Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • aaa

I Wonder , why Note 7 had been recalled at this time , It is forced recall for hardware not for software, is Samsung a small company and devices has not been tested ?
Talking about facetime and blocked features with an agreement with mobile service providers, then why I will pay for restricted device features .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2016Please surprise me.. Nothing new since my last apple iphone 3GS..Yea, I completely agree. These phones are getting boring... They have not once had a bug UGH! Samsung has had so many bugs and kept their users on the edge every time they used it showing them what true fear of your phone crashing\freezing feels like.

  • AnonD-70078

AnonD-581925, 07 Sep 2016The same again! I prefer the note 7Oh yeah the one that's simply to hot to handle lol

  • AnonD-451592

AnonD-552285, 07 Sep 2016ppi only 401? still ? Nowadays even budget phones have more... moreI'm an ophthalmologist doctor and I can confirm from my studies that any mobile display with less than 450 PPI can damage the retina of a human eye.

  • AJU

Nothing is special .same old wine is new bottle.

  • AnonD-581925

The same again! I prefer the note 7

  • AnonD-48911

Apple has upgraded the water-resistant to IP67, which means it can handle splashes (basically a light shower and the rain) without any lasting damage. This isnÂ’t as water-resistant as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which can both be fully submerged for 30-minutes. iphone 7 plus ram 2gb or 3gb still not conformed.

  • Anonymous

i use iphone 4 to 6 and they are just great performers on every thing specialy on gaming which android phones cant offer for years

  • Anonymous

angelo, 10 Aug 2016no upgrade at all same as the iphone 6Do you know the meaning of "same"?

  • Patrik

*3 Gb RAM

  • Anonymous

Yuvi Yuvaraj, 07 Sep 2016No Radio Jack... No chances that all the bluetooth headsets... moreIt needs to be changed think deeper

  • AnonD-552285

ppi only 401? still ? Nowadays even budget phones have more ppi than this. :(

  • AnonD-517906

Not bad not bad... RAM could be bigger but that's just me.

  • ajiuo

Let's hope it doesn't explode like the Samsung Note 7 does

  • AnonD-107876

Waterproof????! ckckck

  • AnonD-320820

Nothing change as it few change not very good. I'm not apple or iPhone fan cos I don't like iPhone as I feel iPhone still boring as same frame for years. I own samsung s7 edge that really cool phone I only use samsung

  • preet

Beside the iPhone 7, all phone has dumped.......

  • Borry

It is 3 GB RAM memory, not 2 GB

  • zero

Will it Blend?

  • AnonD-581896

Masterpiece of intelligence
including the camera