Apple Maps gets crowdsourced accident reporting that works with Siri

Ivan, 11 February 2021

Apple Maps is finally getting crowdsourced accident reporting. The feature was unearthed in the iOS 14.5 beta and will allow you to report an accident, hazard or speed trap on the road.

The same sought-after feature has been available for Google Maps and has been a staple of Waze, but Apple Maps adds a new element - hands-free reporting. You will be able to use Siri to report something on the go. For instance saying "Hey, Siri, there's a crash up ahead".

 MacRumors Image source: MacRumors

This is only one of the features to become part of iOS 14.5. It will also let you set third-party music apps as default player for Siri, bypassing FaceID while wearing a mask if you have an Apple Watch and bring dual-SIM 5G support.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It will not make any difference. Apple Maps is rubbish. End of story.

  • AnonD-804996

Dude, literally no one was even talking about Apple Maps. Insufferable rabid Apple hater. You just whine over Apple even when no one talks about it. The guy was talking about Google maps and I was talking about HERE WeGo. And you just have to plow in...

  • Anonymous

Just stop!!! Apple maps is really bad. Everyone know this

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