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  • paulc

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012iPhone 5 sales are worrying Android manufacturers. Seems that no... morereally? in fact androids sells have increased proprtionally over apple! the fallout of RIM as made a splurge of new users to the android market and only slighty in the apple market. so your statement in nonsense

  • MdN

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012Android brainwashing is the most systematic and fantastic. Andro... moreWow. I don't own an Apple or an Android and you people all look the same to me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012 the positive reviews continue to... moreYup, seriously, BGR is one of the most unbiased sites around, and also bash Apple for mistakes. So when they do a review, you read it carefully. The conclusion on the iPhone 5?

"The iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the most impressive iPhone Apple has launched to date, but it’s also more than that: it separates Apple from its rivals by a wider margin than ever before. In terms of hardware quality and in terms of core software performance, THE NEW IPHONE HAS NO PEERS.

Apple’s competition still offers a number of advantages over the iPhone in different areas, but the complete package the iPhone delivers — the end-to-end experience that results from hardware, software and services that are cohesive and elegant — IS IN A CLASS BY ITSELF."

  • Anonymous

the positive reviews continue to pour in. Wooooooooo

  • Anonymous

indroid, 25 Oct 2012oh, another expensive apple. a lot of phones have better specs a... moreyou don't buy phone for specs you noob. Also the ip5 specs are actually more then good enough for the average person. Stop using specs as a way of slamming the phone. you might as well say some phones have bigger screens.

  • Anonymous

Android brainwashing is the most systematic and fantastic. Android fanboys at ground level have been completely turned and are TOTAL Apple haters, while their Google overlords actually give MacBooks to Google employees lol.

Android fanboys exploited by the very people they defend. Truly brainwashed.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 5 sales are worrying Android manufacturers. Seems that no matter what, the iPhone wave is unstoppable. On top of that, WP8 is also coming giving Android trouble, 2013 is going to be a terrible year for Android. No wonder Google's earning tumbled so much.

  • Francis

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  • MR T

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012i think that apple is a really decent phone but comparing it wit... moreI agree the phone is sleek but APple are over priced yet again and they even sued Samsung pure jealousy if you ask me as Samsung s3 sold 20million phones up to date and apple got jealous not sure y they are jealous if Apple sells more anyway to me its just pure Greedy Tim Cook and Team are greedy bastards

  • srisan

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012As a blackberry user, i've got to say that IOS is very boring, m... morei hav iphone 5 no lags u can jb and use themes even no lag cpu a15 powerful than s3 and lg nexus 4

many ppl has iphone 5 nly few ppl use full power of iphone 5 others just lik toys putting scene no spec knowledge

  • iSJ5

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012i think that apple is a really decent phone but comparing it wit... moreyou do not buy an iphone because of spec. sheet or something! you buy it because of quality and quantity!

  • iSJ5

[deleted post]ahh Okay, the spontaneousness of that comment actually made me laugh. trollolol
You fanboys just don't know when to quit. always repeat everything (icrap idump dump phone crapple I'm off to do more useful things! LOL

  • Anonymous

DOC, 25 Oct 2012Excuse me guys... Iphone is best and u ppl shd accept it... I us... morei think that apple is a really decent phone but comparing it with the specs of other phones i dont find it reasonable with apple's price range, to expansive. i also dont like the fact that apple company at first did not mind android but when samsung released its sIII they sued samsung like crazy.

  • DOC

Excuse me guys... Iphone is best and u ppl shd accept it... I used iphone 3g, iphone 4, ipod touch 4g... Now i bought sony xperia p android phone a month b4... i used GS2 n 3 too.. I wish i had enough money to buy iphone 4s or 5... Ofcourse iphones are expensive but thay r best... I miss IOS.. IOS is best.. Android is good but cant beat ios.. And still i dnt knw, whats the idea of homescreen when u can directly go to menu from lockscreen.. Android has also apps compatibility issues... Isnt this strange that only single IOS device/year gives a tough competition to 100s of android mobiles released that year... That's y iphone is best...I accept that IOS 6 has maps problem but it will soon b fixed... And its not true that ios cant b customized... In cydia there r a lot of apps that can customize the lockscreen as well as springboard e.g Winterboard... And Jailbreaking is soooo easy... just download the required redsnow and click on jailbreak..u r done... And getting cracked apps for iphone is the easiest thing.... On android rooting is required for too many decent apps... Which voids the warranty.. Jailbreaking is legal.. I wish i cud install IOS on my sony xperia..
Conclusion:- IOS is bestttt..

  • indroid

oh, another expensive apple. a lot of phones have better specs and are cheaper than this elongated iphone.

  • iSJ5

[deleted post]dont look the spec. sheet! look the quality and quantity!
gs3 = hardware
ip5 = software

  • Iphone 5 king

sam0189, 25 Oct 2012now u r telling me that apple's gonna patent these colors too, r... moreBaseless???? Common! Look at the macbooks!!!!

  • iSJ5

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2012If i have an iphone i will change its os to android its a nice c... morepathetic

  • Mjabuja

it really the best i have every see thanks men keep it up i love u all

  • Anonymous

Iphone 5 king, 25 Oct 2012The best thing we, apple lovers to do is to ignore these haters ... moreAdvice for Apple lovers: if you advocate Apple in everything they do, you just slow their progress. What'd force them bring more amazing features except their customers' dissatisfaction? It's a business afterall. Look at Nokia, their own customers and fans were the ones to abandon and bash them for a while. And look what Nokia's doing, they're just going awesome, a little slowly, but better and with determined steps adapting so nicely to people's tastes.
That's how we should see it unless employees of any brand.