Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate

Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate

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  • 02 Nov 2022

chibiwings, 18 Oct 2022been around groups and Forums. seems Asus barely Support th... moreI have a rog 5 and proximity sensor was broken 6 months later. I called customer service and they fixed it. I would say they were asome handling warranty.

    Please is this phone currently available in Nigeria

      Push, 12 Oct 2022Even I did not believe about the complaints people were doi... morefair enough, i dont have any experience with their customer support so I can't comment on that.
      but again, the purposeful bricking of motherboards sounds like a new issue. i just got the screen replaced on my zenfone 2 laser ze500kl, 7 year old phone, still runs like a charm with all stock apps, no updates, and android 5.0. I'm actually surprised by how well the phone still runs considering I dropped it from 10ft+ heights multiple times and the battery was sat flat in a safe doing absolutely nothing for almost 3 years.

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        • 20 Oct 2022

        mithai, 18 Oct 2022I am not a gamer but very impressed of the specs for asus r... moreThe Asus rog be just fine for normal use

        People who can afford it buy expensive flagship smartphones all of the time for normal use

        Just a better experience if the smartphone runs smoother for longer and is faster and better smartphone overall

        You don't need too be a mobile gamer too benefit from having a good smartphone

          asep, 17 Oct 2022idkbeen around groups and Forums. seems Asus barely Support the ASUS ROG phones after sales. so sad i really love to have one but i plan on using it for a long time at that price

            I am not a gamer but very impressed of the specs for asus rog photo 6D Ultimate. I will not be using the phone for gaming. Can I just use it normally for everyday use? Or is it going to be an overkill? Thanking in advance in anticipation.

            "World is a better place because of advanced smartphones." 😊

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              • 17 Oct 2022

              chibiwings, 12 Oct 2022do Asus have aftersales software updates and how long? thanks idk

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                • 12 Oct 2022

                DeltaPlays, 11 Oct 2022i currently have an asus zenfone 2 laser ze500kl in my coll... moreEven I did not believe about the complaints people were doing on Asus Rog 5 Opinion chart. But then when the phone suddenly died i believed in those rumours. Asus aftersale service is very crappy. They don't give definite answer, they directly will tell you to replace the part or phone. In my case I was out of warrenty by just 1 day so they were charging me 45k for motherboard which is insane. Instead of changing motherboard I would rather but another phone less than 45k which can last longer than Asus.

                  do Asus have aftersales software updates and how long? thanks

                    Push, 10 Oct 2022Wait for an year then you will regret over it how Asus kill... morei currently have an asus zenfone 2 laser ze500kl in my collection that still works to this day. just a broken screen and I ordered a replacement, u prob just got rlly unlucky unless there's lots of other people with that same issue or maybe they just started doing that after the zenfone 2 laser came out (back in 2015)

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                      • 10 Oct 2022

                      DeltaPlays, 26 Sep 2022Alright, now that the rant is over, I'd like to talk a... moreWait for an year then you will regret over it how Asus kills the mother board with updates which costs 45k INR to replace. I owned Rog 5 vanilla model and exactly after an year it died. Mother board replacement is the only option. I also went in local repair shops after going to Asus Repair centre and even they can't do anything with it. That's how Asus mother boards are complicated. So now I own Moto Edge 30 Ultra which is alot better than Asus Rog series. I would highly recom don't buy any Asus phones.

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                        • 10 Oct 2022

                        Olympus Oms, 20 Sep 2022Sadly Asus still use software raid, while msi have used har... moreTrue. Their pre-2015 ROG laptops were designed so aggressively and elegant at the same time, like stealth jet fighters.

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                          • 10 Oct 2022

                          Hanif Fikri, 03 Oct 2022Lol battery edurance only 103 for 6kmAhlol it's too beautiful bruh

                            Lol battery edurance only 103 for 6kmAh

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                              • 02 Oct 2022

                              I clicked at dimensity 900 for search but this dimensity 9000+ chipset phone shows me in search result. How do i remove it.

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                                • 26 Sep 2022

                                DeltaPlays, 26 Sep 2022Clearly, people in this comments section have nothing bette... moreIkr

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                                  • 26 Sep 2022

                                  Olympus Oms, 26 Sep 2022So you do care a lot. Yeah so?

                                    Alright, now that the rant is over, I'd like to talk about the phone itself (which, for those who didn't know, is what this comments section is actually meant for).

                                    Honestly, really proud of ASUS. I really like what they're doing with their ROG lineup of phones, the cool innovation and little quirks and features here and there that the general community might consider gimmicks, but gamers will find cool. They clearly know who they're targeting.

                                    They don't have the largest camera sensor, or the most sophisticated design, or the screen with the highest pixel density, or the best IP certificate rating. But that's fine.
                                    This phone is targeted to an audience that doesn't need most of those features. The camera is still PLENTY enough for capturing great photo and video(though we'll have to wait for the reviews to come in to see that in action), and the screen isn't super dense at 1080p for a whole 6.8 inches. But with a gaming phone, that helps improve overall performance(with a higher resolution screen, we would see less FPS in game) and when you have 165Hz of refresh rate real estate(ON A FUDGIN PHONE, LADIES IN GENTLEMEN), that's what truly matters.

                                    The idea with the little vent pop-up when the external cooler attached is really cool, and I'm personally a huge fan of mechanical machinery in a phone. I'm just hoping that it's not something that will lose quality or break fast, and hopefully something that ASUS will provide parts and manuals for, for those unfortunate ones that do end up having to replace the part.
                                    I also hope that the phone will have some modularity in general, considering its a gaming phone. Realistically, if this was targeted towards sophisticated gamers(such as ones with dedicated PCs, myself included), we're used to having modularity and control of what goes and doesn't go in our PC. I don't expect too much, but this phone being a huge firework already, just imagine what it could do with some Right-To-Repair thrown in. We'll have to wait for the JerryRigEverything teardowns and the Hugh Jeffreys reparability scores to come in though, so stay tuned till then.

                                    - DLT

                                    p.s. wow im a nerd AND an incel

                                      Clearly, people in this comments section have nothing better to do with their time. I mean, then again, who am I to judge? I have math homework due and I'm writing this at 1:23 AM, but oh well, here goes.

                                      You guys really shouldn't be on this website if you have nothing better to do than argue about someone's word usage, or another person's hobbies or use cases for a product. Mind your gosh darned business and give people advice, suggestions, maybe share your thoughts on the device, instead of arguing over one should or shouldn't do with a product that they paid full price for.

                                      Not gonna say names but that one guy who pretended not to care then kept on arguing for like another 4 comments, please go back to 5th grade where you belong. You know who you are.

                                        Surge, 26 Sep 2022Because I wanted to lol So you do care a lot.