Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

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  • andr_e

AnonD-460094, 19 Jan 2016After you have updated your device wipe cache from recovery, to ... morethankyou for the advice..i've been running SMMI_TEST and the result is i will try again connecting it into WiFi..and see what is the result.

  • Pak

Zenfone 2 laser gyro not alligned. Can somebody help how to fix? TIA.

  • yudcent

when the android m come... for ze550kl.. info please.tks.

  • sophie

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3?

Help me decide, please?


asus is good sometimes it feel bad due to unnecessary lagging in apps, it take more time to open and works. camera is good quality. it laggs after the system update.

  • John

AnonD-493182, 25 Jan 2016How can we enable the front camera video? I've read somewhere th... moreYou can enable the video through front cam by switching the camera mode to "Auto". You can find the icon at corner left and you will find the options there. Hope it helps!

  • AnonD-427744

plz help guys which phone to buy asus zenfone 2 laser ZE550KL or lenovo k4 note plz help

  • Jay

The camera on zenfone2 laser ze550kl is good for its worth. always remember that SOMETINES it is not the camera that makes the image but the on taking images with it. remember to let the lens focus on your subject before capturing. that way you always get best results. or just put settings to full auto.

  • Jay

Vivek, 24 Jan 2016Asus zenfone leser 2 ze550kl rear camera quilty is too bad Whe... morewhen you zoom in it is a fact that it will becone blurred dew to shaky hands try using a steady tripod. every phone cam or digital cam gets lousy when you zoom in to take a photo.

  • Rafique

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2016I can't hear the voice of caller . How to increase the volume ..... moreThere is a button near camera which looks like speaker, just press that to control the volume...

  • moxx86

very cool phone...everything works very nice...

  • Anonymous

is it real that gyro can be operate?

  • ZF5.5 RED

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2016I can't hear the voice of caller . How to increase the volume ..... moreThe volume rocker is at the back for you to adjust.

  • surya

Camera is not good We have to change any settings.....?

  • surya

Camera is not good

  • Anonymous

I can't hear the voice of caller . How to increase the volume .. anyone help me plsss.... doesn't mean to put the call on loudspeaker.... without enabling loudspeaker how I can increase the voice.... anyone help me plss..

  • faisal ahmed

Im keeping my phone to right side of ear while talking mic is not working listener cant listen my voice and left side he can listen plz anyone solve itplzzzzzzzz...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2016I have also noticed that... The picture doesn't seem to be of 13 mp...cameras was not good

  • sunrays

Very nice phone...what is the update...and which update is better..??

  • Sannin

impossible, 25 Jan 2016does it support otg Yes, been using it with OTG