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Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

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  • qxT
  • 29 Mar 2022

Because more than 1080p on such a small display is really pointless, you only see a difference if you are less than like 10 inches away from the phone

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    • Anonymous
    • p1g
    • 13 Jan 2022

    why do gaming phones have so good specs but only FHD resolution?

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      • Samurai
      • X%7
      • 09 Sep 2021

      C, 03 Aug 2021Released July 02? Where? Even if it's india, the Amazo... morei agree but if ROG 6 pro or whatever name they decide to release next year won't be available until end of the year, at least here in India. ROG 5 Pro showing coming soon and roughly 3 months due to NEW YEAR.

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        • qKt
        • 03 Aug 2021

        Released July 02? Where? Even if it's india, the link just links to a screen cover.

        At this rate, it might be better to wait for the ROG 6 if it includes the newer snapdragon and it doesn't expunge any good features like the 3.5mm jack. Even if this phone wasn't complete vaporware (even for reviewers, apparently), the regular Rog Phone 5 users have had serious problems with Asus' software and poor hardware QC.

        Asus skipped the number 4 but it still ended up cursed anyways.

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          • Anonymous
          • B}u
          • 12 Jul 2021

          Anonymous, 11 Jul 2021Hello, is the phone 5 pro or ultimate ever coming to Europe... moreWow that perfect after all the waiting they are saying September or never huh . Well guess what no body will buy it then for two reasons that it will come in September
          1- people won't wait all this time they would rather buying other phones it's not like they are the only one who make gaming phones
          2- and this is the main reason people would rather wait 2 months for the new snapdragon chipset
          So I congratulate asus on their strategy to sell the phone

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            • Anonymous
            • 05v
            • 11 Jul 2021

            Hello, is the phone 5 pro or ultimate ever coming to Europe? Prices were given at release but since then complete silence. I already had contact with asus Benelux and they think late september or maybe never??
            If anyone knows something more, then please share. Thanks

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              • Anonymous
              • B}t
              • 08 Jul 2021

              I tried looking for ROG UI review on YouTube but found nothing can someone here how actually used the phone review it to us what are the positive and negative points also compare it with other UI phones
              For example the best UI I ever used was Samsung UI it's most beautiful and has a lot of tools compare to xiaomi UI and ONEPLUS UI and I don't mean they are bad I am just saying my opinion
              Please answer me if you can

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                • Anonymous
                • a3Q
                • 07 Jul 2021

                MaikyMoto, 07 Jul 2021Mine works perfectly fine. What about fingerprint scanner I heard it's not that great actually they said it's not satisfying

                  Mine works perfectly fine.

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                    • GunMan
                    • 4m$
                    • 06 Jul 2021

                    C, 28 Jun 2021Seriously, I've been waiting too. I need a new phone badly.Same here. I've been waiting for this phone since my ROG 1 died and "forced" myself to use a nokia 106.1 in the mean time :D

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                      • Anonymous
                      • B}t
                      • 03 Jul 2021

                      Can someone tell why the rog phone 5 pro come after the ultimate it was supposed to come after the pro ?
                      Also I done a lot of searching about all the gaming phone in the market right now and I found out that all of them have bad system software according to the people who bought these phones I'm talking about red magic 6 , asus rog phone 5 , black shark 4 , Lenovo legion dual 2
                      So I was wondering if they fixed something in rog phone 5 pro ? Maybe that's why it came after the ultimate or something if someone got it please enlighten us

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                        • kAa
                        • 28 Jun 2021

                        bhavin9212, 05 Jun 2021asus rog phone 5 pro i can't wait more plz.. tell me f... moreSeriously, I've been waiting too. I need a new phone badly.

                          Defelis03, 09 May 2021FOR the Ultimate it shoulda been a 1tb phone.I agree but I guess they didn't want to be the first ones with a 1TB UFS 3.1 hard drive (it doesn't exist...yet).

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                            • bhavin9212
                            • g3Z
                            • 05 Jun 2021

                            asus rog phone 5 pro i can't wait more plz.. tell me fix date n time when available ??

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                              • notevenonce
                              • ms3
                              • 23 May 2021

                              is the Pro version EVER going to get released? I'm tired of checking for updated every single day, it's ridiculous. Anyone have any news at all?

                                It call road hocker after lunch 2 months gone not available even not rog 5 Ulitmate lets wait till next year rog 6 lunching

                                  Anonymous, 16 May 2021it also comes with pro oh my bad

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                                    • MrShadow708
                                    • qTv
                                    • 17 May 2021

                                    beep bop boop, 10 May 2021no, it only comes with the UltimateIt does...

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • qDY
                                      • 16 May 2021

                                      beep bop boop, 10 May 2021no, it only comes with the Ultimateit also comes with pro

                                        Archon free fire, 01 May 2021Is phone comes with aero activecoolerno, it only comes with the Ultimate