Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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  • Raj

seems like apple is following nokia's path

  • manan

Apple, 15 Aug 2015It is going to be a surprise but we can not say to you.We r... more1gb ram is so small improve the ram samsung become with 4gb of ram .

  • carpor

it should have 4k

  • N/A

davidzxa, 15 May 2015try pure android and see the difference. regarding the batt... moreIs there an unpure android device?

  • Anna

please tell us the exact RAM

  • Anonymous

At the top it's written 2GB RAM and in spec it says 1GB DDR4.... Confused. . .

  • AnonD-434879

Still 1GB ram apple you are sleeping
Get up and do something new

  • sergio pitt

coucoudemaline, 16 Aug 2015Only 1Gb of ram !!ram ddr4

  • MarVinBR

Apple not use USB for power port.

  • AnonD-313252

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2015what do you mean "what happened"?...the 6s plus h... moreThe Plus Phone has a larger screen, therefore needs a higher density to achieve retina status. Imagine your computer monitor (assume at least a 17 inch screen) had a PPI of 326, it would look like a television screen of the 50's.

  • M

This is an excellent phone

  • Cheahhhh

iPhone for life

  • Abhi GaneshwadiKar

Although... iPhone 6s plus got A better Battery Life...!! Eventually Apple must have Wireless Charging..

  • Anonymous

Hisham, 10 Aug 2015Man don't compare with written specs only try the phone. ... moreYeah im gonna switch too

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2015no change in screen resolution! thats ghz

  • Anonymous

no change in screen resolution!

  • Jimmy

Ram is mentioned on the top is 2GB, but in specifications its 1 GB ???

  • AppleFanButNotNow

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2015bought i phone 6 plus loving it.well, your likeness of your phone will only last several days...

  • AppleFanButNotNow

If only android devices can make an OS same with apple which is so stable, then it would be the judgement day of apple phones..And if apple phone devices has same features, cheaper and has an open source system, then it will be the end of android phones.. hmmmm.. what if they will just merge.. lol

  • Anonymous

bought i phone 6 plus loving it.