Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

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I just looked at the US site and we're apparently not getting the Pro. Only the minimum vanilla model, the maxed vanilla model, and the Ultimate. That's a load of BS man...

I'm not spending Galaxy S21 Ultra money for 6 more gigs of RAM I don't need. Guess I'm TOTALLY gonna wait for the Xperia one mark iii then.

  • Anonymous

For those who dare- to pay 1200EUR for a gaming phone that has minor incremental updates from last years phone!

  • Bruh

This phone has the best value of the three

  • Wolfchigo

it only lacks 2k screen and IP68

  • Anonymous

Asus again ignored Wireless charging.

The jack is BACK BABY! I love the LTE/5G bands listed here but I guess Verizon's gonna miss out on this phone too due to lack of mmWave.

yooo headphone jack!!

  • Anonymous

i find this variant better than the ultimate... the "regular" rog 5 just dont cut it for omitting that rear control...

  • Anonymous

yay it has a headphone jack