Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • Muneer

is that battery removable,

  • AnonD-323125

AnonD-191884, 25 Oct 2014And what I assume I have to provide them the front glass al... morewhen i went to service center for replacement of my zenfone 5 front glass they said that they have to change both glass and lcd and it will cost you 7200 Rs.i m not 100% sure for you should go to asus service center of your place and ask them.
And my phone had very small crack on upper right hand side and 98% screen is fine and crack is not on the for this they asked 7200Rs.

  • m2n

anandu, 25 Oct 2014Am using asus zenfone5 A501CG.But it cant connect with pc o... morehave you install intel driver Asus Zenfone to your PC?

  • anandu

Am using asus zenfone5 A501CG.But it cant connect with pc or laptop..white connecting.cable is also detected..but drive not sensed..

  • james

battery life is too low.maximum of one day even wihoust wifi

  • AnonD-309164

while i am using my institute wifi(which reqiures proxy settings etc.) many google apps work fine but i am not able to play online games via wifi. please help !is there any setting i need to do for games?because asus browser and chrome both works fine on wifi but games are not working.

  • spg7

AnonD-321571, 24 Oct my device it consumes 3% in 5 mintes with default ... moreI am also facing the same problem.
When wifi is on and screen is on too (browsing or any other task exlcuding gaming), battery will drop by 1% in 2 mins.

  • sumanth

AnonD-279813, 23 Oct 2014ZenFone 5 supports up to 42 mbps 3G however in reality the ... morePrivate call option is not working in zenfone 4 5 and 6.our number gets hides option is not working.The call simply drops off..please fix it

  • AnonD-323657

Those having battery draining issue after KK update, turn off the "Show battery Percentage" notification. It will significantly improve battery life. I have tried this and its working.

  • ginu

bunty, 23 Oct 2014how i see developer options in asus zenfone 5Go and tap build number 7 times in about phone settings..

  • AnonD-191884

AnonD-323125, 25 Oct 2014if you want to remove only front glass then you have go to ... moreAnd what I assume I have to provide them the front glass also.As they don't have it.Then again I have to sacrifice my warrenty for cheaper cost.Noway I can spend 7k on a phone bought for 11k .Are you sure if I will take it to the service centre they will replace the whole screen+LCD?@Abhishek

  • hardeep

What is the battery backup and charging time of this phone ?reply

  • AnonD-323125

if you want to remove only front glass then you have go to local repair shop. as service center will not do that they will ask you to replace both front glass and display. which cost 7200Rs.
Or else you can go to service center and ask about this.

  • AnonD-323125

but this will viod your warranty

  • piapiqa

my fwenx buy zenfone5 for me..i read a lot of comment over hear n I feel so nervous...b4 this I never use im quit worried...please somebody expllaine to me yhe asus zenfone5 is it good or no?????hurmmmmm

  • AnonD-191884

What to do next?Is it possible to replace only the front glass as it is cracked?Anyone has idea?The display is working fine so no need to replace it.What shouk I do now?

  • AnonD-323578

madh, 23 Oct 2014worst mobile to talk resound coming and toomuch heating ple... moreIs that just yours?? Me n my 1000 zenfone crew does not have heating problem..yeah..if u just play game for 24hour..its normal if your phone got too..

  • AnonD-323578

Gopal, 24 Oct 2014Is the Kitkat update via OTA? I tried to update mine, but i... moreU can manually update the firmware..please take a look at asus easy..

  • AnonD-323573

my asus zenfone 5 wont charge when its on cant conect blutooth plssss help me

  • AnonD-321571

AnonD-279813, 23 Oct 2014This depends on a lot of things, mainly on the screen. I... my device it consumes 3% in 5 mintes with default browser....which browser do u use??

Hope we get a stable kitkat in next release...
shutter speed in low light and hdr modes is little slow...hope it gets fixed.

And i heard Lollipop upgrade will be available in April 2015...was expecting within feb!