Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-314524

Tomazz, i got a problem after the kitkat update, about the lock screen. before, my lock was pattern alone, but after the update, it locks into two types, swipe (i don't know why did it was enabled, i didn't change anything in the settings yet) and my chosen lock, pattern. i want to use 1 pattern alone like before.

  • AnonD-314791

AnonD-279813, 03 Oct 2014TOOF is A500CG, TOOJ is A501CG. The difference is in CPU (2.0... moreUmm. My doubt was.. in the link that u provided.. The fw of T00F was my question is whether it is compatible with T00J? Cuz i own a T00J.

  • nitin

good news ........
asus 5 will come to shelves on 6 oct b ready to get it

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-286028, 03 Oct 2014Dear Tomazz, I am facing a weird problem. I have 2 sim cards. 1... moreDoes the same happen if you only insert Uninor SIM?

Note that ZenFone supports 3G only on SIM1, while SIM2 is only 2G. If you tried to set the second SIM to 3G there could be an error.

BTW: in my case all the phones only detect my phone number on SIM1 but not on SIM2. No matter what SIM I stick in it… Complained about it but apparently nobody else has...

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-313233, 03 Oct 2014I had and then I upgrade to from my phone. ... moreIf you can wait that couple of days, installing full KitKat, followed by a factory reset would be the best way forward.

After file is available, download it.

Unzip the file, and place it somewhere on desktop.

Open phone's settings, and tap Storage. In top right corner tap on USB logo, and make sure MTP is selected.

Plug phone into the computer's USB port, and wait until it appears under Computer/My Computer.

Double click to open it, then open Internal Storage (or whatever it's called in your language).

Place the unzipped file from desktop to this root folder of the internal storage.

Wait for it to complete copying, then unplug the cable.

You should notice notification at the top that new update is available. Install it.

Once it's done, either do a full recovery from the recovery mode, or do a full reset from inside Settings.

  • akshay

Fuckin awesome experienceusing kit kat.... love it....:) thanx asus...!!

  • AnonD-290431

AnonD-279813, 03 Oct 2014Do a complete factory reset. Sometimes the specific settings ... moreHi Tomazz. How to downgrade the firmware to Im on and have root already. I downloaded the full firmware, unzip the inside zip file and placed it in internal but still no notification. I failed the kitkat update as previous person said with error dlpkgfile and ststus 1. Please help.

  • AnonD-314964

I bought this phone this saturday,face any problem thats occure with battery,and heating issue.i get a upgrade that 1.18,now i here kitkat update is available,but i get any of new updation .what can i do

  • AnonD-286028

Dear Tomazz,
I am facing a weird problem. I have 2 sim cards. 1 uninor 1 vodafone in india. Vodafone apn settings is automatically taken by after updating to kitkat but the uninor apn hasn't. when i am trying to edit it manually settings is force closing. Is it a bug? Have you heard similar problem from anyone?


  • AnonD-313233

AnonD-279813, 03 Oct 2014FOTA updates are incremental - you must have the previous update... moreI had and then I upgrade to from my phone. Should I upgrade to kitkat or wait for full update 800mb release? How to install it for my phone after update 800mb release? What do you think the best way? I think i does not download previous update.

  • AnonD-279813

[deleted post]Do a complete factory reset.

Sometimes the specific settings done earlier interfere with the incremental updates.

Kind of like if you upgraded Windows 7 into Windows 8… some old stuff loaded started acting up. It's far better to backup your files, format the hard disk and install it clean.

Well here you can either do that, or, what is more common, upgrade first, then do a factory reset, which restores to default stock OS and removes all custom settings and apps.

Those you can then redo and reload.

  • AnonD-314960

AnonD-313233, 02 Oct 2014I done with update system to Than another system upd... moreyes even i got the same what to do
Some people said to me that the update locks off the keyboard

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-314791, 03 Oct 2014I will wait for the full update. I do not want to mess around fu... moreThe OTA releases are generally loaded as full updates to Asus site within 2-3 days.

As of this moment it is not yet loaded.

When I get hold of it, I will also load it to my site to serve as a mirror for community here.

  • AnonD-314960

I Still Didnt Get The kitkat update Its Still 4.3
tried updating
some other upgrade was there
can anyone tell me how to update

cause i checked for updates as of now no updates

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-300572, 03 Oct 2014Guys any advice to increase the performance of battery life....i... moreI ran 2 in parallel (admittedly the one with KitKat has 8 GB eMMC, and the JB one has 16 GB, but otherwise they are identical, and identically set up), and the status is this:

JB - 5%
KK - 22%

They were pulled off the charger within seconds apart, both charged to 100%, both were powered off and on before the test, and were largely left alone, as I did not want the screen to interfere with the test that was intended to see whether there are any optimisations to power handling of the CPU.

Now this test was not scientific, and it was only a single test - you know, when it takes 2-3 days to do one, you can't expect this to have been tested several times by now to confirm results.

Last bit - the firmware running on KitKat model is compiled 3 days before the actual KitKat update that was eventually released. My tired eyes did not notice that before.

I don't think there would be any difference, but I need to add that as a disclaimer.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-313233, 03 Oct 2014What do you mean by 'full update'? This download upgrade is not ... moreFOTA updates are incremental - you must have the previous update installed as this one only adds changes from the previous update.

FULL updates are complete firmware - it doesn't matter what version you have installed, as it gets completely overwritten and all the patches are included in it.

FOTA KitKat is about 480 MB. FULL KitKat is about 800 MB.

Do note that phone's update mechanism will still only allow you to install a NEWER version of the update, even if installing full update. Hence in some cases the users with botched JellyBean need to wait for the full KitKat to be on the site and manually install it.

Installation is as easy as unzipping full firmware file and placing it in the drive of the phone, then tapping on update notification.

If you want to install older or same version, it requires rooting, installing old version, removing rooting, updating to a full version higher than the old one downgraded to in rooting, and then doing OTA update.

This is somewhat complicated.

  • AnonD-279813

Astri NK, 03 Oct 2014My phone default firmware is 1.15.40, then got FOTA, I... moreDon't fix what ain't broken.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-314791, 03 Oct 2014Asus T00j is the same as T00f ?TOOF is A500CG, TOOJ is A501CG.

The difference is in CPU (2.0 vs. 1.6 GHz) and that TOOF is majority coming with Chinese OS, while TOOJ is generally international version.

TOOF exists in 1 and 2 GB RAM versions. TOOJ always has 2 GB RAM.

Both have 8 or 16 GB eMMC.

Other than that the phones are hardware identical.

  • AnonD-314524

Astri NK, 03 Oct 2014Try to go to settings -> lock screen -> screen lock -> ... morei did it thrice, but it didn't work. it might be a bug

  • AnonD-300572

Guys any advice to increase the performance of battery life....its too low .... plz help
i already installed DM battery app.
and i also wanna know how much time it takes to fully charge from 20% or less