Apple working to allow iPhones to act as POS terminals

Michail, 27 January 2022

According to a new Reuters report, Apple is looking to introduce a new service that would allow businesses to use iPhones as POS (point of sale) terminals without any additional hardware involved. The move is expected to happen via a software update in the coming months and would allow customers to pay via NFC directly by placing their contactless credit/debit cards, iPhone or Apple Watch on another iPhone.

Apple working on payment service that allows iPhones to act as POS terminals

It remains to be seen if this new feature will be part of Apple Pay of if Cupertino will partner with existing payment providers. Apple currently allows merchants to use their iPhone or iPad as a POS station via hardware attachments like Block Inc's Square readers that plug into the device.

Block Inc's Square reader Block Inc's Square reader
Block Inc's Square readers

The new move would allow iPhones to act as Software POS (Soft POS) which is already available on Android devices via several third-party apps supporting multiple payment methods including Appleā€™s own Apple Pay as well as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, bank cards and NFC wearables.



Reader comments

  • Goodfellow

Please avoid this at all cost because very shortly all govt's around the world will force you to use digital currency aka fake money and will tell you to be happy. Don't built a digital prison for yourself or your kids or your grandkids.

  • Anonymous

Not sure how Apple will roll it out but my Samsung works with "contactless" terminals. Never tried paying another phone directly. But then again this could be a marketing strategy by Apple that it will only work with Apple products to kee...

  • Anonymous

There's a difference with Samsung "working with" a company to develop new tech compared to Apple "inventing an all new tech" that was used previously on other brands. Apparently when Apple says they've made a "rev...

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