Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL

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  • AnonD-442158

AnonD-510664, 04 Mar 2016is this phone supports octa-core or not? I'm very confused with ... moreHi Joboyskill,
I see other users have answered at least one of your two questions.

Q1: is it an Octacore?
A: Yes.

Q2: is a double Quadcore (such as this one, big.LITTLE setup) equal to a True Octacore?
A: NO. Because a true Octacore could be Faster by making all its 8 cores working simultaneously to achieve its full speed, big.LITTLE setup I think is an intelligent Power Saving solution to that "True Octacore", by only allowing ?half? of its total of 8 cores to work ?at any given time? by alternating between the two groups, one is fast but uses more energy, one is slower but much more energy efficient, where as the other user said the fast one "kicks in" when detecting heavier tasks/load of activities beyond the capability of the slower cores.

Conclusion: I'm in no position or have any experience/sufficient knowledge to say all these techie stuff accurately, but I'll state my personal opinion anyway.
I categorise the big.LITTLE setup NOT as an Octacore, but as a very intelligent/powerful Quadcore.

Things I'm not sure about are sandwiched by a pair of question marks "?" that I expect other users would enlight me on the matter, or if I made any mistake any other way.

  • AnonD-517371

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2016It would be a lot better to use Super AMOLED displays in these a... moreyeah i agree

Asus should change their name models... great phones but confusing as hell.

  • Anonymous

A great smartphone that can do better with a Super AMOLED Display,a better optimised software and quick charger.

  • AnonD-528296

Does it have quick charge? I'm in doubt some websites mention it has, some says it don't. By the way it has radio. I didn't receive any quick charger with it. I was thinking to buy one. Gsmarena has always been updated but I'm really disappointed this time that they have not updated the specs of this phone. By the way the battery is quite good. Takes out my whole day from 8am till 1 am easily on LTE.

Just tell me about quick charge

  • Anonymous

anasela, 07 Feb 2016I hope this version of Z2 Laser will be available to the asus zenfune 2 laser group and beth lim sa facebook.. its available.

  • Nikko

Hi, Im planning on buying this phone. I would like to know the battery life of this phone, from a heavy/moderate user.

Does it last the whole day? how much is your average screen on time?


  • Decisivecastle

Honestly, im pretty disappointed with this phone. It is extremely buggy, you can be typing in the message box and nothing is showing also can not reset notifications to all on home page (wont change off of "hide sensitive information" and you cant send it and radio has to have a cable plugged in to work (not sure why...) very slow and for older phones around the same price point to have better cameras. processors and memory. Overall pretty lack luster phone. Seems to be a trend with Asus.

  • RainX

Phone is Available here is the Philippines 14,990PHP that is around $350 and as a surprise the specs are almost the same aside from the built in storage which is 64GB... GSMA only indicated 16/32GB...

  • Anonymous

It would be a lot better to use Super AMOLED displays in these and a better stock optimized roms.

  • Akshay

i buy this phone one week ago. now i am facing heating problem of this phone. whenever camera is in use then it get quickly heat. or by play games it g ets more heat. please suggest some solution if any one konws..

  • Some random geek

AnonD-510664, 04 Mar 2016is this phone supports octa-core or not? I'm very confused with ... moreYup. It's called a big.LITTLE configuration. It works by having two sets of (4 in this case) cores added together to make an octa-core processor. The faster cores (quad-core 1.7 GHz.) kick in when doing intense stuff like gaming. For light tasks, the slower/battery cores are used to reduce battery usage.

  • gasabbath

I own a zenfone 2 laser ze551kl and i can confirm that the phone has:

FM radio
flac player

  • GP

In Thane asus gallery is near station at koliwada

  • AnonD-515763

Excellent mobile phone. Very good performance, battery life and unbeatable price.

  • Anonymous

joseph, 12 Mar 2016Will ASUS ZENFONE 2 Laser ze551kl(3 GB ram;5.5inch;1.5 Ghz) will HANG n0

  • sandy

pls give me asus mobile showroom in thane

  • joseph

Will ASUS ZENFONE 2 Laser ze551kl(3 GB ram;5.5inch;1.5 Ghz) will HANG

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2016I own the 3rd Moto G and currently am using the Zenfone 2 laser,... moreSo do you consider this phone superior yo moto g 3rd generación.

Which are the cons of it?

  • Anonymous

krishna, 07 Mar 2016can anybody clarify that this phone is dual sim active. That is ... moreYes