Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-291211

Manoj Singh, 10 Feb 2015Hi guys i jus got my asus zphone 2 days bck is gud but battery i... moreSome times it does drains like this. Do factory reset and install/update apps fresh from play store. Do not install untrusted app. After this if your battery drain as before then exchange your phone as it is within 30 days return period or else you can go for other alternative.

  • AnonD-361886

AnonD-361576, 10 Feb 2015expandable to 64GBHow's the Front facing camera?? Also, will it be better than the Lumia 535 Dual sim. Given that they are in the same price range, which one should I go for??

  • Anonymous

How to turn off the mobile data??cant find the settings for that it keeps on turning on even if idnt use it can someone pls help??tnx!!

  • Sta-ko

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2015Dont buy this phone external and internal memory is not connect... moreObviosley YOU can't put them , becose you can put even games and moust of the apps on the SD.

  • nevjom

I received a new update today...WW_V2.20.40.13_20141105... is this update stable... does the battery get worse...??

  • Manoj Singh

Thanks buddy but rght now i have only installed only one aap this is whts aap even i like this phone i have tried all tha way to save my battery lowered the brightness level put the phone in ultra saving mode but still my battery drains a lot... in normal use like listening music n chatting battery runs up to 3 or 4 hrs but when ever i surf or use wifi its drain very fast thiking of replacing hope this after that i would not face this issues.

  • Diane

Just got my zenfone lite, and Im not familiar with its features or special use that makes it unique among other smart phones, can you help me discovering those things.


  • AnonD-361576

Manoj Singh, 10 Feb 2015Hi guys i jus got my asus zphone 2 days bck is gud but battery i... moreThere are factors to consider before deciding its the phone's fault.
1. do u have a lot of apps running? you can check that on the task manager. maybe you can stop some of the apps you are not using.
2. seeing that you are having signal fluctuations. that is one cause. because the battery works 2 or 3x harder to get a better signal. try looking for a more stable connection and help your battery conserve the power you need later on.

i for one am not really a big fan of the phone draining out. but when i figured out how he works, my phone is now on 61% battery, last i charged my phone was monday morning.

hope it helps!

  • Manoj Singh

M srry its asus zfone 5 16gb srry for the wrng update.

  • AnonD-361576

vinodh, 09 Feb 2015why can not copy songs from phone to laptop. please give the answermaybe it would be a bit more help if gave us more info about your laptop. like, what's your OS? is it a mac? do u have data cable connected? can your laptop recognize the phone?

  • AnonD-361576

AnonD-361940, 10 Feb 2015When Zenfone 2 will come out?March 2015

  • AnonD-361576

AnonD-361886, 09 Feb 2015Just wanted to know, how's the front cam?? Also, can I use a 64g... moreexpandable to 64GB

  • Manoj Singh

Hi guys i jus got my asus zphone 2 days bck is gud but battery is poor it last up to 3 hrs when ever i connect it to wifi battety drain like hell 100 to 50% in 30mins and also facing wifi connectivity issue singal strenth alwys flactutate even i cant find any update i planning to go for motog 2ndgen pls suggest me this problems can be fixed or not.

  • Zenfone 5 User

AnonD-361688, 09 Feb 2015what r u guys complaining about? This is a sub $200 phone for... more+1 to your comment bro. best budget phone with 720p screen,2gb ram,16GB internal memory :) waiting for Zenfone 2 :P

  • AnonD-361952

Its fine handset.using it for a short peiod.touch is smooooth,fast and the most impressive is asus built in softwares, they r rereally use friendly and makes mobile experience awesome. Hardware is pretty good,camera is fine.till now using experience is good.

  • xc1ipse

I bought this phone jan 9 2015... its 1 month old... and i am satisfied, and the price is good. Camera, effects, display, is nice and awesome.. playing games and other large applications is softly to play.. but the batterylife is poor and sometimes battery is heating...
Maybe zenfone 2 has a battery life problem too.

by the way....all android phones consumed large amount of battery because of running applications. This zenphone5 is 2g ram, 16g internal. 1.6ghz clock dual core Intel.

This phone is worth it.!

  • AnonD-361940

When Zenfone 2 will come out?

  • jacko

Hi guys,can you tell me about the colour of led notification and what does it mean?

  • AnonD-361886

Just wanted to know, how's the front cam?? Also, can I use a 64gig memory card on it?? Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

tldt, 06 Feb 2015frnds m going to buy asus zenfone 5 tell me is it a good phone ... moreDont buy this phone external and internal memory is not connected . all vidio and pics will use only internal memory . You have to empty everytime manually to SD card