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Apple iPhone 6s

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AnonD-287859, 27 Sep 2015Just got it!!!! totally worth the waiting!!!!!! i has a sma... moreI know. I got it too and man it's just so super cool! It records in 4k what an innovation?! I don't have a 4k tv but who cares? I have 4k videos!
It has the best memory ever 16gb omg it's so much! I filled it up with 5 4k videos with myself walking the street with my phone trying to show off, pretty wow! Who needs microsd when we have an image? haha
And the new iphone has a super camera 12mp wow, nobody done that before! I saw apple brings innovations again and again!

  • Anonymous

better wait for the LG G4 pro

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2015Iphone 6s is overpriced. There! Thats my opinion on it. Who... moreeasy there..

AnonD-287859, 27 Sep 2015when sarcasm strikes :P people like us make the difference :)

  • AnonD-430761

Over heating issues with iphone 6s

  • Azania

This phone has brought laughter to me since I'm coming from s6. well done iphone 6S

  • minas 68

nothing special from apple the battery power stay back from the market .... i wish apple change that to the cant support a very good phone with no so good battery power ....

What colors do you guys buy? I just saw the review or hands on in youtube. The rose gold look too pink to me. Seriously, a guy was holding it. What about the other colors? Does it looks good or completely different from render.

  • Anonymous

AKA, 27 Sep 2015guys stop answering trolls let them burn lol some1 tell me... morealthough 3d touch and live photos is very neat, my favorite feature is low power mode. best feature ever. My phone went another day without charge.

  • AnonD-445365

When iphone 6s is going to be available in India??? Waiting to review this beast :)

  • feodor

Hey guys, I hear from some 6s users that they are facing over heat issue which cause disable the flash of the camera ... can anyone cofirm this from the 6s users please I wnat to buy but this is a very bad isssue , thank you

  • Anonymous

AnonD-322352, 27 Sep 2015Just because they make their own SoCs (horrible ones at tha... moreI have a glass protector since day one and it has not interfered with the usage of 3D touch at all. If anything I have had to push ever so slightly harder but nothing severe or worth taking it off

  • Du Plessis

when is it coming to south africa I can't wait for it me and my wife?

  • Anonymous

Cicisxn, 27 Sep 2015You can fit 6G screen protector on it, it's the same thing Thanks. Got one on the way. Just hope it's not too thick as i don't want to makes it awkward too use the finger print ID. Was originally told to go for a spigen glass protector but it had bad reviews on Amazon.

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-215627, 27 Sep 2015Man I understand that Huawei is getting their camera sensor... moreI still don't see your point, if someone else can do something better than you, why brother spending money and time and resources to make themself?

Do you like music? Of course you do, so you know without help of many people and skills you wouldn't enjoy your favourite songs. You have a band and you guys play well and are skilled people. So now you need record studio, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, producers, record label etc. before you can go big.

So i really don't see any problem getting help from others who i know makes certain stuffs better than i

  • Cicisxn

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2015Also advise needed pls. Has anyone got a glass screen prote... moreYou can fit 6G screen protector on it, it's the same thing

  • Ra

Expensive thing dont buy

  • AnonD-322352

AnonD-215627, 27 Sep 2015Man if you ever tried working at least a day with a Huawei ... moreJust because they make their own SoCs (horrible ones at that) and whatnot, doesn't mean that it's better than iPhones. Their phones are beautiful and offers more bang for your buck, but in the end, iPhones are better than Huaweis. Why? Because the former is engineered meticulously by experts and professionals. I couldn't care less if they get their SoCs from Samsung or cameras from Sony, because all consumers care is the end product.

  • Anonymous

Also advise needed pls. Has anyone got a glass screen protector yet? If so how good is it and does it work well with the new touch 3d design. Already got a case ready.

  • Anonymous

Get mine delivered on Wednesday... Looking forward to see how good it really is for myself.