Asus Google Nexus 7

Asus Google Nexus 7

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  • johnster

Definitely an explosive one!

  • Anonymous

Id rather go 4 Playbook its much better!

  • botsok3s

oGood price, Bad features...

This is a very disappointing gameplan...

No cam at the back, No 3G/4G capability, No memory card slot...

You call that inn0vati0n???

  • Anonymous

No card slot? What a nighmare..

  • AdamBoy64

This will shake up the tablet market something crazy.
I myself am thinking about picking this up just because it's so cheap!

Microsoft and partners better be quick in getting their Win8 Tablets out in the market.

  • ageng

no support any GSM network worldwide's dissapoinment,,,

  • mamad74

its o good device for playing games and with an amazing price

  • goron

failed, no sdcard slot, no usb otg and no HDMI.
those 3 will not add much on the price but boost alot of fuctionality in the tablet

  • arh

Very dissapointed with this tablet.. the spec isn't as good as the rumor.. No 3g, no rear camera, no microsd slot... Very very dissapointed...

  • mohamed_adel

can i use my usb external hard disk with it

  • ro-v

no micro sd slot = no deal!

  • nick

It's funny the site is called GSMArena, but they're writing about a NON GSM device. It's not a phone and doesnt have any cellular connection, but they're tech geeks and they arent afraid to show it :)

  • AnonD-60841

Hate the fact that the storage is not expandable...

  • Anonymous

same mistake as amazon kindle fire, no 3g,gprs or edge,,,, :(

  • boyoftoy

It doesn't have network support at all.. Only Wifi. I did not get the purpose.

  • AnonD-1846


  • hmmmm

with this specs....why aigain is the galaxy s3 three times more expensive?

  • Jahglory

8/16Gb and no microSD slot ? No way...

  • Anonymous

why no microsd support?

  • TheNicker

Hey... 8gb = 199$
16gb = 249$

OMG :">