Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KL

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  • Nathan

Can't connect to my pc..

  • shey_shey

Asus Klang, 04 Apr 2018I regret buying this phone, using for 5 days only then the ... morethis fone is nice actually,but my problem now is my cellhone is automatically shutdown i dont know why...this time i regret buying this phone..

  • AnonD-749776

Been using it for months now, it actually does it job pretty well.
I bought it for 140usd, among the cheapest phone in my country.

- The most amazing quality here is its battery. At 100% battery, I've played games like pubg mobile and asphalt 8 from 7 am till 7pm and there's still around 50% left.
- Gameplay performance is pretty good as long as you don't set their graphics to high quality, and that's ok for me.
- Fingerprint feature works like it's intended to be, I've registered both of my thumbs and I never fails to unlock my phone using them.
- Charging time is also surprisingly fast even though its capacity is higher than most handphone.
- I Don't have any problem with its basic phone functions like making a call,messaging,etc. and also every apps I've installed works pretty good. Never have any problem with apps like some people claimed.

-Some apps may have low sound, while some other apps can be very loud. for example, when i opened youtube from firefox, the sound felt muffled. But when i opened from chrome, it works fine. Pubg mobile should be played using earphone,you can't even hear your own footsteps while using speaker, while dancing line's speaker sounds works just fine.
-Dunno why, people's face almost always looked a little blurry every time i take pictures, I've messed with the settings but the problems persist.. although regular non-selfie photos works ok, but that's fine by me as I'm not a social-media kind of guy.

  • Asus Klang

I regret buying this phone, using for 5 days only then the phone shutdown automatically and cannot ON after that. Send for warranty and the problem repeat again after 3 days. In just 2 weeks 2 times send for warranties repair.

  • enok_wil

the sound is very low the volume is already high
the item that i ordered is almost 5 months .
when i was used to connect to audio with jack sound is very low
whats wrong?

  • Alberto

Failed. Most apps cannot been used. Most game when play there is very low sound even already setting high volume. Failed model

  • Kannan96

This phone overall ok. Only Battery drain fast.
Camera low light issues need setup.

  • AnonD-734071

ssssss, 24 Jan 2018for design its okay, but performa isnt good. itsnt recomend... moreHey guy, I played Need for Speed, Asphalt Extreme on this lovely Zenfone 4 Max, it does quite good in comparison with price

  • Ardavan

the version found here has 2 gb ram and 16 gb rom
Huawei y7 prime or Asus zenfone 4 max ZC520KL?
I'm not a gamer; but I'm scared of zenfone's 2 gb ram and a quad core cpu
and also how about zenfone's fast charging and camera???

  • AnonD-734071

The good design and appearance, CPU+RAM+ROM speed, fingerprint sensor, sensitive brightness-auto adjust, blue light filter make me satisfied

  • ssssss

for design its okay, but performa isnt good. itsnt recomended for multitasking, for game, its slow.

  • aim

I regret buy this phone. There is no use you got dual camera if many features asus pixel master feature is not enabled in this phone like, low light, nightmode, slow motion, depth of effect and many more. This phone cant support many feature because of hardware limitation.

I really regretted buying this phone, make me want to sell my phone now.

  • Murto

Does it have a gyro sensor ¿¿

  • aim

antutu score 36586, so far good for mid price phone. I like the dual camera with dslr feature.
Though 3gb ram, sometimes make the phone lag when a bit when open multiple app at the same time etc. but for normal user who want to enjoy the camera feature, it is recommended. otherwise buy zenfone 4 max pro which is more expensive

  • Me

Adreno 308 in the end of 2017 :D REALLY :D

  • BV

Just got mine today from Amazon. $159 (with $10 off because of Cyber Monday).

  • Ace

The phone is really great with the spec cam battery but the glass of the phone is easy to break, I just have my only for a month and the 1st time it falls even it have a case, the screen is crack already

  • Anonymous

I like Asus zenfone 4 max but i think too many variants zenfone 4 max, Asus likely forget Asus zenfone go with entry level, hope Asus zenfone go 2017 be rival Samsung J2 2017 and hope Zenfone go than better specs of Samsung J2.

A rock bottom SOC for €270? Asus sure is confident with its pricing.

  • AnonD-107876

scz, 06 Sep 2017i think it is good phone,have long battery and good priceGo for Len0vo K8