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  • Anonymous

Scientists have discovered the secret inspiration behind the Samsung SGS3

  • Anonymous

rockstar, 19 Sep 2012gsmarena i dont know how much you got money in order to make iph... moreYes, I totally agree, peopple are buying 'Apple' just for the seek of buying due to the "Brand". They are just "blind" follower. Can any 'Apple' user tell us what so great about it? Is there any change since they launch their very first iphone? Camera upgraded? From rounded egde to squarish? Siri? Nothing surprise right? And now they are going to suck $ from all the follower by changing the adapter from 30 pins to 8 pin......errr what ever?

  • aoltean17

s3, 19 Sep 2012i bought the s3 since two months now, the first month it was wor... moretry to give him a factory setting restore...donk then it will work nice, and for games i recommend a psp or a game console

rockstar, 19 Sep 2012gsmarena i dont know how much you got money in order to make iph... moreDo you know what GTFO stands for?

  • BAS

i like iphone 5 but i can't agree that it is greater than sgs3,i really wish iphone5 has smart stare,smart call or bigger screen like around 4.5 or bigger,maybe quadcore processor w/1.4 or up,and by then i can agree that iphone5 is the greatest smartphone.but still i am planning to buy iphone 5 for myself still.sgs3 has greater features,i agree.

  • BAS

rockstar, 19 Sep 2012gsmarena i dont know how much you got money in order to make iph... morehey dont say like that,i like samsung and the truth is i still have a samsung phone,but i always vote for iphone 5 everyday.i have the new ipad and i like it.i dont like bias opinion or bias people,i want the truth.competition of fon manufacturers is good for people dont try to bad mouth something if you really didn't experience it.okay,peace!...

  • Rio

One of the diffrent mob in d world ya i like it,,,

  • apple

rockstar, 19 Sep 2012gsmarena i dont know how much you got money in order to make iph... morei feel pitty for you really claiming that gsmarena is fake why are you jealous by the way that the iphone 5 is much much better than the s3 ??? just tell me dont be shy really

  • Mckenzie

Does iPhone 5 really have the Finger print scan system to unlock it ?

  • Jatin

I think Apple managed to sell 2 million iPhone 5s because people love them. Not everyone cares about how many gigahertz processor you have or what is amount of ram. It's purely about end user experience.

  • s3

i bought the s3 since two months now, the first month it was working great but when i started downloading alot of games such as fifa and gta3 it started to be much slower and the home button is not as responsive as before and sometimes the game force closes so im really upset :( i spent too much money on it and this is what I get in return .... written from my s3

  • rockstar

gsmarena i dont know how much you got money in order to make iphone famous you put iphone 5 by daily interest as 96% which is totally is big looser

  • nitesh sharma

In my though, Apple has to go in dark room and think about OS. I should say hardware is good, everyone has now a days. but the OS support is very limited. Simple things,
You can't upload photos, videos, song without connecting to itunes. WHY?
If you want to upload pictures copied/updated by dropbox/google drive etc, you have very limited. as these files are not accessible. WHY?
Bluetooth is improved, but does it support data share? if No, WHY?
WHY they introduced nano sim??? DOES Micro sim or normal sim will make it very big???

  • Anonymous

AnonD-71773, 19 Sep 2012xllent explanation there, cant argue with that. So iOS 6's multi... moreNo, not limited. Different approach. Whatever you need to do on Android simultaneously, can be done on iPhone as well. How it is done behind the scenes is the only difference. The iPhone approach is similar to what Audi is doing now with their cars, V8 engines are now being replace with V6, and V6 replaced with 4 cylinder in the new models, yet the performance increases instead. This is due to engineering and optimization and is an approach that I like very much.

  • AnonD-13302

the design of this phone is very beautiful,,,i love apple iphones soo much

  • AnonD-72317

Just to let y'all know, whilst the iPhone 5 is probably a decent phone, you can get a helluva lot more for a helluva lot less: HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are both cheaper by around £20 at least and are vastly superior phones, both in terms of benchmarking results, app cost and screen size, the S3 has an SD card slot and 50GB dropbox whilst the One X has ~30GB on board memory and 25GB dropbox.

Like I said, iPhones are not BAD by any means, they are fantastically reliable and look very nice, they are just madly overpriced for a phone that isn't even top of the range, especially considering the horribly limited customisation of a device that you pay £500+ for.

  • Alaric

m buying
iphone 5 only because of its LOGOS and popularity and nothing special.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Millions of happy customers

  • AnonD-71773

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2012On iOS 6, yes, iPhone 4S will get same features, it will be like... morexllent explanation there, cant argue with that. So iOS 6's multitasking is limited as you were saying, music while web browsing or checking messages? These features were done by old phones ex. sony ericsson, nokia...

Nowadays most ppl needs more features specially in multitasking area, additional or upgraded tech in our new phone, not limiting users or consumers and expansion.

Apple did a good job on iOS without a doubt, interface is far better compared to android. Only thing holding me back to get an iphone is being a 'Limited' phone. Its a good looking phone but less tech inside (ex. no NFC nor radio,). Some new phones supports wireless charging.

Im used to looking at my phone with news, weather or update on families/friends straight away (widgets) without opening different apps just to view them all. Android do this and its good for me and Nokia might release a much better one (920).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2012OMG Iphone sold 2mil pre-orders.... Meanwhile in NYSE...Apple... moreWow what kind of shoddy website is this? Not even a single supporting number.

Check the real finance websites. Apple shares hit USD700 for the first time in history, its highest price ever.

A few links:

1. CNN Money­-iphone/

2. Bloomberg­eaches-700-as-iphone-5-shatters-sales-record.htm­l

3. Reuters­brief-idUSWEN741920120918?type=marketsNews

Lesson: Do your homework.