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Asus Google Nexus 7

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  • Jack1080p

Bad tegra 3 gpu,low colors screen,great sensors,1gb ram good,good cpu 1,3ghz quad core...

That 1.3 MP camera. Ouch!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 20185 years and this device is still working like a champ. Bate... morethis device only can go up to 5.1.1 on stock....... I don't what you are trying to point saying it's on Marshmallow....

  • Oliveoyle

Peculiar that you can, somehow, lose the keyboard and consequently get shut out of your Nexus! Any suggestions?

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  • Anonymous

5 years and this device is still working like a champ. Baterry life is still decent. I have not even rooted or anything, it is running on MM 6.0.
Only complains are:
Touch input fails sometimes
The microusb port doesn't work as intended. I can't charge the device when is on or connect it to a PC. From what I've read it is an issue in the port that needs to be replaced.
Overall I think this is one of the most durable hardware ever.

  • lexar

in my experince it cannot connect to an N network such as 5GhZ wifi only 2,4GhZ

  • Anonymous

It's a really fast and HD tablet. It's my 3rd android tablet and the quickest and best. Would totally recommend it. I replaced my IPad with this and no regrets.

  • Anonymous

daaaaaaaaave, 23 Sep 2017There is a thread on XDA developers for running upgrading t... moreWould you suggest me to upgrade it to Nougat

  • AnonD-718695

I'm testing it using BaseMark X, will share results.

I tested on Medium (i don't think that matters), score was 4700 on BaseMark X

I closed all programs and disconnected the internet before starting the test

  • AnonD-715496

daaaaaaaaave, 23 Sep 2017There is a thread on XDA developers for running upgrading t... morehey budd, could you like tell me all the possible links that i will need to upgrade this, believe me im completely aloof to these things. i would really appreciate it thanks

  • daaaaaaaaave

There is a thread on XDA developers for running upgrading this tablet to Android N 7.1.2. This unofficial upgrade eliminated the lag from 5.x and made my Nexus a happy, useful tablet again šŸ˜€

  • Chaitanya

Will it supports netsetter

  • godot

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2017Why won't the battery charge?!?! It was working well for a... moreYes, the batteries are available on-line. If you shop, you can find a very reasonable price.
Google: "Nexus 7 replacement battery suppliers". Since you apparently haven't done this before, I suggest you buy one of the "replacement kits" with the tools included. You will find especially helpful the plastic "prying tools" which enable you to separate the front and rear case halves without breaking the rear one.
Consult YouTube vids for step-by-step how-to instructions. Most are very good.
ONE CAVEAT: The original Nexus 7 battery comes with a temperature sensor built into the battery. This is useful to the battery charging circuitry in determining the fastest rate to charge the battery without damaging it. Many low-cost (Chinese) after-market suppliers supply replacement batteries without a battery temperature sensor, and the circuitry from the battery indicating a hard-wired constant temperature. Try to select a battery/manufacturer/supplier which supplies a real Nexus 7 battery containing active an active temperature sensor.
On the other hand, if you find yourself with a replacement battery which tells you the battery is always the same temperature, it's not the end of the world. The battery may charge slightly (SLIGHTLY) slower, or the replacement battery's lifetime may not be quite as long. Either way, you have a tablet that will work again for at least a couple of years.

  • Nick

MasEnha, 27 Jun 2017On this weekend I played around with my death Nexus 7. Last... moreI agree with you. My death nexus 7 came back to live last night after months of upgrading. Don't through it away. It's reuseable

  • Anonymous

Why won't the battery charge?!?! It was working well for a year. Read in comments below the battery is removable. Is the battery available other than online?

  • MasEnha

Anonymous, 03 May 2017DONOT UPGRADE OS TO LOLIPOP LAGS AND FREEZES.Currently usin... moreIndeed. Please try SlimKat with Nano GApps package. I found no heating issue.

  • MasEnha

On this weekend I played around with my death Nexus 7. Last time it's lag pretty bad with lollipop and charging doesn't went well. Now it's brought back to life.

I re-soldered the 2 of micro USB pins to GPIO (POGO connector on the side) and connect using small cables. Basically it's will charge to the POGO pin via micro USB connector. And wow, it's charge pretty much speedy. Let's say around 2 hours from 0%-90% (thanks to XDA Forum for the tips, DIWYOR).

For the OS, I downgraded from Lollipop to SlimKat; the sluggish thing is now gone. It's still incomparable with latest devices, but it's works pretty well.

  • lolerz346

vr, 10 May 2017Why using the google name and confusing the consumer.Because it's a nexus device. it IS a google device, just ASUS builds it.

  • PPP

Make it less laggy by downloading and using arrow launcher instead of the default launcher