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Apple iPhone 4

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  • De-$wi$$

i'm definately going to buy it coz i have n900 and n6 but this phone just steps on them easily. keep going apple

  • Anonymous

old design

  • ex alpha at&t ip

a 3.5 inch screen! thats all! id rather skip the monotony of the at&t apple lock down! yes the iphones have had plenty to offer,until att locks you down,and apple locks nearly everything,gps,video,phots,and so on! im now on a blackberry storm 2 for now,in order to have more freedom,and so far,despite the draw backs i knew of,smaller screen size,no 3g on att,and so on, i am enjoy its abilities so far! i am going to the android platforms now,nexus1,xperia, or any that may have 4 inch screen size. a lot of phones are very feature reach,and i cant wait!

  • flipnoke

This is look like the Nokia N96. I am an owner of Nokia N95, and N97 right now. I love nokia all the way. When the first Iphone came out ON 2007,it does not have STEREO FM RADIO, GPS, SECONDARY CAMERA, SD SLOT and ONLY 2MP CAMERA. My N95 already got this features back in 2007. Why is it just right now the apple just came up with sd slot? 5mp camera and secondary camera? Apple is so so behind behind to Nokia. Thats sad. 2007, my N95 was the king of the phones. So to those people say that Nokia is behind. Think about that? I can not wait for Nokia N8. Nokia rules!!!!!!!!!

  • alvin

i have seen iPhone 2 Gen Prototype ( i think before June 2008) at one of the cell phone accessories shop at Long Beach Mall, Calif. A couple came to the store and asked (show off his phone) about phone accessories for the phone. It was really iPhone Prototype before releasing 2nd gen iphone. It has apple logo on the back of the phone and camera is upper middle of the phone. However, the iphone 2nd generation is totally (Totally) different than what i have seen it before at that mall when Apple released 2nd gen. I asked him that where did he get it, but he smile at me and say nothing about it, and leaved!!! So i believe that Apple may have more than one kind of prototype which have quiet a bit different than other prototypes. ( like 3.5 screen and another has 4.0 screen size and the other has....)))

  • Arion

It is the official phone that was left in sunnyvale CA or wherever the APPLE Employee dropped it at. Notice its flat edged on the side for volume control etc. It's a rip off of the HTC HD2 design with silver accent. HD2 looks alot classier. I must admit, APPLE does know how to make a statement and it says "kids that gets dropped off at the mall by their parents."

  • mubi

apple iphone 4g showness is destructed by nokia n8.NOkia n8 is best set up to date .Iphone has camera not up to date ,video is just vga which is outdated and rest of the features are a joke.Who buy iphones are all idiots and who buy blackberry and nokia are fashionable and good people

  • .:A:.

All iphones look the same - Apple doesnt seem to change interface at all - we can get chinese fone with better features - I would not recommend!

  • P%nm

The Apple A4 ARM CPU fails to impress.
all of you iphone users that were banking on that a4 cpu on the next gen iphone to blow the other superphone away will be sad to know that the next iphone will fail

Intel Atom N270 & the VIA C7-m ulv cpu blows the apple a4 cpu away.

  • Isla Schuyler

Is this what it really looks like? I saw other versions of it on the Google.

  • Gia

I really don't expect too much of apple, actually i am pretty dissapointed. There was a time that i could get excited but not now really. :S

  • ericp

All mobile phones that are officially released will have an excellent photographic profile picture. Either touched up or professionally shot. So it is not fair to question the design on this iphone model yet. I owned Nokia N97 and the pics that are professionally taken and photoshopped are very impressive but not in real life. Most people judge a phone design are loosely based on the photo that are professionally taken or ever digitally touched up.

I have tried few touchscreen OS and even Nexus One, in fact I still don't really find it satisfied in terms of cleanliness, straight forward and usability. It is true that iPhone does not have some capabilities other phones have but vice versa those phones don't have what iphone has. None of the mobile phones in the industry out there are even near perfect. It all takes time. iPhone revolutionized mobile touch screen at least. Look at how many mobile phone industries out there start producing a large display phone and start using capacitive touch screen like iphone.

I feel that people have to look at mobile phone from many aspects. Marketing, target audience, user experience, market needs, it all plays apart. None of the mobile phone can fulfill everybody's needs yet.

Feedback and reviews are fine and compulsory but stop complaining bluntly and blindly.

  • Kurokat

I own an iPhone 3gs, and compared to to the 1st offering, which I upgraded from, the 3gs is a speed demon. It runs and opens apps without any lag, and allows for multi-tasking (with Apple Apps). The upcoming 4G from all indication is not going to be much of an upgrade for current 3gs owners with the exception of design, and maybe a slightly improved battery life due to a larger unit. The real bummer is that Apple refuses to utilize FLASH, and still will not accomdate it's customers by not designing a user changable battery system. This is not a wise choice if Apple wants the iPhone to become a corporate tool.

  • m.tariq

missed good old days of siemens- be inspired ...they had lots of design solutions this is so boring

  • moralecorrupt

control freak, yes. god complex, yes. what steve jobs makes the public will remake, better. Jailbreak is the perfect example. God I love rebels

  • the truth

whatever you say the memory is massive, 80 gb what else do you want,design is pretty much stupid and camera is going better and what is the price?? that will be very MASSIVE

  • Anonymous

I'd be really disappointed if these are the actual specs of the 4G. Please Apple, make something that can compete with other phones on the market hardware wise. Stop relying on your software! See the Nokia N8 =)

  • tapak need to come up with a phone that much better compared to the market right now...this is just really disappointing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2010I have a 3GS but I cannot stand Apple being a CONTROL FREAK!!! T... moreThere is a video camera. Check on­phone

  • Alter Ego

Anonymous, 02 May 2010I work for a telco, Nokia has gone down hill, their making alot ... moreNokia will never lose the top spot.
4 models discontinued & nokia still managed to stay way ahead of all it's competition.

Don't worry Apple will discontinue some of it model too, just like they started with the original model just three years old, that's over 17% of iphone users
With nokia & all other phone manufacturing companies you have an option to choose whatever phone you
You should know this if you really work for a cellular network company.