Artist creates Google Pixel 4 renders based on the leaks so far

Peter, 11 July 2019

The first renders of the Google Pixel 4 were rather dark, obscuring much of the detail. So, heres a new set of renders (which try to pass off as real photos).

The back should be pretty familiar by now, with the square camera hump a design element that will be shared with the new iPhones. There are two cameras on there (regular + tele), along with a 3D ToF sensor.

The front is more interesting, as Google has returned to the classic top bezel (even on the Pixel 4 XL). Its pretty crowded too, a notch would have never worked with two cameras, an earpiece and an extra sensor (for hand gestures, some rumors claim).

Google Pixel 4 renders Google Pixel 4 renders
Google Pixel 4 renders

The size of the bezels is uneven the top is the thickest, then the bottom bezel, finally, the side bezels, which are the thinnest. This bugs some people, others dont mind it. Also notice the Android Q-style navigation bar. The thinner bottom bezel (compared to Pixel 3) will change the ergonomics of gesture navigation (not necessarily for the better).

Anyway, these renders show the Clearly White color. The Pixel 4 is also expected to have Just Black and Mint Green options. The camera hump is always black, but each version gets a different accent color for the Power button.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous


I don't hate the look of the IPhone in general, I hate that freaking camera bump on the back that makes no sense. It's like they want to make the phone notorious even if at the cost of it looking good Beauty if on the eye of the beholder, so I s...

  • PogChamp

1. Almost every phone to date have rounded camera bumps, according to your logic most modern android phones are iPhone copycats. 2. Your comment on the back squared camera makes no sense at all and it seems to me that you are hating the phone just ...

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