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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ummmm, if you read your prior posts, you kept mentioning samsung galaxy. So yes, that gave me the impression that you love samsung devices. But anyways, you win. What do we know? :) I don't even know why you waste you precious time in here :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010Apple doesn't care about Ram, they love their sheeps though :) ... moreFine. We're all sheeps. Even those professional reviews on youtube complimenting the iphone are all sheeps. We surrender. You win :) Go and celebrate :)

  • N8

lolzzz, 16 Jun 2010I guess if I wanted to spend 200 dollars on a iphone, I can, and... moreDo you know the iphone 4 32gb cost $879 sim free on pre-order.

  • lolzzz

I guess if I wanted to spend 200 dollars on a iphone, I can, and its too bad because nokia, samsung, htc, sony, motorola, etc isnt getting my business.

then their hypocritical fanboys comes here and tells "apple fanboys" to wake up.

seriously, its just a phone, no matter how updated your hardware is, its outdated in a month or two. I prefer a OS that is suitable for me, and for those who says "simple os for simple people"

Ever heard of the phrase KISS? keep it simple stupid.

yeah, it works. my grandma probably can learn the iphone before she can learn droid or windows or symbian. you know why? because apple is smart enough to make a OS that sells, unlike their "techy" competitors.

Good luck with your phone, I know I will enjoy mine, but stop wasting your time bashing something you "have no interest in owning"

otherwise you know you just look like a sore loser wishing you can get a iphone for half the price. seriously, what is 200 bucks in todays currency? probably 2 meals at a decent restaurant if u ask me, and that i can easily skip (probably because I can live with homemade food) to get a product I want.

  • Dan

Looking Good!

  • mat

Clint, 16 Jun 2010Love the iPhone or hate it, the fact is that its changed mobile ... morerevolution ? even china phone made touch screen a year or two before iphone

  • Anonymous

XMAN, 16 Jun 2010ram how much ram is that a trick question for apple .Apple doesn't care about Ram, they love their sheeps though :)
If steve jobs is a sheep lover, what does it make him? hmmmm i wonder

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010i agree. Great OS, smooth screen (try HTC desire or samsung gala... moreHahahaha, you replied and agreed with yourself. That's funny. Thanks for the laugh :)

Why don't you put up a Samsung store right next to Apple and then show off your favorite samsung device there instead of you wasting your time here. Is this the best you can do?You better move quickly buddy. Iphone4 is selling fast. You might run out of buyers for your samsung device. Go and act now :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010It's more like overpriced then too expensive.... 630euro for 16... moreToo late for your essay there bud. The iphone already sold out on their preorders for June 24, in less than a day. Right now, the preorders are for July 2nd shipment, and that might sell out by tomorrow as well.

You should try harder to discourage people. Maybe you should stand in front of the Apple store and rally there or something :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2010It's more like overpriced then too expensive.... 630euro for 16... morei agree. Great OS, smooth screen (try HTC desire or samsung galaxy s. it's similar or may be better) lots of apps... but very average spec and way overpriced. i give it a miss for the 4th time.... as a gadget lover, good spec is essential.... apps are gimmicks and simple OS for simple people. have a good day

  • XMAN

ram how much ram is that a trick question for apple .

  • Anonymous

John, 16 Jun 2010Once again People pls get over the fact that the IPhone 4 is too... moreIt's more like overpriced then too expensive....
630euro for 16gb 740euro for 32gb, 110 euro different for an extra 16gb.... i don't think so blooding sucking Apple. You can buy a Sandisk micro sdhc 16gb card for £30, class 6 speed 16gb card £55 or even a 32gb card for £89 on amazon. Other flagship model phones has better spec (Samsung Galaxy S, SE X10, Nokia N8, HTC Desire, Moto Droid)cheaper handset price and they all include a card slot. Steve jobs is clearly ripping off their loyal consumers. This is the reason why apple deliberately miss out a card slot in their phones, so they can make triple or quadruple profits with a 16gb memory upgrade.

Funds to build iPhone5?? hahaha they missed out so many good features... all steve jobs has to do is to pick 1 or 2 out every year to build the next gen iPhone....

first iphone has no 3G was laughable "Great OS, outdated connection" it's like building a £2,000 laptop with great spec but supplied you with a 56k dial up modem only. An absolute joke!
second iPhone with no MMS or video recording (this is not early 90's)
third iphone still no radio, 3mp cam without LED flash, removable battery, card slot etc.... (was this built in 2005 or 2009?)
forth iphone secondary camera WIFI only?!? amazing.... Retina screen over AMOLED screen.... it's more like going backwards.IPS screen are old technology compare to AMOLED.. please wikipedia the info yourself. You pay 200euro more (Compare to 3gs) for useless upgrades
fifth iphone..... 8mp cam? radio? card slot? removable battery? support flash? there are tonnes of features they missed out.... just pick 2 for now so we can upgrade them for 6th, 7th and 8th gen.

I can afford an iphone... i have more sense then wasting my money.
Wake up iPhone followers.... this is just my opinion ..... Peace xxxxx

  • Jason

OK, let me make one thing clear. I am NOT an apple fanboy! I admit they have amazing devices, but I am not a fan. I have never owned an iPhone. I have used several Nokias, Samsungs, and Sony Ericssons over the years. Currently I have a Nokia E72 which I thought would have been the best phone when it came out last year.

With this being said, I will be buying the iPhone 4 next week. All things cosidered, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone out at the moment. That's right, better then the Nexus One, better than the Samsung Galaxy S, and better than the Nokia X8.

Here's why: the best user experience and the best selection of quality apps. I'm well aware that Android has a great future, but it's no where as established as the Apple store at the moment and let's face it, the Android store will not catch up to Apple anytime soon.

The previous iPhones were lacking in features, but let's be honest, the iPhone 4 is feature rich. Considering the display, the multitasking, the camera, the music player etc, this phone has it all.

The Nokia E72 has so many bugs, it's not even funny. And the user experience is nothing compared to the iPhone. I've really had it with Symbian, and I consider myself a Symbian expert.

I've been thinking non stop over the past week whether I should finally buy the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone. And I've made my decision: iPhone 4!

  • Anonymous

Foley, 16 Jun 2010Have had an iPhone, Nokia, Samsung,BlackBerry and you know what?... moreYou know what? Think whatever you want to think :) Good luck with your device and be happy with it :)

  • mohjazzz

why are u people squabbling and bickering over which is the best phone. Every phone fits different profile of user. That is why we have endless models of phone in the market. Just buy which model fits u the best and stop bickering with each other.

  • Foley

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2010Trap? Are you nuts? Lol. Hey, the moment someone else release... moreHave had an iPhone, Nokia, Samsung,BlackBerry and you know what?
I will never said to someone to buy any brand or model like you do.
I just express my opinion about Apple strategy to sell re-invented hot water (re invented 3GS again) and hopefully some of the newcomers will be smart enough to Google for money-quality best deal instead throw away 1K.
To be honest, iPhone do not deserve even prefix "smartphone" cause u can compare him only with Nitendo game boy. Insert program and play a game, although limited to Apple store only. Dumb phone basically with nice screen and with many limitations. Only Steve Jobs propaganda make him popular and that's only reason why people buy this toy.
They are convinced, by Steve marketing, that buying iPhone will buy them a ticket to become an IT wizard.
Typical Apple user is always in crusader war with computers or even with microwave.
One click only is their motto, everything more is tremendous headache.
Therefore iPhone 4 is nothing more than fancy toy adopted to IT low end user.
Struggle to prove otherwise is just desperate attempt to justify money buying status.

  • Anonymous

I'm so happy. At last after trying the whole day, I was able to reserve my 32gb black iphone4 to be picked up at Manhattan Beach Apple Store on the 24th. It may not be a preorder, but it's just as good. Just gotta make sure I pick it up on the 24th, and I wouldn't miss it for anything :)

  • mn

This might be the greatest phone of all time. it may be like the Lion King of the mobile jungle but the only problem is this Lion comes(to India) caged(locked) by the operator ???

  • Ignacio

I think the fact is that no other brand managed to develope a phone as responsive as the iphone, using it makes sense, not like most of touch phones that are glitchy and try to look cool instead of work smooth. SMOOTH, that's the word.

  • bobby

for me iphone is perfectly good product... best in performance, software support and third party apps... there are just two things i hate 1. poor battery life. 2. too much restrictions (itunes dependent all the way) and priced so high. other than that everything else works perfectly well... guys stop arguing and yah nokia boy go to nokia forum instead of arguing here. yoy have to know that while iphone increases its market share and samsung and LG, nokia is dropping since last year lol...