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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2012The biggest problem with android users is that they have fallen ... moreThe biggest problem with iPhone users is they mostly just Followers, meaning they want to take the lazy route and want people to make all the decisions for them and not like to make a fuss when they don't like something.
But Android is where you find the people who complain when something is wrong and demand it gets fixed, and I'm sure people would argue against that but this is Human nature to not like to think and let other people do the work.

  • manish

it is a very best phone

  • Administrator

does it have quality sounds and could it be used as nice as nokia

  • Anonymous

Really best phone I am too happy with it.

  • danish khan

Battery backup is not good auto on off

  • Anonymous

I switched from Samsung and I have to say this phone is phenomenal! The quality of the apps is truly something else. I understand now why Apple users defend so vigorously. Unless you have tried you will never know. Regret some stupid things I said before.

  • OMG

Aluminum body looks cool but is easy to scratch, Proprietary connector, incompatible with previous-gen accessories (needs adapter), The new display is not proportionally bigger, but only taller, Unadapted apps run letterboxed due to the unusual resolution, nano-SIM support only, Apple Maps app not up to scratch, No USB Mass Storage mode, No FM radio, No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot, No NFC connectivity (though that may be nitpicking), Stuck with iTunes for loading content, Mono audio recording in videos

  • Anonymous

Apple's customer service is one reason people love the company so much.

This is unheard of from any other company. Read to find out why:

  • Anonymous

just think before purchasing Iphone5 .. what is the main feature i am gonna get with having this phone.. only size which is not perfect as its merely little bit taller and not even wider so this ineffective feature deserves this difference in money so simply if you have 4s don't ever upgrade to 5 , just be wise !! Apple is falling cause of its limitation in developments & upgrades ..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2012Did you read the post I just made regarding a reporter's letter ... moreSo don't buy it .!.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The biggest problem with android users is that they have fallen so far below in cheap'ness that anything that has a cost around it's neck is just consider a worthless piece without even considering...with no brains to begin with they don't even realise that iphone is actually worth the money they input...but all their biased heart can think is google nonsense of junk quantity over quality...

  • th3junk13

I don't see what people are bitching about... the iphone 5 is actually very awesome.. I've only ever bought 2 iphones, I4 and I5 and they're all the f*&%!$ same. But the iphone is already a good phone so there's no need to buy every new damned iphone. I've had something like 12 or 13 android phones and I've loved em all but this one is probably one of my favorites altough the screen change fragmented the applications it's still a great handset.

The one thing that keeps drawing me back to iphone is the retina display, their RGB matrix looks better than pentile hands down and samoled HD still has issues with burn in (my Droid RAZR is burned quite badly)

iPhone (in my humble opinion) is the best all around smartphone available though it takes a big hit for the price. I still love my android phones.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Funny how you completely ignore that 'I' can stand for intelligent.

Funny also that presumable you yourself are intelligent yet cannot google the answer for yourself. The 'I' in Apple's iProducts began with the iMac which stood for Internet Mac.

Stands to reason that it is the same for iPhone, as the Internet became very important with the dawn of smartphones.

Too bad you couldn't figure that out for yourself on your Google phone.

  • deep

why are people talking about poor battery life ,is it really so serious ,please i dont want to drain my money ,any hands on experience regarding battery

  • Mithu757

To compete, apple should release a phone with 720p screen

  • Anna Stefi

apple always rocks as iphone 5 ........
but no nano sim available at TN....
where to get one...

  • Anonymous

Apple survey show top reason why people prefer Android:­ws-top-reasons-as-to-why-users-prefer-android/

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Techpinions: It feels good to be back on iPhone­e-iphone/10976

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Did you read the post I just made regarding a reporter's letter to Tim Cook? ITunes is not that great but just a money sucking app.

  • Anonymous

U take da Pi$$, 04 Nov 2012Dear Android fans, I don't really understand you lot....I'm bias... moreYou must had omitted reading the fact I just posted preceding yours. Be wary of the facts before posting.