Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

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  • Marky from Taytay, R

Hi guys, I just want to ask if this phone is made from aluminum or has a metal/aluminum body? And if the fingerprint sensor is fast and responsive. Thanks!

Reiki, 11 Nov 2018Are you sure? I'm using a couple apps that require gyroscop... moreYep, I'm pretty sure. You can check it here.
But, I'm also thinking, maybe it has some different spec in different country like what they say in the bottom of the page.

denykp, 28 Sep 2018you need to edit the sensor section. the tech specs in asu... moreAre you sure? I'm using a couple apps that require gyroscope for some (non-necessary) functions and they work correctly.

  • DD

Just bought one last week. So far everything is working properly. The camera quality is poor.


I bought this phone last Thursday. Since then found it has screen/touch response problem. Most probably need to send (waste my time) to service centre so early. Why ASUS? Thinking this will be my third ASUS phone and last.

you need to edit the sensor section.
the tech specs in asus site and check some review video said that this phone has no gyroscope sensor.
so sad, this phone would be perfect for me if it has a gyroscope sensor.

  • Pakatan Harapan

Good budget phone, at RM399 (around USD97), this is bargain..

gaber kemplu, 09 Aug 2018many people says that the volume is very low...but i'll say... moreAgree with that, I'm very picky about volume and this phone performs great in that area if you enable outdoor mode under the volume controls.

  • RickyT

Bought this on promtion for 159 Euros, saving 70 Euros. Looks and feels superior in quality. IS 3 RAM in Europe. Closest best quality rival, Xiaomi, was 249 Euros. The Asus uses a key to release a small holder for 2 chips & SD card. Rapid charge is, er, rapid. Only gripe is charger connector partially fits wrong way up, so presume gently forcing for that reassuring click will damage, or wreck, the connector.

Anyone here who knows when will it have an Android Oreo update?

  • Nugget

Purchased the phone for 200 EUR.

Overall loved the phone in proportion to its price, but a very bad surprise set in when the battery died only 6 months after I bought it.

  • gaber kemplu

many people says that the volume is very low...but i'll say "just a stupid people who can't operate this good phone who can't set this phone up"

  • Reiki

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018is that ok to update the software ?Yup, it improves security a bit and personally I haven't had any issues since the update.

  • Reiki

I purchased this phone. I must say, it doesn't have 3GB of RAM, it has 2GB (and yes, i checked the variant and it is indeed ZC520KL).
Leaving that aside, up to know it's been running great, however my other phone, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a lite (y1 lite) has the same chipset and runs even better, it is specially noticeable when gaming, seems like Asus got a bug or two in 2D rendering as there are some non-heavy 2D games that lag a lot in this Zenfone but run smoothly in the Xiaomi phone.
Regarding image quality: I'm amazed, picture in this screen looks reeeeeeally great!
Battery life: Well, today is saturday and I've been gaming almost all day (had a busy week, decided to spend my saturday relaxing and my wife is out) and it's still at 47% battery. I've played around 6 hours and spent one more hour watching videos (and I had gps enabled by mistake all that time).
Regarding the build quality, This Zenfone is extremely sturdy, feels great in the hand. I usually ride my bike while carrying it in my pocket. My Redmi suffered from that as the phone was actually getting bent and the screen started suffering from ghost touch because of it, my Zenfone doesn't get bent at all and hasn't shown any sign of possible damage.
It's a bit sad that this zenfone doesn't have an infrared port, I can't use it as remote controller like I did with my redmi.

i hope this helps people decide whether they buy it or not.

  • surprised shopper

I was about to buy oppo A83 or Vivo y71 as my budget is only 7k here in the manila, but luckily when i went to Sm north edsa , there is a mobile convention and a sale of different mobile phone models and I was able to bump into a lady who is promoting asus brand, and she recommended perfect handset for me and for my usage. classic design, durable and easy to use , i dont need very large screen , this one is perfect for me.

  • Anonymous

PhilippineUser, 11 Jul 2018The phone is a nice handset for light user. I'm just wait... moreis that ok to update the software ?

The phone is a nice handset for light user.
I'm just waiting for the incoming Android 8.0 update.

  • sayasendiri

Nathan, 27 Apr 2018Can't connect to my pc..may be your cable is not supported, try with another cable

  • Marcel

Great sound,im satisfied,very good asus zenfone max 4 lite thumbs up!!!cool

  • Asus Klang

shey_shey, 26 Apr 2018this fone is nice actually,but my problem now is my cellhon... moreSame as mine. Autoshutdown.