Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL

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  • AnonD-569003

Parag, 31 Jul 2016Does the phone have smile detectionyes

  • Anjay

The charging red light indicator is not working since MM Update. But when the phone is switched off and charged it is working

  • Anjay

It had a good battery life before MM Update. But now it's draining fast

  • Maddn

AnonD-533644, 04 Aug 2016There is a new update... just downloading now...【Version】
V21.40.1220.1794(Android M)

【Model Name】
ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL)

【Release Date】

【Release Note】

1.Fix auto-reboot issues when turning on mobile data
2.Fix no LED indicator issues
3.Optimize standby power consumption performance after upgrading to Android 6.0

  • MartínF

Succesfully updated to Android 6.0.1. The phone is outstanding , but I'm not happy with the battery life . Someone has managed to make the battery last all day ?

  • sebax

today i got a new update...downoaded it..then started to install it...but its not installed successfully.. i checked my android version after restart its still the same...after that i just tried to download this update again.... but its not .... what can i do now please say...

  • AnonD-557406

AnonD-533644, 04 Aug 2016There is a new update... just downloading now...Raju just share yours opinion for new marshmallow updation....

  • AnonD-557406

Mee tooo i got new updation..i updated its great battery backup.n o battery drain.. awesome work bugs no hangs...thanks asus

  • AnonD-533644

AnonD-494664, 31 Jul 2016don't knowThere is a new update... just downloading now...

  • AnonD-533644

geetanjali, 04 Aug 2016very very bad mobile sound system is bad always after 1 month lo... moreSound etc is very good... just tweak the settings or download a 3rd party music app...

  • AnonD-533644

Friends, after MM update, I suggest you do a factory reset for optimal performance, battery life etc. I faced lots of problems after MM update and after doing a factory reset, the phone is superb now... battery too is great

  • geetanjali

very very bad mobile sound system is bad always after 1 month look like daba its very bad experience please don't take this mobile as service also its not at all good

  • Samantha

In Android M Asus version has a bug in WiFi sense enable / disable. Even though the WiFi sense is said to be OFF, it is actually ON. So the workaround is enable WiFi, and then turn OFF WiFi sense and turn off WiFi. After doing this the battery lasts many days. Before that Battery cannot be used even a day.

  • pravin

I use this cell before 6 months. Cell overall good but main problem is sound. Sound is very small.

  • AnonD-557406

I have one phone system reserved 5.20gb if next update wil come then it's possible to update my phone??...

  • sebax

after marshmallow update on lockscreen there was a black filter ...this cause wallpaper to reslove this???

  • kumar

nitin, 02 Aug 2016any problum this mobail phone yes battery back up & sound quality

  • kumar

i am using this phone hanging & no heating to be frank but the problem is speaker sound quality & battery back up .first 2 months battey is ok ..after for very phone call it is decresing 2 % . i has already up dated soft ware & factory restarts ...and the customer service centre is worst they dont take care of customer ....they are taking 3 days to check the battery ..

  • nitin

any problum this mobail phone

  • hiren surati

AnonD-494664, 28 Jul 2016no issues while updating ,m, try it i update latest version offline, still same error occurs.
it Restarts.
on screens it appears like this

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