Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL

Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL

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  • Anonymous

UGLIEST PHONE OF 2018!!! They should fire their designer!!!

  • Anonymous

seriously? The back combines an iPhone X camera with iPhone 7 antenna lines.

  • Another Asus user

Guys, the phone(s) will be presented on February 27th. The specifications have not been revealed yet. I don't think Asus will use such kind of old specs ;)

  • AnonD-679976

well, this is a budget phone. suitable for those who need it just for texting, calling, plus it is a great choice for UBER and GRAB driver who needed it as GPS service.

Hello. 200 eur for what?
Someone started 1. april jokes 2 months earlier :-)

  • ellucio05

the Zenfone 3 zoom with 5000 now mah

  • handyfan

resolution and battery size is a joke for 2018. I would not buy it.

  • Jay Jay


  • AnonD-684557

AnonD-468012, 06 Feb 2018You better compared it with Zenfone 3, Good luck if Meizu M... morei do not care for update
i meant the specifications of the two phones, i mention to them are close

  • AnonD-468012

AnonD-684557, 06 Feb 2018look at to this compare moreYou better compared it with Zenfone 3, Good luck if Meizu M series getting an upgrade OS.

  • AnonD-684557

look at to this compare

150 EURO & 200 EURO

  • An Asus User

The phone is so 2018...but the specs is so c'mon man!!!

  • An Asus User

Are these the final specs?? hmmm..I think not, many possible things will happen...

  • AnonD-684557

Mike, 05 Feb 2018Low resolution screen so this battery will be big screen & 2500Mah is not ok
2500Mah is ok for 4.5 screen with 960*540 to keep the battery for a day

a mistake decision
with this specifications battery will drain so fast(even with best optimization)

  • ST

Asus phone..Not my cup of tea. I love ASUS other products though, they are well made and good price.

  • Anonymous

So is this suppose to be an upgrade of the old Zenfone 5 or the new Zenfone 4? The specs are mediocre.

  • AnonD-468012

I doubt if it is Zenfone 5, especially on battery and display resolution.

  • Mike

saya bosan hidup, 05 Feb 20182500mah battery ?Low resolution screen so this battery will be ok.

  • saya bosan hidup

2500mah battery