Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • ajju bhai

how can i udate znfone 5 to lolipop

  • ajjubhai

its really good phone its camera is to good it has no hnging prblm but only one is not good its battry back up

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2016this is a shittest phn, i used it for 1 and half years.... if... moreCoz they suck at optimizing Android specially it being stuck with the buggy 5.0 Android. Stick to 4.4 it has lesser problems by the least.

  • fadzli

WhyBoy, 12 Dec 2016Does anyone has the problem with Z5 that the phone got hot when ... moreyes the phone will overheating if you used it non stop for surfing and whatsapping.

overall the performance is ok, never get "hang" as compared to some Samsung brand

  • Anonymous

WhyBoy, 12 Dec 2016Does anyone has the problem with Z5 that the phone got hot when ... morethis is a shittest phn, i used it for 1 and half years.... if u are using continuous internet, battery will only for approx 3 hours.... then finally i got board ic complaint ... so i sold the phn...
shittest phone i ever used..... no one should not buy this phone

  • WhyBoy

Does anyone has the problem with Z5 that the phone got hot when using it?

  • Anonymous

I suggest you guys stick to the latest KitKat than Lollipop w/c they haven't fixed bugs like Network Drops, No Voice when calling, Battery Drain, etc. since they have already abandoned it. They didnt even bother installing 5.1.1 instead as final Lollipop version.

Overall don't bother buying Asus phones as their customer support and software assurance fails bigtime. Just look at how over priced their latest phones with crap socs.

  • Anonymous

Been using Z5 for almost 3 years until it recently got bricked for some reason

The performance is considerably good and stayed snappy and responsive for a quite long time
The camera is decent, but the built-in camera software is awesome
My main complaint is the battery life which only gives me 3 hours of extensive use, and goddamn that speaker is barely audible even in max volume! Goodluck trying to play a song while hanging out with a friend

  • naza

my wife bought one z5 a couple of month ago..but now the battery started to drained we change it with a new battery,but the same problem occurs..and the heat of charging as well

  • hemant

i have bought asus zenfone 5 but it is like waste of money totally .Its camera is like chinese low quality phone and all the features are unsatisfactory.

  • Siva

I have been used the asus zenfone 5 for 2 years. I have only face drain battery issues only. Otherwise phone is very good

  • MA

bella, 22 Oct 2016can i use a MicroSDXC Class 10 memory card with this phone ?Yes, sure. The most compatible is 10.

  • MA

Been using this phone for last 1 1/2 years and everything looks great. Unfortunately, due to frequent use of my emails, whatsapp and waze for my daily work requirements, i'm thinking of changing to more powerful battery capacity. But, this phone is the most stable with smooth operations even after upgraded to KitKat. Highly recommended! try it and you will know the difference!

  • Aze

rich, 16 Aug 2016hi kalam, how are you can u tell me the process to upgrade zen... moreHai...i have same problem with u.but last 4 month before i sucessful upgrade it to lolipop have to download android lolipop file from internate version copy it to internal phone and restart your device...the notification update will appear and then click it...repeat it if the forum in correct file

  • AnonD-608315

please download new firmware lolipop version at asus web site... please make sure your phone sku version before downloading the firmware.. example sku [ ww / tw / ch ]


Now I am using kitkat version how to change to Lollipop.

  • AnonD-606572

how do I remove the dictionary on my phone? I want to use my language and of course sometimes English? I'm so irritated every time the dictionary appears and it changes to a different word.... please help me....

  • Anonymous

How do I change or delete group name like Family or Favorite, which are already set in this app.
I try many time to send this feedback to ASUS but its always says that my email add is wrong.

  • Mohasin

Bought Asus Zenfone 5, after 6months battery will drain so fast. if u use internet it will die within 1 hour for sure.

suggestion: go for the Redmi. awesome performance............

  • bella

can i use a MicroSDXC Class 10 memory card with this phone ?