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farooq mughal, 23 Sep 2015Wtf where is NFC???People use NFC?

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DenisXD, 23 Sep 2015That's so I-users comment, and I see what you did there.. hehe. ... moreiphone 6s plus

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front camera can shot only 720p not 1080 p

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Andrewjas, 22 Sep 2015Never judge a book with cover , let get first and use it I suggest you read a book first before you make a comment...

  • camme

Camera pixel resolution information is wrong. iPhone 6s has different resolution.

  • Dasa

Does the iphone bettet than sony or htc for music?

  • AnonD-1825

[deleted post]And yet you are here...

I buy Apple devices because i want to see what is possible with newest tech, 3D touch is another game changer which going to change how we use touchscreen forever

It makes touchscreen so much more flexible and can't wait to see what great things devs going to do with it

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AnonD-391289, 23 Sep 2015yesss i am playing the original super mario game on my galaxy s6... moreHey mate i just updated my iphone 5 which i bought 3 year ago to ios 9 software . Now tell me is the samsung galaxy s4 getting the newest android update please tell me so i can go and buy a samsung

  • AnonD-391289

yesss i am playing the original super mario game on my galaxy s6 kind courtesy of android,any iPhone user playing the same should alert me n ima switch to iPhone .i love android

  • farooq mughal

Wtf where is NFC???

  • sroy

i think iphone is about ios,camera, display ,good locking,good feelings and low speces high performance.
Or a android phone is about google,open sources, display( super amoled,super ips, oled etc),camera (21mp, ultra pixel etc), good locking, good feelings, high performance, widget s, multitasking, modifications, removable battery, external memory, water Prof, dust prof, tv remote, root, custom rom,smart display, smar gesture, smart pen(galaxy note),custom rom, finally most friendly.................. so which is best for you??? it's your term √√√√&­;#8730;√

AnonD-287859, 23 Sep 20153D touch is so cool!!!! its like long press in android but in 3d... moreThat's so I-users comment, and I see what you did there.. hehe.
I can't believe with these people.. something is wrong with our generation. Waiting in huge lines just to get a phone? God and I thought my 18 year old boyfriend is immature and doesn't use his head, but this is just beyond logic. Some people are technology servants..

That's why I can see what you did there.. :P

Only reason i wont buy this phone is
There is not screen mirroring photos and videos to smart tv and no i wont buy apple tv for this extra
I rather wait to change my s5 with s7

  • AnonD-111968

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2015pathetic opinion It's not just an opinion-rhymes with pathetic battery on iphone , to compensate ifans bring their 20mm thick power bank, hmm it makes this thin profile so funny... i-funny

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AnonD-111968, 23 Sep 2015Z5 Compact destroys Iphone6s 1750mah vs Z5C 2700mah, and it leav... morepathetic opinion

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AnonD-1825, 23 Sep 2015"Dual-core iPhone 6s obliterates Galaxy S6, Note 5 and othe... moreZ5 Compact destroys Iphone6s 1750mah vs Z5C 2700mah, and it leaves the girly iphone6s drwoning in the water and scuking dust. Your "better" performance doesn't make you smarter than anyone using a Nokia3310 much more the Z5C fans.

  • AnonD-1825

"Dual-core iPhone 6s obliterates Galaxy S6, Note 5 and other top Android phones in performance tests"

  • Anyno

It doesn't make Sense, a new iphone 6s or plus whatever name is been called doesn't have Radio or provision for Radio. its Sad.

  • AnonD-111968

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2015DUDE,the battery is built around the amazing Phone which does no... moreAccording to the Laws of Physics, the more powerful the machine is the more energy it needs. It is opposite on Iphone6s since they reduced from already low battery 1850mah to 1750mah. This is way too low compared to the Z5 Compact with 2700mah. And be careful not to use under the rain your expensive useless iphone6s may die soon.

  • Axx

The Android Fan Boys want quantity not quality so I don't know why they comment here. If you like the speed and optimization go for Iphone (we like the quality over quantity). If you dudes want phones equal to laptops go for galaxy,sony etc. No hard feelings, I used a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Iphone 5S. For me the best was the Iphone but you don't see me posting on the Samsung opinions about how horrible I consider them.