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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • Zola

AnonD-538071, 17 May 2016EXCELLENT DESIGNS, but Screens still too small to readings or vi... moreits a phone not a tablet, if you want a bigger screen then get a ipad. Ipad screens are 9.7", id hate to try and hold that to the side of my head lol

  • AnonD-538071

EXCELLENT DESIGNS, but Screens still too small to readings or view as 5.5" at the moment. Why they can't even make bigger size as 7" to 9"?
Why they develop same size 5.5" for 3 years, should be increasing to 7" by next year?
Should be water proof and dust proof designs.
I still have to buy Sony Z4 tablets because bigger screen and support as smart phone,
I have to wait another 3 years time if Apple can develop bigger screen Apple I Phone 8 Plus would be 7" screen and 20 Mbps camera with 4K photo and 4k Video designs should User can choose android or window 11 operating system around 2018 to 2020's.
No other brand phones match like this at the moment would be by 2018 to 2020's.

  • Anonymous

What size is the iPhone 7 plus gonna be

  • AnonD-537163

I phone 7 dual lens camera really? ?

  • Rehman

Really dual lens camera? ?????????

  • AnonD-536490

everyday, every year, the same phone ,same functions in different body. why no change? let's see phones with 6.0 screen size, 41 mpx camera, phone with 3 simcards for business executives. we are tired with 2 simcards and small screen sizes......let's see a change

  • George W.

every year the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
upgrade camera
ohhh upgrade ios
we need new new new phone not iphone it can be Aphone or ApplePhone any thing but new

  • AnonD-232292

AnonD-463771, 01 May 2016Iphone 6/6plus,Iphone6s/6splus and iPhone 7 and 7plus all have a... moreNo, screen size is the same, too

  • AnonD-463771

Iphone 6/6plus,Iphone6s/6splus and iPhone 7 and 7plus all have almost same specs . so whats new iPhone 7 ? only difference in design and screen size......

  • Phone User

iPhone 7 = iPhone 6 = iPhone 5 .. it is either the screen big or small, faster processor, what's new? That why the stock price dropped. It is the end of Apple!

  • ivallaba

Mostly this mobile gets OLED displays

  • Anonymous

AnonD-388534, 29 Apr 2016after the failure of se they try 7 which again going to flop LMAO Waterproof good choice then Samsung phone

  • AnonD-114015

iphone 7/7plus as per the rumors as of now, will be a let down. no significant change until 2017 is what all rumors say, well you'll never know until the launch....

Although iam really looking forward to whether it has wireless charging since the metal back makes it impossible as of now.... oh and the earpods :D

  • boss

I am waiting for this apple iPhone 7 plus.
Because of from the day one to until end it will work as same speed and smooth.
And mainly for this plus series is very good battery backup, nothing will beet it

  • AnonD-521804

Apple needs to get some other modern technology into their phones to be successful, like inductive charging, and Qualcomm 3.0 quick charging etc.

  • iFan

I'll just wait for the iPhone 7s Plus.

  • AnonD-388534

after the failure of se they try 7 which again going to flop LMAO

  • Tk

Apple is Excelent mobile

  • Tk

When iphone7 plus launch

  • A2L

It seems that apple is looking towards new phone eas.Hoping that it has a better battery life.......