Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

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  • Asus 4 max user (als

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020I had the same problem a few days ago. I solved it by push... moreMy phole also die on its own like a sudden shutdown...
Try to press the power button for 30 seconds

  • Anonymous

byron, 11 Feb 2020my asus zenfone max suddenly shotdown and cannot be turn on... moreI had the same problem a few days ago.
I solved it by pushing down the power button and the volume down button at the same time until it reboots.

  • byron

my asus zenfone max suddenly shotdown and cannot be turn on..what is the problem????

  • ivfinn

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019My phone is not working now , I will buy it again my phone got touch screen issue, after upgrading.. please help me,

  • Anonymous

ST, 17 Jul 2019After one year of use battery started to act up. The phone ... moreMy phone is not working now , I will buy it again

  • ST

After one year of use battery started to act up. The phone would power off even if I had a substantial amount of charge still left. Sometimes it wont even charge and just starts blinking red. First Asus phone I bought, and the last Asus phone I will ever buy.

  • captamity

I have used this phone for 1 year and 1 month +- , at the beginning everything was perfect except that my phone turned off and cant be turned on twice then my digitizer doesnt function and it keeps blinking. The technical spec is awesome but thats all.

  • Anonymous

I have already performed hard factory reset but my phone is still not working properly it automatically shuts off even if I do have 80% of my battery

  • Captzone

correct me if im wrong
1. There is no gyro setting in this phone
2. whenever u open up youtube for vr 360 video, no cardbox icon show up
3. when i open Facebook vr video, i can use the vr motion
4. i install some vr video apps to see some video. but no motion vr working

  • Subzero

Press power button and down volume at the same time for about 10 secs, then select: Data Factory Reset. Use Up and down buttons to move around and power button to accept/ confirm. Make sure you back up everything first and delete you google account off of it before you do this.

  • Wariki

Why my line is so bad with this asus? Other than this phone is superb.

  • Anonymous

Just asking, my phone is about a year and 6 months, suddenly my battery is draining so fast , and there are times that even if I do have still 30% of my battery it shuts down automatically. Need help .

  • Zack

I have used asus zenfone 4 max about 3 month. Very poor smart phone. Camera and speaker very bad. Recently, my phone keeps freezing and dying(black screen of death, BSOD) everyday. And to solve it, I need to press and hold power button about 15 seconds and more. It really irritates me. I hope this phone will be the last phone i bougth with the brands 'asus' on it (haha).

  • Yus

Asus Klang, 02 May 2018Same as mine. Autoshutdown. Same with my shutdown especially when call in/out. I have sent to ASUS warranty and mother board exchange but still have the same problem

  • Yusril

Are this zen 4 max can use VR 3d?

  • truthteller

This is great value. Is 3GB. Not bloated, got rid of instagram, facebook, n others i dont want. Chrome n Google force stopoed, without problems. I use Cheetah mobile, which blocks ALL ads, n DuckDuckGo browsers. AVG anti virus n cleaner protects n cleans my phone junk every day. Charge battery every 3 days. Upgraded to Android 8, system, in massive 572MB update, via wifi - after, recharge burned out charger. Coincidence? Latest big update declined, n no problems.

Deny, 15 Nov 2018Yep, I'm pretty sure. You can check it here. But, I'm also... moreSeems it does. They sent a different version for LATAM... though it's a cheaper one coming with only 2GB of RAM rather than 3GB and only 16GB of internal memory.

OR it might be an accelerometer+compass calculation that simulates gyroscope. I'd need to try VR with it just to be sure... I'll check with my friends if any of them have some VR googles (I don't as I'm not really interested in it at the moment)

Edit: I just accessed the hardware test menu, found the item for gyroscope and it worked and passed the test, I assume that means it does have grysoscope as the test says clearly that I needed to roll the phone in two different directions to check if it detected gravity.

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2018any software update?Around 3 security updates since August and Android Oreo update (8.1)

Marky from Taytay, R, 21 Nov 2018Hi guys, I just want to ask if this phone is made from alum... moreHi t7B, sorry for anwering so late. I've had this phone since first week of August:
Regarding the body, I'm not sure what material is but sure it's not aluminium or plastic, feels reeeeally sturdy, the feel of this phone is one of a flagship one, doesn't bend at all, the back and sides are very resistant to scratches. I had a xiaomi redmi note 5a before this one, they are similar in chipset/GPU but the difference in their bodies jumps to sight inmediately, that xiaomi had an aluminium body that was very easy to bend (it bended a little bit when I rode my bike with it in my pocket for a week and ended up having a fisure on its battery due to that, this Zenfone has been with me for more than 100 hours of biking without the minor signal of bending).

About the fingerprint reader: I have been always skeptic about using those as I thought they would be laggy or would fail easily. I gave it a chance with this phone and it's reaaaaally fast and accurate.

That's all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

any software update?