot of functionalities. It has tons of apps for your use. It obviously appeals to a lot of users. 600,000 preorders in less than a day. That's just preorders my friend. Just think about that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010it is stupid to pay a higj price to upgrade to iphone4 for just ... moreI think current 3g and 3gs users are upgrading to iphone4 not just because of its retina display, but also for the improved camera, the hd recording that you can edit, the a4 chip, the bigger ram and rom, the better design, better antenna, faster processor, etc. What made you think that it's just the display is the only reason why users want to upgrade?

  • Pete

Printed the spec sheet out for this phone today and took it to my local c p w asked them to show me any phones that met this spec. They showed me mid range and 2 year old phones.
Quote "the n95 8gb beats this if u dont want a touch screen or 5800 if you do"
Dont believe me try it yourself.

  • Vendor

About that price drop. For as far as i know you would have to wait till a 5th one is launched cause i've never seen a price drop on iPhone lol

  • NJS

It should have been having at least a 3.8inch AMOLED lets down once again

  • sephiroth

Con fiper, 16 Jun 2010I will wait and buy Nokia N8, less money but I have more.more fool you as you will also have to deal with the fnatasticly buggy symbian software.....

  • sephiroth

[deleted post]and what features should it then then? it does cover pretty much everything a phone needs. if you need more then get a netbook

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010Funny you should say that. This phone is oudated even before it ... moreWell a lot of people like vintage products. The iphone4 already had over 600,000 preorders. Which means, a lot of people like using an outdated device as you called it :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010expensive phone! Why do we need a very expensive phone? It wi... moreToo late for that now. Apple already sold out on their preorders for June 24 release date. Over 600,000 preorders. You need to try harder :)

  • Sorry. I can't say..

I see so many negetive reviews on the Iphone and I just scratch my head and laugh. There are 3 type of people out there...

1. Your mad becuse your stuck in a contrcat and and cant get out :(

2. Cant afford it

3. You have it and would never use another device again!

  • xXx

for only 199$ or 299$ :|