Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • kunal

how is the quality and durability of this phone

  • royceanton95

I'm getting connection error while using the WiFi..My router seems to be working fine and all other devices have no issue with the connection....but my ZF5 automatically disconnects after few minutes of browsing and then reconnect again...please help!!

  • amit

AnonD-297590, 26 Aug 2014Hey everyone. I have been seeing lot of reviews about this phon... moreThis is great phone ..... except battery life..... only battery is the problem.

  • Abinash

Zenfone 5 User, 26 Aug 2014I updated to latest firmware and it now seems to stop for a whil... moreHow to know the frequency...Plz tell me

  • AnonD-297590

Hey everyone. I have been seeing lot of reviews about this phone cause i really like it. My old phone was a samsung galaxy s4 mini and i know that specs r way better on this phone. The only problem that zenfone seems to have based on everyones opinion is battery life.Any other problem and should i buy this phone? Is it the battery good enough and will it be better when kitkat update arrives? And which color is the best?

  • AnonD-292829

A standing Ovation to Tomazz for your effort,time and completeness purely on voluntary basis!!!

  • AnonD-298546

Pooja, 26 Aug 2014Where can i buy ? tyFlipkart is to release another 20k mobiles on 29th. Hope you can get on that sale :)

  • Dhaval Dave

Pooja, 26 Aug 2014Where can i buy ? tyGold is also good. I have gold.

  • AnonD-298283

AnonD-279813, 26 Aug 2014You should be able to load 1.17 directly.thankyou tomazz what about battery backup after this update

  • Pooja

AnonD-298546, 26 Aug 2014White became regular now. Go for RED, it kills everything.Where can i buy ? ty

  • AnonD-298546

Pooja, 26 Aug 2014I am confuse between S850 and Asus ZenPhone 5 because Lenovo S85... moreWhite became regular now. Go for RED, it kills everything.

  • Dhaval Dave
Zenfone 5, Oh God. What a phone!! Certainly worth. I am using this since 20 days, and the more I get into love for this device. Today I come to know a new feature(PC Link) of this phone. This is almost everyday. I will write here for all pros and cons here. Let me start with cons.

1) Bettery life is okay. Although not too bad. Initially it drain as usage was more but now its working good. Same as this segment phone. And what you cannot expect from a slim phone.
2) Ringer volume is law with fine quality.
3) Size is much more than other 5" inch phones.

1) I have a Gold and a White phone in color. I have seen black. Gold look beaut. Love at first site. Very slim.
2) 2GB RAM, and 2x2 dual core processor gives good performance
3) 8MP HD camera has good quality with decennt features like taking GIF animated images, Miniature, Smart remove function, Time Frame ... etc. GIF image is fun.
4) It has nice gorilla glass and smooth touch on it. Good feature of glove mode.
5) Pre-Loaded App-Hide and App-Lock option.
6) Time line of events that nearly to come.
7) And THE BEST FEATURE is, you can share your phone's screen on a computer and also you can interact any application in yourt phone using mouse and key board of your computer through PC Link. I haven't seen this feature on any other android phone yet(Not even using any application).

I also own MOTO G, but this phone surely beat MOTO G.

  • AnonD-279813

Pooja, 26 Aug 2014I am confuse between S850 and Asus ZenPhone 5 because Lenovo S85... moreIf you like Lenovo, get a Lenovo :-)

You should get something that you like the look of, is solidly built and won't die on you soon, has the functions you need and you get it at a price that makes you believe it's worth it and it makes you happy.

You can't expect a perfect phone at this price point, all are a compromise one way or another.

Get one that suits you the most.

  • AnonD-298546

AnonD-279813, 26 Aug 2014It is not as good as some others out there, due to 2 factors, HD... more@Kinjal - With medium usage sure will get 24 hours.

But if you travel regularly, I too recommend power bank option.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-298283, 26 Aug 2014hey tomazz one more question,does i need to download 1.16.40 fir... moreYou should be able to load 1.17 directly.

  • AnonD-279813

Kinjal, 26 Aug 2014Relay that's battery back up good for this phone....Actual i am ... moreIt is not as good as some others out there, due to 2 factors, HD resolution 5 inch screen and Atom CPU, which has no optimizations in JellyBean and thus wastes a lot of power compared to ARM processors, which have optimisation built into OS.

If you go with Zen, get a 5-10 Ah PowerBook, they are small, light and cheap, easy to carry with you.

In my case so far I did not run out of juice though, but my usage pattern is different from yours, and I have several smartphones so there's a limited time I spend on each.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-298283, 26 Aug 2014thanks u tomazz,but is this version has any benefits like batter... moreA bit longer battery life, some bug fixes, louder speaker, added camera functions.

  • pushkar

how to set call log time indication to 12 hours format.. it is showing in 24 hours format.. pls help

  • Kinjal

Navalman, 26 Aug 2014I purchased zenfone 5 in last week. Main concern, I am facing i... moreHows is battery backup....??? in Medium Usage(in one day 10-20 min call,2 hours game/internet) it allow for 24 hours backup....???? i am planning to buy this phone.....reply me i am waiting...

  • Pooja

I am confuse between S850 and Asus ZenPhone 5 because Lenovo S850 is 15,000 INR, while Zen 5 is 10,000.

And there is no big different beside 5MP front cam and 16GB, because i can always get 32/64GB card which is very cheaper.

By look i like Lenovo S850... Now i am so confuse :(

And i cant find place to buy Zen5 8GB white :( Its seems Flipkart is playing with customers.

btw anyother powerphone i can buy in same range ?

thank you.