Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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  • asd

Ram very insufficient. officially frustration.
and battery life.
very shameful

  • pete

Lets all agree that the 'wow' factor is tottally gone from iphones! 2GB RAM in 2016 in a flagship? Who does that anymore?! Gone are the days when we expected huge surprises from apple.

  • Litu

Everything is good except the fact that now u cannot charge ur phone while listening to songs or watching videos using earphones

  • Mr Rajput

Dual zoOm camera & piano black color making me forget note 7 the only thing I'm missing is off line maps

  • Sam

Where is 3gb ram

It's old wine in new bottle

  • Yuvi Yuvaraj

No Radio Jack... No chances that all the bluetooth headsets would support this set.

  • AnonD-581510

Battery of 2910 I think or around the 2900 mark for mAh

  • AnonD-580440

Let's hope it doesn't have 'touch disease' like the 6 Plus did/does.

  • samrose

3 GB ram confirmed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2016It would be launched on September 7 This is not true, it will be announced on the 7th, not released.

  • Apple fan 90

I personally think that it'd be awesome if the iphone 7 plus was ip68 certified and the dual camera would be awesome as well im hoping apple will do all of this because it'd be fantastic if they did

  • Anonymous

AnonD-578529, 30 Aug 2016When will come iPhone 7 plus in market? I came to know from... moreIt would be launched on September 7

  • AnonD-578529

When will come iPhone 7 plus in market? I came to know from that it would be come on 16th September. is it true?

  • samrose

2910mAh battery confirmed.

  • SGM

How about dual sim?

  • Mahmud

SAD_GOMEZ, 22 Aug 2016I was thinking this future is a awesome No more creativity on design ! So disheartening with the same look 😡


I was thinking this future is a awesome


awesome phone really

  • Chirag


  • Anonymous

awesome this phone really