Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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  • AnonD-408238

Android is the best operating system in the world thanks to SAMSUNG. Whats ios??

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]whats a Anroid?

  • AnonD-319946

fak, 18 May 2015Apple a9 chip made by samsung, such a shame It's not made it s produced

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2015have you even used an iphone before? 8 mp camera of the iph... moreThe camera is not that good on the iphone... it is just a decent one,but it is far behind the cameras on lumia phones... The 8 megapixels on the 920 beat the 8 on the iphone 6 by far.

  • Syntaxerror14

apple is the best brand of phone ever!!..

  • Anonymous

have you even used an iphone before? 8 mp camera of the iphone 6 and 6 plus is already a beast, what more with the 12 mp increase

  • Anonymous

Sir-pimpsB, 24 May 2015WOW its camera is gonna be a superior one.Superior? Htc already have similar camera for years now. Dual flash is nothing new. 12 mp is not that great either. The spec don't even mention the front camera megapixel. How would you know it giing ti be superior?!

  • Sir-pimpsB

WOW its camera is gonna be a superior one.

  • Some guy

AnonD-200220, 17 May 2015Nice phone but will bend like the iphone 6 plus or did they... moreS6 also bends at the exact same pressure, but the curved display will break at a lower pressure.

  • PuroDoraiba

joe sHmoe, 19 May 2015If steve jobs was still alive the phone would still be the ... moreMost likely not. Even if Steve Jobs were to be alive, he would choose to increase the display size of the iPhones because of its high demand from customers. Stay same size like the 5s = loss of profit.

  • Karim

Diego, 18 May 2015Android 3gb ram as of now..this year came out with 4gb ram.... moreI'm an Android user, but what you said is just plain wrong. Android has 3 and 4 GB of RAM because it NEEDS that much. My S6 edge has 3 GB of RAM and it still handles multitasking badly. There is always very little free memory. iOS on the other hand is much more efficiant in that way. That's why the iPhones have a lower RAM figure than Androids.

  • joe sHmoe

AnonD-129510, 14 May 2015I hope apple change their design, iphone 6 design is just a... moreIf steve jobs was still alive the phone would still be the same size as the 5S.Jobs always wanted his devices compact not the other way around he's not that innovative but was really good at seing something different with other peoples ideas.And want to know one of APPLES greatest marketing ideas? Telling the world that steve jobs is dead.The great "VISIONAIRE' that made apple Inc.Apple was mostly popular in the US but outside before that news started no third world country of 2nd world country would now that brand just only the IPOD thats it.After the 'Breaking news" about he's death people were suddenly curios about this device job's made with his company and why its called as the best.Check it yourself if you're reading this fellow visitors check out apples sales after the big news on jobs death if im wrong.

  • fak

Apple a9 chip made by samsung, such a shame

  • Diego

Android 3gb ram as of now..this year came out with 4gb just upgrade for 1gb to 2gb 😀😀😀...iphone 6 almost thesame with iphone 6s buy just for the ram and little bit camera..

  • Steve Cook

[deleted post]I think you never used an iPhone to say that , the megapixels don't make a camera better and 2gb ram on iOS is like 3-4gb ram on android because the android is a poor optimized system and iOS has a good multitasking

  • AnonD-200220

Nice phone but will bend like the iphone 6 plus or did they sort that problem out.

  • Anonymous

this is a very good specs upgrade to the iphone series, but i wish to see an improvement in the design so apple should remove the weird protruding camera that wiggles alot and apple should be able to improve the iphone batterylife.

  • jon

AnonD-346562, 13 May 2015This one falls far behind advanced Android devices. Specifi... moreYou sound like someone who hasn't actually used an iPhone before to know that iPhone's have a completely different OS to android and handle hardware (ram, processor etc) differently hence the fact that they outperform most android devices with "higher" specs

  • davidzxa

Ryo Saeba, 14 May 2015"Finally they upgraded the camera" Agreed. I ... moretry pure android and see the difference. regarding the battery, iphone has the worst battery of the smartphones, try a motorola, the moto MAXX beat the iphone on every spec and performance.

"Finally they upgraded the camera"

Agreed. I just hope it doesn't hurt the low light performance.

"This one falls far behind advanced Android devices. Specifications are years behind enough to classify it as stone aged device."

Sounds like you've never used an iPhone. Specs mean nothing if actual performance and user experience is the same or better. The OS is specifically designed for the hardware and therefore it does not NEED all that "power." I have played the same game (Real Racing 3) on my iPhone 6P, and Android with twice the paper specs. They look, play, and feel exactly the same. Difference is my Android will drop 20-30% battery in 1 hour vs my iPhone which drops about 10-15%.

"Start saving Dr a thousand dollar device. How come people afford every year apart from it is this iPhone only left in life to buy, many more important things to do."

Apple products have the highest resale value. One can easily sell their old phone and use the money towards the new one. My LG G2's price dropped by 30% after just 2 months, and more then 50% after just 6 months.

"LOL finally 2G ram"

If you've ever used an iOS device (aside from the first generation), you'd realize it's not the amount but how the OS manages ram.

"I can't believe the upgrade is so minor. Will probably charge even more than the previous iteration"

Has the "S" version always been major upgrades? No. And Apple has never charge more for the same model line then previous year. The iPhone 4 to 4S, and 5 to 5S sold for same price when they were released.