Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

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  • AnonD-494664

bhim singh, 07 Aug 2016Unable to install latest updatedo by manuall

  • AnonD-494664

AnonD-456652, 29 Jul 2016Hi Can teach me how you see the software image ? go to below website­e%202%20Laser%20(ZE550KL)/HelpDesk_Download/

chpoose android os , choose firmware category , choose first firmware and download from blue global size 1..58GB
copy to memory card ,
charger your atleast 60%
switch off phone and insertt memory card ,
press and hold power + volume down for 2 seconds
release both buttons together , recovery mode will appear on screen ,
scroll to firmware update from sd memorycard
click on on it , choose the firmware file folder and press power ,
it wil start updating wait for 10 minutes
and screen will show update process completed or with error mesages
reboot system now with power button ,
now phones starts as normal , wait for 30 to 45 minutes to complete updates , connect n your charger to phone

on main screen tyou wilkl mnessages update completed or withh error messages

  • AnonD-494664

Akash, 29 Jul 2016is it otg supported????yes

  • AnonD-494664

sebax, 03 Aug 2016after marshmallow update on lockscreen there was a black filter ... morechange the wall paper and try

  • AnonD-494664

hiren surati, 02 Aug 2016i update latest version offline, still same error occurs. it Re... moredo hardware reset via recovery mode , click on wipe data \factory reset , chook yes
and wait for 10 seconds and then reboot

  • AnonD-494664

AnonD-557406, 04 Aug 2016Raju just share yours opinion for new marshmallow early morning i updated manualy , allow me some days to share my opinions

  • naruto

Does any stylus works with this phone? If yes then which one?

  • AnonD-569430

Please can i knw what should i do fr my latest update during instalattion it says fix singtel sim what should i do it has failed for 2 tmes pls help me to fix the prblm

  • sunny

Ahmad, 06 Aug 2016Hi, Is there OTG support?Yes

  • bhim singh

Unable to install latest update

  • Anonymous

AnonD-456652, 06 Aug 2016Hi can tell me more about factory reset ? master reset refreshes your phone it delete files like app, photos etc.. and it is going back to it;'s factory settings like when you had it brand new.

  • Anonymous

Ahmad, 06 Aug 2016Hi, Is there OTG support?Yes
OTG support.

  • AnonD-557406

asus released manual update. its totally 1.58gp zip file if any issue in automatic update go to check this link and download the latest firware for your device­22/ZROQURlyupei1ZQz/8/

after download zip file copy and paste in your sd card(dont extract zip file)

switch of your phone go to recovery mode and press update file from sd card , and press zip file it ll automatically updating (it ll be take time for around 30minutes) so be patient & after finish successfully updated message and then start your phone. thats all.

hope it ll work😉

  • AnonD-456652

AnonD-533644, 04 Aug 2016Friends, after MM update, I suggest you do a factory reset for o... moreHi can tell me more about factory reset ?

  • RP

hiren surati, 06 Aug 2016I can't update last two update release by ausu it always goes i... moreI have also the same issue.. Yesterday also I got one update which size is around 400 MB.. Again failed to install..

  • Ahmad

Is there OTG support?

  • AnonD-552504

Greetings from Malaysia, after updating this latest patch 04august16 for Z00LD, no more restart

  • AnonD-556963

AnonD-569003, 06 Aug 2016yesWhat is smile detection

  • JoelSD

Maddn, 05 Aug 2016【Version】 V21.40.1220.1794(Android M) ... moreAfter this update, "the Marshmallow fix" update,(July 1 2016 security fix date,) my internal storage further drop to 23.5 GB.

  • hiren surati

I can't update last two update release by ausu
it always goes in recovery and show message
E: failed to mount /asdf
E: failed to mount /asdf (invalid program)
i try manually update also from websites
but still same issue
what to do?
Please guide me..