Apple's iPhone 15 Pro might use BOE panels

Ro, 24 January 2022

Apple is trying to reduce its dependence on Samsung and its OLED panels for years now but no other company was able to produce the kind of high quality panels Cupertino needs in sufficient quality. Still, BOE and LG got comparably tiny orders but a new report has it this might change next year.

Right now, only some of the non-Pro iPhone 13 units get OLED panels from BOE. Yet an improvement in the manufacturing process would enable the Chinese vendor to supply a bunch of panels for the iPhone 15 Pro duo. The more refined process will allow BOE to reach a good yield and deliver high-quality LTPO OLED displays with double stack tandem structure, increasing the lifespan of the OLED.

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro might use BOE panels exclusively

It's still not confirmed, but it appears that BOE is on the right track, especially since it was able to sell Apple anything between 15 and 16 million units already, which is much higher than initially anticipated.



Reader comments

There is not a single company that is 100% self reliant, even Samsung still buys parts stuff from Sony and others 😂 Apple are just much better negotiating favourable terms for themselves because EVERYONE wants a piece of the Apple pie, including Sams...

Oh, I thought they make everything themselves that's why they charge their products so high. So what do they charge for then? Only for their software? Lel.

Behind? lol. Apple aren't behind in anything, they have the best hardware around, and they don't even build a single component of iPhone themselves. Why would they? It's a lot cheaper to work with a 3rd party.

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