Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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  • AnonD-438966

Wth is that the description in the pink says 2GB but the stats under it say 1 GB ram which is it!!!

  • Billy

1GB of RAM ???? You must be kidding

  • HeyMe

I wonder y do many people ask 4 More RAM.iphone is not like android.iphone with 1 gb ram handles better than 4gb ram of note 5...actually ipho is crap free.....

  • Anonymous

192 grams for a 5.5 inch screen, there apple is behind

  • bbabani

Apple WAS adamant on not increasing screen size. They did it late. Same will b with RAM, PPI.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]it has 5gb ram, 4200 battery

  • Anonymous

Leila, 03 Sep 2015Anyone arguing here about apple or samsung , do you work fo... moretrue but apple sucks. lol

  • jonj

this best phone i ever seeeeeeeeeeee yeeeee

  • Anonymous

2011 specs

  • Anonymous

If you actually knew anything you would know its DPI not PPI thank you very much

  • Singh

iPhone 6s plus

  • AnonD-438467

AnonD-313252, 28 Aug 2015The Plus Phone has a larger screen, therefore needs a highe... moreExcept that's not how PPI works. PPI refers to area density so it doesn't matter if the screen is 5" or 55". If anything it's the exact opposite of what you said because bigger screens, such as TVs, have much, much, lower PPI due to the expectation that they'll be viewed from further away. Case and point, 15" MacBook Pro retina display is only 220 PPI.

In anycase "Retina" is simply the lowest pixel density that a user wouldn't notice individual pixels. If the pixel density is increase the screen would look sharper and easier to read. Minimums != maximums.

  • gogozg

does anybody knows which LTE bands are supported for CA? 800, 1800?

  • 9644282947_siddhant

Curious Cat, 03 Sep 2015Just wanna know.. What's the difference between RAM and RAM... moreIts just virson of Ram
And slot like ddr1 ,2,3,4,5 etc

  • dante

Curious Cat, 03 Sep 2015Just wanna know.. What's the difference between RAM and RAM... moresearch wiki dude

  • Leila

Anyone arguing here about apple or samsung , do you work for either company? If not, why are you so sizzling hot about comparing them? You need a phone, you buy a phone. You want a certain phone, you buy that phone. What's the big deal? You get and earn nothing for doing some trash talk about certain phones/companies/ whatever.

  • LoveKnot

AppleFanButNotNow, 18 Aug 2015If only android devices can make an OS same with apple whic... moreWhatever

  • Curious Cat

sergio pitt, 29 Aug 2015ram ddr4 Just wanna know.. What's the difference between RAM and RAM ddr4?

  • ME

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2015the reason Samsung have 4GB of ram is that they have so muc... moreare IOS and Android OS the same? the answer is NO so why would you compare the figures if they both run in different operating system? Compare the performance. Not the figures.

  • isher

It is not so bad