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Asus ROG Phone 5

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  • xjH
  • 14 Oct 2022

Push, 14 Oct 2022They use same motherboard and besides the Ultimate one is j... moreAsus does not provide any IP rating to its phones. So if u you accidently splash in water then all your money will be waste. My phone is in mint condition but it's motherboard died. Asus is very good in making laptops but not in phones. So don't buy any Asus phones. Asus tend to kill motherboard via software updates. Their hardware is very strong, I guess amongst best to offer but software wise very poor

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    • xjH
    • 14 Oct 2022

    Fallenhero, 14 Oct 2022Anyone care to share if asus rog phone 5 ultimate or 5s pro... moreThey use same motherboard and besides the Ultimate one is just a gmick with higher storage. Rest the phone is same with just a screen on back. Don't buy Asus phones. They die sooner than you think. I started using Motorola Edge 30 Ultra and its way better than Asus minor tweaks that Asus gives in the software but a clean Android 12 experience. Asus camera is way way inferior than what Motorola is offering. I have referred buying Rog 5. If you want to buy phone which can last for atleast 4 years go for any but not Asus please

      Anyone care to share if asus rog phone 5 ultimate or 5s pro are using the same motherboard? I was doing a bit or research, seems to affect 5 & 5s only. Dont see any complains from those who own the ultimate or 5s pro variant.

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        • Pushkar
        • xjH
        • 11 Oct 2022

        mK, 10 Oct 2022Worse phone ever in my entire life. Used so many phone befo... moreSame things happened with me. After Sept security patch update phone died within a week. Service centre is saying to replace entire motherboard as they can't repair it. 50k INR cost of the phone, motherboard price 45k and service charge 7k. Why would I repair phone which cost 2k extra that original price. Asus reputation is really going down day by day. They should stop making any phones which can't even survive for an year. So now I bought Moto Edge 30 Ultra which is so damn good. Way way smoother and power efficient than Asus with stock Android 12 experience.

        Really disappointed with Asus.

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          • mK
          • X{4
          • 10 Oct 2022

          Worse phone ever in my entire life. Used so many phone before but never came across one as bad as this. First encountered WIFI issue in July 2022. Then Updated OS in Sept 2022, shortly after abt 1 week later the phone totally died. Cannot be boot up or charge. Usage life span only 1yr 2 month.

          Went to Asus Service Centre, informed by them that needed to change motherboard which will cost about SGD1000+ as its past the 1 year warranty cover. Total scam phone by Asus ROG. Will never ever buy from Asus anymore!!!

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            • Worst phone ever
            • tuh
            • 08 Oct 2022

            I have used many phones over the years, this is hands down THE WORST phone ever. After just 7 months, wifi and hotspot dont work, and then a week after that, battery wont charge to 100%, gets stuck at 87%. Goodjob ASUS, i hope u go bankrupt soon.

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              • Dil
              • utK
              • 08 Oct 2022

              I like Rog5 year I use rog 2 after buy rog 5...because I love game I think Rog phone best for gaming..but Rog5 after update 12. Going rong...sim not work ..airtrigger not work.. totaly lose .. know Rog5 not a phone .only box..
              So I give half ⭐..u Have no solution.why u make phone ?..u have not proper update ? What r doing ??
              Many time I rest my phone again n again n again I back use system11 but i face same problem..plzz give solution ? TX 🙏sorry for weak English

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                • Pushkar
                • U@R
                • 03 Oct 2022

                Amazing phone but worst service ever. Phone is dead exactly after 1 yr and service centre is bragging for 45k Inr for motherboard replacement and 7k inr service charge. Wtf. Will never ever buy Asus products.

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                  • Raj
                  • xjH
                  • 29 Sep 2022

                  Agni, 17 Sep 2022Finally dead after 1.5years, 50k gone in an instance. After... moreSame. I updated to Sept security patch and phone is dead now. It is under warrenty. It is not even charging.

                    Guemhen , 18 Sep 2022Who here has used their ROG 5 for more than a year?Owned this phone for almost a year. There are some serious negatives:

                    - AMOLED screen and its flickering (with DC dimming there is no flickering but colors are distorted and font fuzzy)
                    - Extremely spotty network connection, both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Never had a slower and less responsive internet connection on a phone including (huge) PING time.
                    - The system (Android 11) slows down the phone considerably. It is not particularly more responsive than my 4 year old Zenfone 5/5z.

                    The main camera is decent, but absence of OIS means it sucks at night and on the move. The wide-angle is great though.

                    The sound is amazing and that is the most dramatic feature of this phone.

                    Everything else is pretty average, size cumbersome, inadequate for everyday's use.

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                      • mFd
                      • 23 Sep 2022

                      Guemhen , 18 Sep 2022Who here has used their ROG 5 for more than a year?Been using this since last june. Phone works smooth and battery is amazing just like day one. Only prbm i face sometimes is with Wifi when i play BGMI. Ms goes up and down due to processor heating issue. Rest everything is working awesome.

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                        • Guemhen
                        • Nug
                        • 18 Sep 2022

                        Who here has used their ROG 5 for more than a year?

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                          • Agni
                          • U@V
                          • 17 Sep 2022

                          Finally dead after 1.5years, 50k gone in an instance. After Sept. 2022 update MB died.

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                            • Alex
                            • mA@
                            • 24 Aug 2022

                            I always had problems with the internet connection. The sim card was just not recognized at random times, I tried the sim card 1 and 2 to no avail. After 13 months just died. It overheats easily (and not while playing games), the battery does not last more than a day. I would not recommend it. I d say it s a scam

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                              • Dor
                              • Hxm
                              • 16 Aug 2022

                              Fucking sucks..
                              So many issues after Android 12 update won't buy Asus phone again

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                                • Anonymous
                                • rJm
                                • 15 Aug 2022

                                Moses, 14 Aug 2022Same shit happened with meRog 5 motherboard issue is due to the software update or it's an manufacturing defect.
                                Because I have planed to buy one in a 2nd hand or i should go for other mobiles. If I should go for others please suggest me

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                                  • Moses
                                  • sSN
                                  • 14 Aug 2022

                                  Raees Ahmed , 26 Nov 2021Brick of shit After new update .facing issue on wifi &a... moreSame shit happened with me

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                                    • Mr.Defective ROG
                                    • ijB
                                    • 10 Aug 2022

                                    Redz, 06 Aug 2022Really it gone?Do not buy ASUS ROG phones. Literally any ROG phones. I bought ROG 2 and ROG 5, both are really defective. My ROG 2 lasts for about 12 months only, after that it is not working anymore. While my ROG 5, after 12 months, it losses its signal, defective gestures, defective software, and hardware, etc. And not only that, sometimes it dies too. Do not waste your money on ROG phones. It's just a scam. A defective piece of tech from ASUS. What a shame.

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                                      • Redz
                                      • j{q
                                      • 06 Aug 2022

                                      AFK, 06 Aug 2022Same. was just using instagram and kept aside to drink wate... moreReally it gone?

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                                        • AFK
                                        • 7tT
                                        • 06 Aug 2022

                                        Anonymous, 04 Aug 2022The worst phone ever died while using it not starting not c... moreSame. was just using instagram and kept aside to drink water and came back and trying to unlock phone but its not turning on.
                                        Think 50k is gone. Exactly after 13 months phone died.