Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • Anonymous

I bought this phone for 3 years but I have suffered freeze or crash sometimes even though in first year.Battery life I think quite poor,play mobile legends (like aov) sometimes cannot play over an hour. Camera, I think as it is great at contrast and quite clear,like it.

  • Guest 20171224

Overheating is the Atom processor but it runs faster. Large screen easily crack in jeans pocket. ZenUI is still good except for limited 5 pages. Camera autofocus is good. Pics are sharp but vivid. Battery drains fast if playing games. 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM is still relevant today. Sim card slots have contact problems. GPS, proximity & compass work well. Audio music is poor and so is audio calls.

  • jojo

I am satisfied of using this phone for almost 3 1\2 years. But when talking about the battery performance, it drops a lot! I am unable to play games and add more apps. However, it is so durable.

  • ASUS

Aian, 29 Nov 2017Hi, can some one help me? I had this fone for almost 2 and ... moremake sure you have stable network in your area.

  • Aian

Hi, can some one help me? I had this fone for almost 2 and a half years. But recently my data connection just stayed in 2g, even though i change it to 3g its still goes in 2g. Then i reset my fone then 3g starts working again for some time then it goes back to only 2g. Then i reset it again, 3g start working again but after 1day it goes 2g again.

Ps. I still dont update it to its new update.

  • Saefudin

AnonD-349002, 15 Jun 2017So, I have this phone for almost 3 years. I just drop it on... moreU have to change ur TS, it's only spent about 13 USD, but maintenance always recommend to change ur led too.. It's spent more than 35USD a packet LCD+TS

  • Saefudin

Ganesh , 04 Jul 2017This is very poor quality phone .poor battery performance ,... moreCome to Indonesia, at manggadua Square and roxy square there's a lot of good maintenance to repair ur phone, it's cheap quick and good services.. Even u ll get guaranteed

  • AnonD-710251

I have been using this phone for nearly 3 years. Never had any issues. good camera, never hangs, good battery backup, overall good performance. But recently it stared to get a bit warmer while charging or using phone when battery is below 15% other than that only one drawback is, it does not support 4G.

  • sj

hi guys, I tried to put 7.1 by using Resurrection Remix. It works wonders! It also kinda solved the battery life problem brought by the official 5.1 update by Asus

  • Arsh

it cant update to lolipop why wrose phone no 4g

  • asus user

i started to use asus zenfone 5 two years ago. nothing goes wrong until recently i cracked it. but one thing i regret about buying it.. the cell reception always worst

  • Arsh

It is good phone i have been using it since 3 years its never hang sometimes its litttle hang but not alwz il.......its camera , touch and performances is so good but its battery backup is to bad and music sound is so sweet but low sound ........another is its flash is tooo toooo tooo bad bad means bad more bad

  • Ganesh

This is very poor quality phone .poor battery performance ,and sim slot problem .Always getting message on screen as sim not installed .
It take around 2000 rupees for repair and after that also thereis no gurantee that it will work.

  • ren

AnonD-349002, 15 Jun 2017So, I have this phone for almost 3 years. I just drop it on... moreThe same thing happened to mine. I got a replacement from Ali express and replaced it myself after watching some videos on youtube. It was worth it. Asus UI is such a delight to use

  • sam

Asus zenfone or max is worse phone I ever come across. Its a mistake that i bought it. There features and the working process is very different. E.g. In the feature it may written the bettery is 5000mah but sumsung bettery of 2000mah will be last longer. It may say the Ram is 2gb or 4gb but in reality it always hang when we load a standard app, game etc. Wheras, it work well in other phone having 1gb Ram.
Guess every feature and hardware of Asus company is just a fake one.

  • AnonD-349002

So, I have this phone for almost 3 years. I just drop it on the road today, and kind a bit late when I found it.
it's already torn, the gorilla glass is broken, i lost the back case.
but thankfully, it's still working just fine, the cameras, the flash light, the speakers, the mic,
i can still use them.
but typing is another story, because of the broken protection, my LCD isn't too damage and still functioning, just kinda hard to type few letters because of the damage.

  • Uzf

even though theres a little bit battery problem i love it coz the screen is so smooth sensetive screens make me more satisfied

  • naza_zg

my wife's fone z5 batteries had been changed twice already..we brought it to the shop we bought it and change the first battery..but the battery life still doesn't make us i ask one of my officemate who's been doing part time job repairing handphones..just got the fone a few minutes ago from advice..STAY AWAY FROM ASUS PRODUCTS!!..VERY LOUSY!!..i'm not gonna buy asus fones anymore..a piece of scrap metal and a waste of time

  • samin

very very worst and worst phone.charge cutter.i cant play even coc or cr for an hour.

  • ganesh

Asus 1 no third class mobile....mothrboard big problem,heating problem,hanging problem..surely motherboard will get damage after 1 year..service is very bad ans costly after end of warranty period.